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A number of Search engine optimization companies will tell you that there are only certain link building methods that work . While some do work better than others , the number one thing Google looks for is diversity . They want to see links from as many sources and types of websites as possible . Plus , they will never punish you for links because they have no way of knowing if those were created by you or competitors . While some SEO companies use lazy tactics to just build a few links per month , our dedicated team does a ton more work !

For only $295/month ( plus a 30-day free trial ) , we are literally working full-time marketing your website . Each month you renew your account with us , we do everything that is listed below . We know how important it is to Google that your link building is stable , so we never just do huge one-time link blasts – it’s always on a monthly basis .

( 1 ) Competitive Analysis – Each month we re-analyze your website to check for new competitors that may be using tactics that we aren’t . We also monitor any updates to Google’s algorithm that may affect your website . This rigorous monitoring and analyzing is what keeps your website ahead of your competitors .

( 2 ) Web 2 .0 Properties – We will create 50 PR3-PR8 web 2 .0 & free blog properties that link to your website . After creating the web 2 .0 properties , we will submit them to hundreds of social bookmarking websites to get them indexed as quickly as possible . These types of links are extremely high-quality and provided to you every month !

( 3 ) Article Submission – We will submit an article related to your niche to thousands of article directories ! Article submission builds your brand’s credibility in the market and ensures high quality and targeted traffic to your website . Google absolutely loves links that are in articles !

( 4 ) Social Media Links – With all the buzz about social media , this is absolutely crucial to your search engine marketing campaign . We will create links to your website on 100 social media websites . This also helps build trust for your company online – people will see that you’re actively being talked about and linked to !

( 5 ) Social Bookmarking – We will submit your website to over 500 social bookmarking sites each month ! Social bookmarking is the wave of the future , as it shows what’s popular among web surfers . This is a necessity in any successful search engine marketing campaign .

( 6 ) Guaranteed EDU Links – We will link to your website from over 800 relevant .edu domain names . All of the major search engines trust .edu domains more than normal ones so this will help build your domain authority with Google and all of the other major search engines .

( 7 ) High Quality Links – Our team will provide you with 500 high-quality , handcrafted backlinks ! This method consists of links from private , non-spammy blog comments , done manually by our team . By doing this manually we can guarantee that no footprints are left from these high-quality links .

( 8 ) Contextual Links – Contextual backlinks are the holy grail of a successful SEO campaign . We’ll put an article related to your niche on 50 Web 2 .0 websites and then we’ll create 10 ,000 blog comments that link to these Web 2 .0 pages to get them indexed quicker and rank them higher .

( 9 ) Expert Linkwheel – We will setup one of the most advanced and safest linkwheels you could ever imagine ! We create 15 PR3-PR8 web 2 .0 properties , each having contextual links to your website . After that we create links from 60 PR0-PR4 article directories . We’ll then create 2000 social bookmarks to your web 2 .0 properties and articles !

( 10 ) Website Directories – We will add your website to 1500 high ranked website directories . These directories are the most organic way to drive traffic to your website . Submitting websites to directories is one of the oldest ways to increase your ranking and will always be around .

( 11 ) Quality Social Bookmarks – We will manually add your website into 40 social bookmarking systems that are ranked between PR3 and PR8 . These social bookmarks not only send traffic to your website , but Google frequently uses these systems when determining your website’s ranking in their search results .

( 12 ) Forum Links – We will create over 5000 links to your website from forum profiles . While these don’t necessarily increase your website’s ranking by themselves , they add diversity to your link profile which is something that Google considers very important when ranking your website .

( 13 ) Microblogging Links – Microblogging is becoming more popular by the minute . We will create 200 links to your website from popular microblogging websites to ensure that Google sees you are actively using them to promote your company online .

( 14 ) Pro Link Pyramid – We will create 1000 links from PR3+ websites . We will then link to those PR3+ websites from 10 ,000 unique domains to increase their ranking . In addition , we will also ping all 10 ,000 unique domains to make sure Google sees the links quickly .

( 15 ) Blog Comments – Our team will link to your website from 40 ,000 blog pages . Similar to forum links , these links are not meant to raise your ranking by themselves . However , they are important because Google is always looking for diversity in your link profile .

( 16 ) Diversified Link Pyramid – We’ll create links from 300 sites of PR4+ .edu/ .gov domains . We will then create over 4000 links to those .edu/ .gov domains so Google quickly sees that we added those links . This not only builds EDU and GOV links to your website , but also gets those links recognized as soon as possible .

( 17 ) GOV + EDU Links – We will build 200+ links to your website from 100 authoritative and absolutely unique .edu and .gov domains ! Google considers EDU and GOV links to be the most trusts domains on the Internet and closely monitors what websites they are linking to – this significantly helps you website’s ranking .

( 18 ) Mass Link Building – To massively beat your competitors at link building , we will build over 50 ,000 links from more than 5 ,000 unique domain names . Most of these links aren’t geared toward improving your ranking by themselves , but are instead focused on making sure that you have more and higher quality links than your competitors .

( 19 ) Bulk Indexing – In an effort to make sure that Google is always coming across links to your website and checking it for new information , we will create an additional 25 ,000 links from wiki websites . Plus , we will add in an extra 30 ,000 blog comments to make sure Google is always crawling your website .

( 20 ) Link Diversity System – Since Google loves link diversity so much , we will also be creating additional links for you from Web 2 .0 articles , PDF distribution sites , wiki sites , social bookmarks , web 2 .0 profiles & forum profiles . We will make sure there is a great mixture of low to high PageRank of the domains . We will also make sure that these links are hosted on websites with different IP addresses and are both do-follow as well as no-follow . Plus , we will then ping all of these diversified links .

As you can clearly see from the above tasks we perform each month , we offer the most aggressive search engine marketing in the industry ! We have never found another SEO company that was able to offer the same services as us , especially not at the same pricing ! Signup for our 30-day free trial to test our services.
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