How To Play Snake Game On YouTube While Video Loading

YouTube The  Popular WebSite For Watching & Uploading Videos.
Slow Internet connections takes the lot of time to download. Get fun while video is loading.

Here is a trick that you can play the classic Snake game, While the video is loading, buffring.

How to play the game snake?

It's easy., When the video is loading just press the Left Aero + Up Aero keys together,not one by one.

Now the game starts.
Start playing the game.

Web Scanner

85% of sites have vulnerabilities that can lead to theft of sensitive data.

Hackers focus on Web applications - forms, shopping carts, signup, etc. available 24 / 7 around the world, insecure web applications provide easy access to back-end enterprise systems.

Firewalls, SSL and locked the servers are futile against web application against piracy!

Web application attacks, launched on port 80/443, go straight through the firewall of the operating system of the past, and network security, and the heart of your application and corporate data. Web applications are often insufficiently tested, vulnerabilities are discovered, and are easy prey for hackers so.

Acunetix, a leading Web application security

Acunetix is ​​a pioneer in technology, scanning the Web Application Security: Its engineers have focused on Internet security since 1997 and has developed a technology leader in web site analysis and vulnerability detection.

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner includes many innovative features:

AcuSensor Technology

A customer analyzer automated scripts to test the security of Ajax and Web 2.0 applications

Industries injection is the most advanced and thorough testing SQL and cross-site scripting

Advanced tools for penetration testing, HTTP and HTTP fuzzer editor

Visual macro recorder makes testing web forms and password protected areas easy

Detailed reporting facilities including VISA PCI compliance reports

Multi-threaded and lightning hundreds of thousands of quick scan of the ramp of pages with ease

Intelligent crawler detects web server type and language for applications

Acunetix ramp and analyzes websites including flash content, SOAP and AJAX

Port scanning a web server and controls to protect network services running on the server.

Acunetix is ​​whether the site is completely exposed in any way, and the price level of security. It can analyze all the attacks above to see what's vulnerable.

It's worth $ 3195 a year! get free time and unlimited here.

how to install:

First install Acunetix 6.5.

2. Replace the original files from the crack folder contents.

3. Wvs.exe home and ready.


Reliance free GPRS TRICK September

Here is the updated RELIANCE GPRS trick for you.
You can use it on your computer,cellphone,free unlimited.
so follow some steps given below:
Go to your cellphone GPRS settings & make some changing.
set the port-8080
set the  Ip-
set apn-rcommms
try this trick.its working.


For this trick first of all recharge your cellphone with any gprs plan.chooose any low cost plan.
Download the proxyfier by google search & install it.
now the most important part of this trick.
change the setting of your gprs account.
set the protocool- HTTPS
set the proxy-
now the turn of port changing.
set it-Port- 9401
well,this trick not works in some states.

Airtel Free GPRS Trick september

Hi friends,here is new AIRTEL GPRS trick for you.
its simple & working trick.
no need of any application or browser.
just some configutation changing in your GPRS setting.
ok.lets start.
select the DNS SERVER-,OR
now change your
that's it.
keep your belance low.
now try to get free gprs for your mobile & computer.

Create A Own Facebook Username

just Login in & Click on Account– Account Settings.

Now find the username field.

Just click on the Edit button.

Text box, type the user name that you want.
Remember that you can create a username only once.
After that, click Save Changes go to the profile. You can view your profile link to / username.


A Few Android Security Applications

Android is the creation of some

Buzz around with all its fantastic users

saving features and applications. Millions of

applications and the games are available


so let's have a look at some

applications that will help you protect your data

and privacy.


Another good all-in-one app, which protects

data and privacy. You can track

The position of the phone in case its stolen or

lost by you. It basically sends a sms

default alert to a contact. Who has this amazing ability to locate, lock and delete a

the device remotely. Yes! You can clean

the data remotely if the phone can not be found.

Even if it does not provide anti-virus

protection, and provides a backup

restore the system.

Was recently acquired by WaveSecure


Downlod it from here.

Norton Mobile Security

This application has received as well as the characteristics

the applications mentioned above. As follow-up

remote locking and eliminate the ability, etc.

Besides, you can block or control

incoming calls and text messages to some people

your call log.
 it's free  to download.
Get it from HERE .

Lookout Mobile Security

This is  the best applications to protect your

phone against viruses, data loss, etc. appprovides anti-virus, malware and

spyware blocking features. It also scans

all applications installed on the phone to prevents you from using these applications in the

in the future.

If you lose your phone, you can follow

phone location by phone to locate on the map

function. This seems mainly an alarm

the device itself, when asked to follow.

Another nice feature of this application is that it

allows you to save and restore your data

like - contact, photos, text messages and emails

Download it free from here


It allows users to password protect any

an application stored on their phone. This

Application security takes a step further

even allows users to password protect any characteristic of a mobile app.

Many users experience the benefits of

about this security.

The Protector allows users to password

to protect different applications, such as Android

Chat, notepad, calendar, photos, settings,

Email, Gmail and  SMS inbox.

A downside of this application is that

do not provide a recovery service pin. So it

can create a lot of trouble if you forget or

lose a PIN.
Download it free from here.
That's it guys.

Schedule A Publication Of Facebook

Guys, schedule your posts, comments, on Facebook using an application on facebook called postcron .
you can publish your comments or post time scheduled using this free application.

Here's how:You have to Login your facebook account using postcron .
Enter your comments and speeches on the provided box .
Set The shedule as you want.
You can change the plan at any time.

Auto Backup Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox has a backup system.backupfox  is an extension for Firefox to save your bookmarks in a JSON file. Now you can retrive your links saved.
The BackupFox useful Firefox extension that automatically and regularly back up your bookmarks and history.use this simple tool to save the copy of the configuration of your browser and navigate links to important data files on the hard disk .

You must specify a file path that contains the saved data. The recorded data is formatted. JSON.

How To delete The Data from Your computer

Are you thinking to  wipe the hard drives.
there are so mant softwares are available to erase your computer hard disk.
I must  recommend an active mode Disk Professional.
You can download it from here.
Thisr software will erase your data totally. there will be no turning back, and  your DATA or any FILES will be totally unreadable.

A VERY Simple Way To Format Your Computer

This is the easiest way to format your computer.
No required any software,No any long processor.
Just do one thing-
Press cnrl +x+00+f12
That's it.

How To Remove Recycle Bin From Your Computer

Friends, i m going to tell you how to remove the Recycle Bin from your computer.

Its very easy thing.

You must remove the Windows registry value.

To do this:

Go to Start, Run, type "regedit"

In Search box.


Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-Software-Microsoft-Windows-Explorer-CurruntVersion-desktop-mast {NameSpaceyou see 645ff-040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} delete this key should delete recyle bin from your desktop.

How To get your emails on Mobile via SMS

There are so many applications and online services to help you forward e-mail messages. offers a free e-mail message forwarding, has a powerful spam filter, which ensures that you only get e-mails are spam are not important, can respond to important messages from your phone. It can also be integrated in Microsoft Outlook. When you create a new account, you receive a new e-mail, for example Your car ahead and email that a new e-mail to return the incoming text. available instantly, email alert notifications via SMS in India. To use the service, send an SMS to 575758 with the text START-MAIL your city.

each e-mail reaches your inbox, your email provider will send a copy to mytoday, which in turn send it to you immediately by SMS.

Best Windows Settings To Maximize Your Laptop Battery Life

Maintain optimal independence is a crucial task for laptop users.

Here are some of the configuration to optimize the battery life of your laptop.

Screen and hard drive are the two biggest consumers of battery power on your notebook by choosing the appropriate power mode, you can make your battery last longer. A diet plan is a set of hardware configuration and system that control how your laptop manages power.

In Windows7:

Windows 7

Windows 7 has two default power schemes balance of power system, which automatically balances performance with power consumption in hardware stand. And the power saver that saves power by slowing the performance of your computer whenever possible. You can choose any diet plan for your needs.

Windows XP

Windows XP comes with two power-saving mode Portable / Laptop power scheme with minimum power consumption to conserve battery power, but keep in mind the needs of treatment so that the system speed is not sacrificed. The second is the maximum capacity of the system, which minimizes energy consumption, but not as regular as the changing processing your request. You should use the battery only for Max in situations that require little processing, such as reading documents and meeting notes.

Access the Control Panel and select Performance and Maintenance, click Power Schemes tab of the Options dialog box, click the arrow on power systems, and then click Max Battery.

In Windows Vista

Windows Vista has three levels of power

1. Balanced: Offers full performance when you need it, but to save energy when the computer is idle.

2nd Saver: The best choice for longer battery life. Cost is slow performance.

3. High performance: Maximizes system performance at the expense of battery life.

Click the battery icon in the notification area and select the energy saving mode or balanced in accordance with their performance.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

Keep tools in the system tray minimum

Tools in the notification bar will have a significant amount of CPU. The battery can be saved with minimal CPU usage. See the notification area of ​​the taskbar and close all the tools (or utilities), which are not indispensable. Often, these tools are installed on your computer the first time you will receive. Windows 7, users can also click on the arrow at the end of the notification to see the tools and services that are hidden, but available.

To use hibernation, sleep and rest

Different Windows operating systems provide a variety of energy-saving states. Windows 7 provides standby and hibernation (deep sleep). Windows Vista offers sleep and hybrid sleep (a combination of suspension and hibernation) and provides Windows XP before (like sleep) and hibernation.

In a state of sleep or wakefulness of the screen and off the hard drive and all programs and files are saved in memory (RAM). Hibernation, the computer saves everything on your hard drive, then stops. When the computer restarts, the desktop is restored exactly as you left. Hibernate uses less power than the state of sleep (standby), but it takes a little longer if they do not resume.So.

Using a laptop for prolonged use even easier to use sleep or standby

To use hibernation, sleep and standby

Different Windows operating systems provide different power modes. Windows 7 provides sleep and hibernation. Windows Vista offers sleep and hybrid sleep (a combination of sleep and sleep) and Windows XP provides standby and hibernation.

In a state of sleep or wakefulness of the screen and off the hard drive and all programs and files are saved in memory (RAM). Hibernation, the computer saves everything on your hard drive, then stops. When the computer restarts, the desktop is restored exactly as you left. Hibernate uses less power than the state of sleep (standby), but it takes a little longer if you do not use resume.So laptop for prolonged use even easier to use sleep or standby mode.

Turn off scheduled tasks

If you use scheduled tasks to run programs or scripts, or other tasks you want to start automatically at a predetermined time, specifies that these tasks are not carried out when the computer is running on battery power.

Add memory

When the RAM is not enough to keep the necessary programs in place, the system uses the hard drive as virtual memory, which still consumes battery power. You can check the memory usage of task manager, if your laptop is constantly using more memory than available RAM, then you need to add more memory to your laptop.

A lot of energy can be conserved by reducing the brightness of the screen. To adjust the brightness of the screen, see the instructions for your laptop manufacturer.You can also set the screen to get blank when not using your laptop. In addition, you can reduce energy consumption by reducing the amount of time the computer is idle before the screen goes blank. Regimens of combinations of energy and energy in Windows allows you to adjust the settings to turn off the screen after only a minute of inactivity.

Disable  wireless device

Wireless devices drain a significant amount of battery power. Much power can be saved by turning off your phone when not connected to a wireless network. See the instruction manual of your laptop on the way to turn off the wireless device, because each laptop has a different process. In most devices.
Use these settings and save laptop battery.

Free Aircel GPRS Trick

Today i m sharing a trick to  access free  GPRS on your mobile phone by changing the settings on your phone phone.Change some settings,

Set proxy:

Set APN: aircelmms

Set Port: 8080

Try this trick on the Aircel through your mobile for FREE GPRS.

Auto Approval backlinks blogs list for better SEO

Guys,here i m providing the auto approval comments blog comment on these blogs to get free backlinks & good page rank for your website or blog.

These backlinks will help you to get high position in search engines.
So here is the list:

How To Change The Default Location

 How To Change The Default Locations?
Well, so simple.You can do this using the Windows registry.

How can change the default drive ,where Windows looks for the installation file, follow some guidelines:

Select Run, then type "regedit.exe"

Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-Software-Microsoft-Windows-Setup- SourcePath

Now you can edit as you like.

Windows 8 Provide New GUI Code Name "Wind"

People who are eagerly waiting for some news about Microsoft's new operating system "Windows 8" should get excited about today.

"Winrumors" and "windows8italia" reports that Windows 8 will sport a new graphical interface called "Wind."

A recent statement by NVIDIA Quadro driver 265 refers specifically to a new kernel with the number 6.2 (Windows 6.1) and includes references to Windows 8:

Here are some interesting things about the code name for Windows GUI 8 "Vent"

The residence has two separate interfaces for 32-bit versions and 64-bit, which is very interesting and new.

"Wind" will be able to adopt the habits of users. That sounds very impressive.

New new GUI "Wind" is only activated in the 64-bit edition. Can we find a way to enable 32-bit versions as well.

"Wind" will be fully dynamic. Not sure, but it might adopt the Windows Mobile interface 7.

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How To Take Over The Screen Saver

Want to take over the screen saver? is another Windows registry to fool the screen saver support.

Click run.type in the "regdit.exe"

to enable and disable the screen saver. Just goto this registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Screensavers

Here, Now add a new string value & name it Mouse Corners. Edit this new value to YN. Press.Restart your computer. Now you may activate your screensaver by simply placing the cursor in the upper right corner of the screen, and if you take the mouse in the lower left corner of the screen, the screen saver is disabled.

How To Stop Google From Tracking Your Browsing History

We use Google to search for something like software, ebooks, etc..

everything you google is plotted by Google itself.

How do you stop Google to track our history to look for.

You must follow somel steps:

Login to google.

Now Click here!

This page lists out the history of research upon completion. these lists, divided into categories.

Click on "pause" to stop recording from Google to your history.

Now click on the "trends" that is, most sites you visit, top queries, top sites, click on the links.

Now Click on “Bookmark” to enables you to store the bookmark online & it can access on anywhere.

That's it.

Installing Windows 7 From A Flash Drive

Run UNetbootin, load the ISO file in Windows 7, and then restart the computer.See installing Ubuntu from USB UNetbootin here.

You need three things:

Windows 7 ISO image file

USB flash drive (minimum of 4 GB)


If UNetbootin does not work, try Microsoft's Windows 7 USB / DVD tool.

Insert the flash drive, run UNetbootin, select an ISO disk image. Look in your local hard disk for Windows 7 ISO you downloaded and click Open. Now that the USB Select and select the drive type.

Click OK and begin to extract all the installation files on the hard disk. The whole process will take some waiting time.just wait.

When installation is complete, restart your computer. while your system boots, press the appropriate button F1, F2, F12, ESC, Backspace or Esc to display the boot menu of the BIOS. Change startup to start the USB standard, when completed, save the changes and restart the system.

You have completed your work.
Download Unetbootin from HERE.

How To download Torrent Files free on Airtel Network

Now you can download the torrent file using Airtel free.You don't have  need to regulation and downloading any torrent software, and only make some changes down and download for free torrent.

To do this, follow these steps:

1- Install UTorrent.

2-Now click on Options-Settings-Connection.

3-use the port for incoming connections on port 53.

4-Deselect port random at each start.

5-Add any torrent file in utorrent.

6- your download will begin.

That's it.

How To Secure your Desktop Icons and Settings

You can save your desktop settings and secure it from your friends and somebody else by  Windows registry. start the registry editor, go to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer

In the right pane create a new DWORD value named NoSaveSettings and change its value to 1. Now restart the computer for the settings are saved.
that's have done it.

How To Disable Display The Drives In My Computer

Here's another trick you can make your geek friend. To disable the display of local or networked drives when you click on My Computer to do is click the Run box type the regedit.exe.hit enter. GOTO:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer

However, in the right pane create a new DWORD item and name NoDrives. Now change your value and establish 3FFFFFF (Hexadecimal) Now press F5 to refresh. Clicking on My Computer, no drives on the screen. To enable display of drives in My Computer, simply delete this DWORD item. Reg is the following.:


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer]

"NoDrives" = dword: 03ffffff

Quick Shutdown Your windows

Normally, it takes a lot of time to shut down Windows,We start by creating a new shortcut (right click and select New Connection-). Then the command line box

"C: \ Windows \ Rundll.exe User.exe exitwindowsexec '

This shortcut on clicking will restart Windows immediately without any

To restart Windows, type the following command at the Command Line box:

"C: \ windows \ rundll.exe User.exe ExitWindows"
That's it.

How To Use Flash Drive As a RAM

Guys we can boost our system speed by using ready boost software in a flash drive.Windows XP is not ReadyBoost Capable .

Follow these steps:

1-connect the flash drive, open My Computer, click the letter corresponding to the USB.

2 - Click on Properties

3 - When you select Properties, the new window opens. click the ReadyBoost .

4 - click to dedicate this device to ready boost.

If you only want to use part of it for ReadyBoost, click "Use this device" option. Then, when you use the brand, to decide how much space you want to use for ReadyBoost. It is a good option if you just want a temporary boost in RAM for a project or a particular session.

Remember that a dedicated ReadyBoost can not be saved, too. Also, when you decide to use a ReadyBoost USB, you can easily change their minds and return to save the file.

How To Boost Internet Speed In Windows 7

In this post, I will teach you how to speed up your network, Internet connections using Windows registry 7.

There are several general ways to increase the speed of the network and Internet connections.

Let's start with the Registry Editor. Type regedit in the Start menu search box, then click regedit in the results list.

Expand the registry tree in the left pane to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, MAIN functionality, control. Click to highlight the role MAX CONNECTIONS PER 1_0server.

Right-click an empty area in the right pane, select a new DWORD 32-bit value from the shortcut menu.

Type iexplore exe points as the key name DWORD.

Right-click iexplore.exe entry and select Edit from the context menu.

In Edit DWORD 32-bit value of the dialog box, click Decimal. Then type 10 in the Value data text box. Click OK to save changes.

using the same steps to highlight the functionality Max Connections per server entry, which is just below the max connections per server entry point 0 in the registry.

Now close the Registry Editor.

Restart the computer. Now let's see how much speed you have get using Windows registry trick.

Backup & Bulk Copy(Linux)

The best  Linux utility to synchronize data is rsync.
 rsync allows you to copy recursively inside the machine and even on remote machines.
As the name suggests, the synchronization utility, which means to copy only the changes rather than the entire file, and also maintain a property and file permissions

The operation is quite simple

$ Rsync [options] source target


$ Rsync-arh / home / clubhack / / mnt / backup

Now if you want to use the same rsync to transfer the file on the remote machine would be the best solution
$ Rsync-aH / my_dir / remoteip: / path / to / dir /

In order to preserve permissions, ownership, group and time stamp, you can choose to use switches like-p,-o,-g,-t etc.

You can also choose which files to include or exclude the synchronization settings.

splash on firewalls(linux)

Linux is much easier on the command line

For a complete configuration, the simplest


You can do a little 'fast


-N by the order to stop a reverse lookup and thus increase performance.

You can make it

iptables-t nat-L

iptables-t missing NL

iptables-t filter-L

iptables-t raw-NL

This list (-L), in particular, (t) of the chain, no reverse lookup (n).

How To Protect USB Drives From Malware

Malware using two main techniques to spread through USB drives.

1. Infect executable files on memory disks so that when you are on another machine, infections move with them.

2. This technique uses "autorun.inf" file for distributing malware.

Another technique is more dangerous than the first. As soon as the USB drive is connected, the file "autorun.inf" to automatically run the Windows operating system that does not require human interaction. The majority of malware using this technique. We can prevent this infection, eliminating the "autorun" feature in Windows.

We can solve this problem in a very simple and free without having to buy memory sticks with switches to read only!

So before you start, have backup data on the USB drive and make sure it is empty.

Here are the steps you can make a secure USB drive for malware

First we create an empty file "autorun.inf" on the USB drive.

Now second, use a hex editor to open the USB device to read and write mode. Make sure nothing is access to the device at the time.

In the third disc, the search string - "autorun" in a non-Unicode format. You'll find it near the beginning of the disc.

This is what we are interested in

41 55 54 52 55 4F 4E 4E 20 49 46 20


4th The present value of the byte 0x20 is just the archive bit. We change this 0x40 bits. This enables the device bits, which are never normally found on the disk. In simple terms, what you should do replace '2 'with 4 to 0x20, 0x40 it will make.

Modified block should look like this: -

We can solve this problem, a very simple and free, without having to buy memory cards with a series of switches!

So before you begin, please backup data via USB and make sure it is empty.

These are the steps to make your USB drive safely malware

1. Create a blank file "autorun.inf" on the USB drive.

2. Now use a hex editor to open the USB device to read and write. Make sure nothing is accessing the device at that time.

3. In the disc, look for the string of characters - "Auto Play" for non-Unicode format. You can find it near the beginning of the disc.

This is what we are interested in

41 55 54 4F 52 55 4E 20 49 4E 46 20

AUTRUN4. The fair value of 0x20 bytes only archive bit. Change the 0x40 bit. This bit sets the device, which is not normally found on the disk. Simply put, you have to do is replace the 2 "and 0x20, 4, making it 0x40.

Save this record, ignored all warnings that may appear.

Remove and install the equipment. To see if we need an autorun.inf file is protected or not, try to delete the file autorun.inf. You get the following popup with an error.

6. As you can see, you can open, edit, delete or replace. Even attributes can not be changed.

So now free to use a USB device safely from anywhere computers.

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How to Send prov setting to mobile without Bluetooth

The guys here is a trick to send the entire prov our mobile site without transferring to another phone via Bluetooth.
Just connect the mobile to the PC and have software that you can easily transfer your files to your mobile prov.

Here's how to do this:

1-Simply send the file to your phone prov friend (NO S40 series) and send it to back your phone and save it.

2-We can use the software on our PC to store the file directly to our mobile prov.

Download the program here
Connect your phone to your computer and detect it.

Now send the PROV file to the simpleup.

You may receive the settings directly to your phone.

How To Download YouTube videos without Softwares or Add-on's

Friends as we all knows that youtube doesn't give us the option to download the we uses software or any add-on related youtube video downloader.
now i m going to tell you the trick to download youtube video's without any software or any add-on.
here is a nice site who download the youtube video's so fast & in so many other format,called
just select the any youtube video you want to download.copy its url & paste into the keepvid blank colum.start the downloading & save it in your desire drive or place.


Guys here is  free GPRS tricks for RELIANCE.
first of all download this file given below.
download here
Set your APN- rcomwap / smartwap
SET the PORT : 8080
Set the Proxy (IP) :
That's it.
Now enjoy.

AIRTEl Free GPRS Trick Updated

Hello friends,here is a new updated trick to get free GPRS in AIRTEL.
You may use free unlimited GPRS using opeara 6.1 and UCweb 7.8 
Make default your MO setting.
Download UC7.8 airtel & Download Opera 6.1 airtel by google search.
now enjoy with free can use this trick in high balance.

Legit Survey Sites,Who Really Pays

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Nielson Netratings
Pinecone Research
American Consumer Opinion
Mindfield Online
IPSOS Survey Panel
20/20 Research
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How To Make Faster Your Flash Drive

Guys,its so simple to make your usb flash drive make faster
just follow these steps to do so:
plug in your pen drive
open the properties
now click on hardware.
select your flash disk drive.
click on properties.

click on policies
now click on better performace & apply.
thats have done.

Transparent Desktop Lock

Locking your computer is a good idea when you're away from your computer, Yep! I know you can do this using the Windows shortcut "Win + L" on your keyboard. It will lock your screen, but the bad thing is that it will hide your screen and you can not see the state of the screen hidden. This problem can be solved by locking off, so in this post, I'll tell you how to use and how to clear lock hack;)

CLEARLOCKTM is a handy software that protects your system type animal crazy or ugly you think your keyboard as a playground. Using CLEARLOCKTM can lock your desktop with a transparent closure means that you can view your desktop is covered by a transparent layer, but can not click on anything until you give password to remove the block.

It is very convenient when you download files that you must check the download status every minute or when you show your presentation to your friends while other jobs, etc.

Download it from HERE
Secrets to gain unauthorized access

to access without a password just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: While it is asked for a type of password you want and press enter, you get an error message. Continue to do it twice more.

Step # 2: After three times CLEARLOCK completely prevent you from entering any password. So, what to do

Picasa Content

Step 3: This will be a real game, because it prevents access the password by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del will open the Task Manager, now select Applications> End CLEARLOCK and press activities.

they have gained access without a password.

Yahoo Japan Launching Android-based Yahoo Phone

Yahoo is preparing to launch an Android-based smartphone, called "Yahoo Phone" in Japan, in cooperation with the third largest mobile operator Softbank.

According to TechCrunch, the phone will be manufactured by Sharp and is a converted version of "Softbank 009SH Phone Price Aquos." Yahoo Phone Tools 2.3 Gingerbread Android operating system and comes with a 4-inch LCD QHD resolution, device 8-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi, a microSD slot, a digital TV tuner as an electronic purse, infrared and many other features Japanese geek.

Phone Yahoo preinstalled applications, such as Yahoo, Yahoo Japan Home, Yahoo Japan Auctions, and Yahoo Luco, etc. According to surveys, phone retail shelves next month in Japan.

Android Data Backups Trick

what many have experienced data loss, I'll show you how you can make backup copies of data.

There are a couple of backup applications available online and are currently two known tools appear to be most effective - Backup and MyBackup Pro Titanium. Although titanium backup is much more than just a backup and recovery is not as simple as MyBackup Pro Two applications have cost about the same.

Backup Pro Backup is a simple and powerful. It supports a variety of mobile operating systems such as Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. You can easily back up and restore data and settings on the same platform, or platforms, OS-based and wireless media system. The application site only download about 223 EUR. We will use the Android version of the application. Other users of the mobile platform can follow the same procedure, but other versions may be minor differences.

MyBackup Pro Install Start the application and will be greeted by the welcome screen, which contains all the necessary settings - Backup to back up, restore, restore backup files before you can view and delete the copy stored in security, the Hall to save a backup of the contents of the automatic backup scheduler MyToolbox zone, where you can choose a non-system implementation and applications, and empty the cache, or data.

click 'MyToolbox and select the application system, also to save it. This is completely optional as some users might want to do a backup of the system and application data as well. When finished, return to the main menu and click "Backup". Here you can select "Applications and Media" or simply "data". Select "Applications and Media" and the next screen asks you to select the destination of the backup files. Those who prefer "online" can be done, otherwise, select "Start", where the backups MyBackup Pro at a store in the default folder "Rerware" in the sdcard "/ mnt /.

Backup Pro review all applications on the phone, and show applications "and" images "on the screen. Since the images are already on the SD card, it can happen if you do not want warranty service online. Remember, just get a free 100 MB of space for online backups, and buy more if necessary guarantees. take a lot of space, so choose your backups accordingly. You can select a picture box that selects all applications, or you can click on the dropdown menu to select individual applications. When finished, click OK and the next screen prompts you to enter a backup name. The next screen asks for the type of backup you want. choose between "APKs, the data" or "APKs data +", respectively. application starts to back the data content, and keep in the destination folder, which can take several minutes. Finally, a summary of the applications and data,

That's it! Your data is stored and you just copy the file contents in the phone memory of others, or simply exchange of memory to restore it.

How To Download YouTube VideosFaster

Guys download a script called YouTube Enhancer from .this script  gives new control options where you can download clips quickly. you have to add this  script to your browsers.


It's a little easier, just search on YouTube enhancer and install the script. Chrome can manage on their own.


Install the Greasemonkey add-on. Search YouTube Enhancer from & install it.
Thats it.

How To Install Mac On Intel Machine

Intel Mac to install on simple machine?

Ok, let us follow me.

Download Mac OS DVD from anywhere torrent.

Download boot123.iso Grom google search.

Now burn DVD images (Mac and boot123).
Now start boot123 UR PC DVD ROM with CD.

After starting to eject the CD and load boot123 dvd mac.

Simply select mac dvd and installtion of begain.

that's all.

How To Upgrade Window XP Sp2 to Sp3 Without Any Installation

this trick is make fool the system that your windows xp has service pack 3.
ok to do so,follow these some steps:
1-press windows key+R.
2-type in the box"regedit,hit the enter.
3-open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ControlSet001\Control\Windows
4-Change the csdversion value from 200 to 300 in left panel.
5-open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ControlSet002\Control\Windows
6- Again Change csdversion value from 200 to 300 in left side.
7-restart your computer.
finally now you have windows xp service pack3.

Create A Torrent Of Any Files That Are Already Hosted Sites And Download It Faster

Downloading a file from the Internet via Bittorrent and Direct FTP / HTTP are two different things. Torrents use peer to peer technology, where the load is not on a single server instead of the file is served by several computers. Here's how you can create a torrent of any file hosted on the Internet and download via Bittorrent client.
When you download the file, it is possible that many more are available for download from the same place. This increases the load on the server, which will host leading to low download speeds. Thus the creation of Torrent is a viable option for some. And if there are many of you downloading the torrent Burnbit get more peers, more speed from the server and the users who have downloaded the file.

BurnBit is a online service which can burn any file on web into torrent which contains meta data information about the content file..

So it's a two-way connection with the maximum possible download some files. Case, which are first and foremost, you can still get the download speed as usual, and then you can continue planting to offer the world.

This is a way to create a torrent file is hosted anywhere on the web.

BurnBit is an online service that lets you record any file on the Web in the torrent that contains metadata information about the file content. This. Torrent in turn, can be downloaded via Bittorrent client on your system.

You just need a URL or a link to a file and paste it into Burnbit home page and click the Burn button. Managed Files minutes and you'll be given the option to download. Torrent file.
Webmasters can get the script to integrate into the website and offer your readers to download the file via BitTorrent. You can also add HTTP mirrors for better connectivity and accessibility.

BitBurn is useful to webmasters in all directions. However, to download, it's better when it is already BitBurn speeds database for faster download.

How To Increase Your Video Views On YouTube

How to get millions of views on Youtube:

annotations will be easier to add Youtube and even the biggest mistake of the system will either not let you out in the third link to third party sites (huge problems arise mails) annotations can help you grow subscribers. Take a look at the last 10 seconds of our video below and you will see some links to our own channel, and our "about us" video. Annotations used correctly (and there are tons of creative ways you can do this) are an easy way for you to quickly perform new subscribers to your channel or views of other videos that may not have been so get traffic .

People think of a place to watch videos on YouTube, but just like any other social networking site, there are many ways to interact with other users, participate in the community. You need to start friendships with people in your niche, by sending them a private message to congratulate them and their videos and leave comments when necessary. This is a slow process and is very similar to that by leaving comments on other blogs to increase blog traffic, and even if it takes a lot of time, is very effective.

If there is one sure way to give a little 'to add videos on Youtube, which is to get subscribers. The subscriber is someone who is experienced with e-mail every time you load a new video, and their value should not be underestimated. Having someone to make this commitment, there is a massive and channels for a couple of hundred subscribers is a great way to get the point of view and if the video is good enough to be to spread organically and a few hundred people, many others.

Miniatures For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term are small images that appear on the video before you go. You can choose the image appears on the opposite side of the video on YouTube has been downloaded, and it is very important to choose something that will entice people to click away. Remember that when people do searches on YouTube shows the results of 100, then to stand out from the video, is very visible.

Although over the years, YouTube has made every effort to improve video search, the majority of research continues through the text and tags. This means that you need to take a lot of worry, when you fill in the name and description and make sure to add the greatest possible number of relevant variables. Remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine Google, the world and that people might be searching for content on video right now so make sure you give them everything you need to find it.

This is very evident, but there's a good chance that most of your opinions will not be on Youtube, but most third-party websites. You should be sure the video on your website or blog, where appropriate, and leverage your social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter to get the video going. If you have friends who may be willing to push it away, that might work well, and if you think the video might be of interest to the Blogger web site, or there is nothing wrong to ask if it would function.

This is one that works incredibly well, but it takes time to implement. Basically, a video that is out there on YouTube may get a response video above (you'll often see them along the bottom of the main video). You actually have to send them you as a user, and if the owners of the original films they think are good enough, they can appear as a video response. You will have to go through the videos manually to find places where your video will have a chance of being accepted, but it's a great way to get your video in front of people in your niche that are clearly interested in a similar video and could just click through to your neighbor. Again, if you followed the first step in effectively networking with other YouTube users, there is a good chance that many people will accept your request for a response video.
There millions more pieces of content online that is as good as or better than what you have produced, so you have to work there and really spread the word about your video. Creating virtual links and "sign post" to your video will be the key. You'll see a Subscribe button just to the right side of our page here on the blog, the YouTube logo appears on all e-mail signatures, and we provide links through Facebook and Twitter, and all our other social media profiles.

Follow these steps and see the result.

The Best Way To Boost The Internet Speed

Here is some windows registry configuration to  increase the speed of your Internet connection bandwidth.
Just follow these steps:
Press window key+R

Open the registry and find the key below.

Create the following DWORD values, because most of these values ​​already do not have to create them by clicking the 'Edit - New - DWORD Value "and set the value as shown below.

DefaultTTL = "80" hex (or 128 in decimal)

Specifies the default time to live (TTL) for TCP / IP packets. Default is 32

EnablePMTUBHDetect = "0"

Specifies the stack to try to identify the maximum transmission unit (MTU) routers that do not return ICMP fragmentation needed messages. The default value is 0

EnablePMTUDiscovery = "1"

Indicates whether the TCP / IP will attempt to perform MTU discovery route as specified in RFC 1191. The default is 1.

GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize hex = "7FFF" (or decimal 32,767)

Specifies the system maximum receive window size advertised in the TCP / IP stack.

TcpMaxDupAcks = "2"

Determines the number of duplicate ACKs to be received for the same sequence number of sent data before "fast forward" is triggered.

SackOpts = "1"

Enables support for selective acknowledgments as documented by Request for Comments (RFC) 2018. Default is 0.

Tcp1323Opts = "1"

RFC 1323 stamps and checks the time window scaling options. Possible values ​​are "0" = disable RFC 1323 options, "1" = window scale enabled only, "2" timestamp = enabled only and "3" = both options enabled.

TcpWindowSize = "7FFF" hex (or 32767 decimal)

Sets the receive window size advertised by TCP / IP stack. If you have a latent network you can try to increase the value to 93440, or 186880 372300th

Close the Registry and reboot for the changes to take effect.

Now check the speed.

The Way To Find your Twitter Friends On Google Plus

Many users of Google-Plus came from Facebook and Twitter, a lot of Google, most users also as an active Twitter users when these guys on Google + den, they may miss their next Twitter is updates.One solutions is to add your Twitter friends with your Google circles over whether they were already there.

Use Twitter2Plus tools, you can easily find friends on Twitter have joined Google +, in my case I only discovered less than 30 boys in my Twitter, Google +, which is a bit lame, maybe I should have more of them to join the Google +

To use this tool, simply open the Twitter2Plus, enter your Twitter name (ie John Players @) and we will show you which of your supporters and friends are on Google +, go try it!

Twitter2Plus part of which is a good place to find interesting + Google users, the site also has a Google + directory and many other similar competitors.

Make Your Windows Desktop Look Like Mac OS X

Here is a Good news for Mac OS X fans who prefer the power and functionality of Windows PC.You can turn your PC: OS X look-alikes.

Thanks to a freeware package of changes in the snow.Transformation snow pack completely change the look of the system, which contains the home screen, icons, backgrounds, sounds, pier, dialog boxes, and has a different interface. That's how it works when you turn off UAC and do the installation (Hint: You may have to do it twice), you are presented with a couple of options. Here you can choose to install additional applications in the background responsible for external graphics. If your computer is not fast predator, you want to delete them to optimize performance.
In general, the STP is very similar to OS X and with the exception of certain restrictions in usability, users may feel as if they were elsewhere
Snow Transformation Pack is a free download.It is only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Click here to download.


guys, it's a simple trick Windows registry.

To do this ... follow these steps:

Flag pop, which can contain any message

you only want to see before the user is going to sign,


\ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon

Now create a new string value in the right panel of

LegalNoticeCaption call and let the value of

To see the menu bar.

Now create another new string value and name:


Edit it and put the message you want to view

every time Windows starts. This can be effective

used to show the policy of private enterprise in each

Once the user logs on to his NT box.



\ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \] Winlogon

"LegalNoticeCaption" = "Caption here."
That's it.

How to stop unwanted E-Mails in gmail

You can stop the junk mail in my Gmail

just follow these steps:

January 1) Log into your Gmail account.

2) go to start at the top

3) setting, select the "Filters"

4) Press the "Create a new filter"

5) Here you will find the following options.

From :_______________

To :_______________

Subject :_______________

Contains the words :_______________

There :_______________

6) prescribe e-mail that person's ID in the "From" and click Next Step. (You can test the result of both)

7) You can get new screen, which contains several action

8) If you want to delete junk e-mail when someone sends you a check, then remove it from checkbox.It

delete emails directly from that person.

9) Choose an action, and finally click Create Filter button, and your job is done.

How To Make Free Calls Worldwide From PC

Today, I brought an idea of ​​what you can do unlimited free calls worldwide by small tool.making worldwide free calls, you need some tools to download.

The first piece of software called the Java 3

Second FriendCaller Software.

The third trick its 5.5 version.

Now I will describe in detail how to make free calls with the tools mentioned above.

1) First you need a computer with internet connection,

2) The second requirement is that you need your computer has Java, if Java is not installed on your computer so you do not get.

3) After Java is installed properly, download the software now FriendCaller fromHere. After FriendCaller is fully installed, open FriendCaller from your desktop. Now you register with your correct e-mail. Now, a check is sent to your email. Open your email and verify your account, if unchecked, will not be able to make free calls if you have free credits.

4) Now login to your account after a successful verification and click the phone icon.

5) We are now the important part of the case, now in turn software called cheat engine.

6) Run the cheat engine and click "open process"

7) Then click on the call a friend and open it. Now, Dial the number you want to call the call friend.

9) Now in Cheat Engine, you can hack the speed the rate at 0.00 Edit and click "Apply" Now you're done! This cheat will freeze your timer so you can use for an unlimited period. If the gel is not used, then you will be able to call only 10 sec.

Using this trick, when you call you will be charged 0.02 out of a total of 10 credits. If the claim is ready to re-register and make a new account. You can make free calls.

A Short Google Trick

Google Trick.
This is a short google trick to download anything you want to download.
first of all go to
''parent directory'' software -
xxx -html -htm -php - shtml -opendivx -md5 -
md5sums(type in search box)
now open any index result
& get download whatever u
want to download.
u can change the word in the place of software.

How To Make Multibootable DVD

1.You will need 1 Magic ISO Maker is a powerful CD / DVD image file creating, editing, and extraction tools. It handles both CDs and DVDs, convert BIN ISO and vice versa, making an ISO file to DVD / CD-ROM or hard disk, and process the boot information. The program can also make multiple boot CD / DVD software files.Download other images in Google Search as ISO magic.

2. DVD burner and a couple of blank DVD. 3. The original operating system CD. We have, for example, a multi-boot DVD copies of Windows XP Professional and Windows 98 interface MagicISO Collect a bootable CD with the ISO images to create an installation CD-ROM to create the "Boot" folder on the C drive Enter one of the operating system installation CD into the DVD drive. Click "Create CD / DVD image files from CD / DVD-ROM" to open the "Make ISO CD-ROM" dialog box. Select the CD-ROM and select the appropriate name of the output file as the path to save bootxp.bif set C: boot and select "Export Boot Image". Repeat this procedure for Windows 98 and call it the boot98.bif boot image. Make a DVD collection of a series of OS MagicISO Choose "Create a new image file" on the toolbar. Select a folder-shaped button to create a "WinXP" folder in the root directory. Insert the Windows XP Professional and copy the contents of this folder.

drag "WinXPi386" folder in the root directory. Right click on "i386" to rename it to "iWXP". Repeat the steps for Windows 98, calling iW98, for example. Copy the files "WinXPWIN51", "WinXPWIN51IP" and "WinXP WIN51IP.SP2" in the root directory. Now you can create a folder called "iWXP" in "c: boot". From "iWXPSETUPLDR.BIN" file "c: bootiWXP"

1. Select the file iWXPSETUPLDR.BIN.

2. Click the button to extract the file "C: bootiWXP".

Open "c: bootiWXPSETUPLDR.BIN" with a hex editor UltraEdit is a good example.

Replace all instances of "I386" with "IWXP" (capital letters).

Copy C: back to bootiWXPSETUPLDR.BIN "BIN iWXPSETUPLDR." In multiboot.iso you have opened.

From multiboot.iso open, extract the file "iWXPTXTSETUP.SIF" "C: bootiWXP"

1. Select the file "iWXPTXTSETUP.SIF".

2. Click on the Extract button to extract the file "C: bootiWXP".

Click the Save button to save the compilation C: multiboot.iso. Eject the CD and insert the operating system next to the unit. Create a folder with an appropriate name and repeat the above procedure. Open C: multiboot.iso with MagicISO. Hold down [Ctrl] and use the mouse to

Open "c: bootiWXPTXTSETUP.SIF" with Notepad. Replace all instances of "I386" to "[SourceDisksNames.x86]" with "IWXP"

Copy "C: bootiWXPTXTSETUP.SIF" back "iWXPTXTSETUP.SIF" inside the folder C: multiboot.iso.

Now, insert the Windows 98 CD and drag the Win98 folder on the root. To file multiboot Click the DVD image in the "make multi-boot image file from CD / DVD" to open the image editor multiboot. Click "Add ..." to add an item to an image file multiboot. The Startup wizard opens and guides you. Select "Boot from bootable image file" and click Next to proceed to the next step. Select "On the local computer," input "C: bootxp.bif start" and click Next to proceed to the next step enter the description of the menu in Windows XP y. set of "Hot

Key "to" 1 ". Click Finish to start point of Windows XP. Wizardfor first bootable operating system Now click again on" Add to ... ". An article in the most booting Repeat for the image file of Windows 98 bootable Now, the Multi-Boot Image Editor, select the item you want to change the default boot command, option and click ". Set Default "Click the Save button to save a multi-boot image file C: .. Bootmultiboot_boot.mbi finalized and Open the DVD in a new C multboot.iso Click on" Download boot image ... "opens" Bootable Option "dialog select" For more bootable image file "and select .." C:. multiboot_ boot.mbi boots. "Save the ISO Now go ahead and burn a DVD.

Computer Maintenance To Optimize Windows

Some simple maintenance every week only 10-20 minutes, can be done at any level of knowledge and to maintain the proper functioning of the computer.

Remove programs you no longer use.

Clean your hard drive

Download and install this free program here-http: / /

Startup Items:

See all icons on the bottom right corner of the screen? These are all loaded at boot time, and those who are not theirs, either! If you wonder why you have to wait a minute to use the computer after the start because they are all loaded after Windows starts. They also use the memory just sitting there. Withdrawal is a little more knowledge, or research, then the previous two, but you can do!

First, if you know what these items are in the tank and does not need to run, you can click on an icon to the right and look for options or "run Windows". Otherwise, you can double click on an icon to open the program and find the options there. Some are easy and common. QuickTime, RealPlayer and AOL are examples of items that need to be there.

CCleaner is also a startup manager. Click Tools, then start. You can delete unwanted items there. Beware, there is no backup, then either look for a program by Google or ask on our forum if you want to know what the target. Since the start download the drivers and some programs may need to be careful when removing items you are not sure.

Remove invalid registry entries:

The next step is to register. Frankly, the registry is overvalued compared to the speed of change, in general, but is not large and can contain many erroneous references. The register also does not begin with the average computer user can play the good news is CCleaner is a registry cleaner integrated safe, so why not clean the old, invalid entries?

Defragmenting your hard disk:

Now that you've removed all this crap, you have all the files defragmented hard drive. Reading and writing data are heavily fragmented hard disk is slowed down because of the time ends to move between the surface of the disc may be fragments substantial.Defragmenting hard drive would be like a box still sealed with pins. All clean and tidy and easy to reach.

Follow All These Mentioned Tips To Make Smooth Your Computer Just Like New one.

BSNL WiMAX 4G Launched In Kochi (Kerala)

Telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd to launch WiMAX 4 generation of wireless broadband services for the city of Kochi in Kerala Telecom Circle speeds up to 2 Mbps (speed of 7 Mbps backbone).

BSNL introduces a total of seven plans, plans of which 3 are limited and the four plans offer unlimited wireless broadband speeds ranging from 512 kbps to 2 Mbps fixed monthly payments ranging from Rs. SR 220 per month. 750 per month, plans to make limited use of downloading / sending data ..

Fixed monthly payments ranging from Rs. 750 (home users) RS. 7000 provides a month for unlimited downloads / uploads.

The customer premises equipment Wimax (modem / CPE) can be taken from BSNL rent of Rs 40 per month or can be purchased after paying taxes.

The BSNL authorities said a press release that the WiMAX connection is given in one day.

Send an SMS "WiMAX" for 9447419447.

In all 79 key areas of Kochi, including the surrounding urban areas / cities like Nedumkandam, Kattapana, Kumili, Peermade, Munnar, Idukki, super speed Adimaly Suryanelli and wireless high speed internet, installed 200 BTS towers in BSNL WIMAX the area.

Windows Xp:Speed Up Your Network and Internet Access

Increasing network browsing speed

Your computer slows down when you surf on your local network and connect to other computers that share data? One of the most common causes of this decline is a feature in Windows Explorer, look for scheduled tasks on remote computers. This effort may take a little time on some computers and can really slow down your browsing. The window as you browse the network may appear to freeze momentarily, as the system waits for a response from the remote computer.

Windows XP: Speeding Disk Access

Although this problem is complex, the solution is very simple. Instead of having to wait for scheduled tasks remotely, which is useless information to anyone not a system administrator to configure Remote Scheduled Tasks, you can disable this feature.

You'll need to modify the system registry and delete a reference to a key for this function will not load. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Registry Editor, click the Start menu and select Run. Type regedit in the text box and click the OK button.

2. Once the Registry Editor is loaded, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

3. Next, expand Software and Microsoft.

4. Locate Windows and expand too.

5. Want to be changing the main system files expand CurrentVersion.

6. Since this feature is a feature of the Windows component known as Explorer, expand the Explorer key.

7. Therefore, we recommend that you change the settings of the remote computer, remote computer in order to expand the key, and then expand the name space to display all the key features are activated when you visit a remote computer.

In the eighth file namespace, you will find two entries. One is "{2227A280-3AEA-1069-A2DE-08002B30309D}" which tells Explorer to view shared printers on the remote machine. The other, "{D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}," tells Explorer to show remote scheduled tasks. He is the one that you must remove. This can be done by right clicking on the name of the key and select Delete.


If you have no use for viewing remote shared printers and are only interested in shared files, consider removing the printers key, "{2227A280-3AEA-1069-A2DE-08002B30309D}", as well. This also increases the speed of your browser.

After removing the key, simply restart and the changes are valid. Now, the exploration of the computer network without undue delay.

Hack the Start button

Hack the Start button

Change text at the beginning

First First, make sure you download Resource Hacker. You'll need this puppy to edit resources in your Windows shell.

2. Locate explorer.exe in the C: \ Windows. Make a copy of the file in the same directory and rename explorer.bak.

3. Now launch Resource Hacker. On the File menu, open explorer.exe. Now you'll see a bunch of folders collapsed.

4. Expand the String Table folder and then find folder No. 37 (folder No. 38 if you're in Windows Classic mode).

5. Click on resource 1033 and locate the text that says "Start." This is the Start button, and now you have to control what he says! Change the text "Start" in the text box. You do not need the number of characters, but the text is taking up valuable space on the taskbar, so you do not do it for too long.

6. Click Compile Script. This updates the settings for the Start button. But nothing will happen until the completion of step # 20, so go ahead!

Change Text Hover

7. While you're here, why not also change the text that appears when the mouse rolls over the start button?

8. Right now it says "Click here to start." Well, duh! We already know that is where to begin!

9. No. 34 Open the folder and click the resource 1033.

10. Find the text that says "Click here to start" and change it to something cooler. ¿I can suggest "Click here for a while, baby."

11. Click Compile Script button to update this resource.

Customize the Start icon

12. For an added bonus, you can also change the Windows icon in the left of the text.

13th String array Hide folder and expand the Bitmap folder at the top of your folder list.

14th Click the folder No. 143 and click the resource 1033rd You should see the familiar Windows icon.

15. Go to the Action menu and select "Replace bitmap." Select "Open file in new bitmap", and the search for an image to replace the computer. Note: the image will be. Bmp extension and a size 20 pixels by 25 pixels. Click the Replace button.

Here's the image I used instead of Windows icon if you want to use.

16. Now that you've made your changes, save the file in the Windows folder with another name, as newstartbutton.exe. Explorer.exe not the name, because the file is already being used by the system. Close all open programs and restart the system.

17. Start in safe mode with command prompt by pressing F8 during boot. Then choose Safe Mode Command Prompt.

18. Log on as Administrator and enter your password.

19. When prompted, make sure you're in the right directory, type "cd c: \ windows" (without the quotes).

20. Now type "copy c: \ windows \ newstartbutton.exe c: \ windows \ explorer.exe" (no quotes). "Yes" (without quotes) to overwrite the existing file, then restart the system by typing "shutdown-r" (no quotes).

When  Windows relaunches, see the Start button again in all its splendor!

You Can Not See Secure Sites?

Can not see secure sites

Solve the problem with the sites to see secrue (banks or online stores), I found it very helpful to me in my work (ISP backbone support lol, at that time, I was regular support)

Any way ... what u have to do is create a new file Notepad and type the followng DLL .. copy and paste these

regsvr32 softpub.dll

regsvr32 Wintrust.dll

regsvr32 initpki.dll

regsvr32 Dssenh.dll

regsvr32 Rsaenh.dll

regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll

regsvr32 Sccbase.dll

regsvr32 slbcsp.dll

regsvr32 Cryptdlg.dll

and save as- all file types, and do something like securefix.bat.

Then just run the file and ur problem shuld disappeared.


Before learning about the Internet and to consider their applications, see the brief

Fascinating history of the Internet.


The network, which became known as the Internet began as a project of the American

Department of Defense. In 1969, the Department Advanced Research Projects Agency

(ARPA) was established in a wide area network with two nodes via dedicated lines are called

ARPANET, which was called the network, or network of networks, which was

reduced to race online. The nodes in this network were private universities and

research facilities under contract ARPA. The idea was that researchers

for better information sharing, if the communication is easier.

Initially, the network was a first data transfer speed of the device applications, users

now evident. Applications came later, out of necessity. In 1972, for example,

There are enough nodes that users need the ability to send text messages to the state

and the forthcoming enlargement of the network. It is therefore necessary, someone wrote a program

Text messages you send from one node to another. Electronic mail was born.

While the ARPANET quickly become common in academic circles and research, many of

Years passed before the public to know. This delay may have been

a good thing, because the network was created, in part, to test ideas Internetworking

and use them. The design and protocols of the network has gone through many

iterations, some of which were so fundamental as to cause a Flag Day, which the computer

scientific jargon is a change that is not backwards compatible, which requires that all users

to implement the change on the same day. Such changes do not trouble enough, when we

was only a few nodes on the network, but it would be almost impossible now.

Commercial Internet

ARPANET imitated, creating Internetworks for those who do not work for ARPA.

Soon it seemed that each group had its own Internet research. An Internet

For example, was devoted to magnetic fusion researchers working for the Ministry of US

Energy. Another new Internet was the NSFNET, which was founded in 1986 by the National Science

Foundation (NSF). The initial goal of this network to connect five

supercomputers, the Institute had ordered schools across the country, but

This goal was quickly modified to support all forms of school use. The NSFNET used

protocols for the ARPANET, but had a much greater extent. She finally reached all

major colleges and universities and became known to the public in a way never ARPANET.

These developments quickly attracted commercial interest. Even at this early stage, was

easy to see the possibilities of the technology beyond the use of the campus. The NSFNET

Paper, however, limited its use strictly academic pursuits. In response to the private

companies have developed their own networks to allow commercial traffic. When they arrived,

Internet, with a capital I was born. Current refers to the global Internet

network that has developed in the project NSFNET. The term Internet, with a lowercase i is a

generic term for a network that connects other networks.

Since these private networks, all captured by a thriving business, have

quickly grew in capacity to the point where the internets original that inspired them is

superfluous. Finally, both ARPANET and NSFNET dissolved, leaving all

circulation in the hands of the commercial networks.

The first applications of the Internet

What led to the popularity of the Internet was not the ability to transfer raw data through the

world, but new applications using this capability. Technology is always

Software drives hardware. Customers will not buy a DVD player, if some of their

favorite movies are not available on DVD. What we still need a new

The technology is the killer application, an application that will convince people to buy the technology.

When the Internet was still a cottage industry that lacked a killer app. E-mail has been useful

but not enough people have email accounts to make it exciting. What the Internet is necessary

is an application that allows users to publish documents and other files, so that

anyone who needs it can find and access. Then, the Internet can

become a giant directory information.

A first step in this direction was FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, which, as

name implies, is a mechanism for transferring files over the Internet. Users of FTP that allows

to publish files on one computer and allow others to copy these files to their

own equipment. Files can be available to all, or may be protected by a password.

But to access a file via FTP, users will need to know the address of the computer

where he lived. As with the RAM, each byte of memory address, each

computer on the Internet has an address. If users are not given the address where

particular file is found, they can not find the file. The situation would be similar to a library

whose books are arranged on shelves instead of ISBN and copyright issues. Not

one would be able to find any of this without the library catalog.

The next step was to create a catalog file FTP. In 1989, McGill University

in Montreal has developed a tool called "Archie", the name a pun on the word "archive"

and "archivist". This instrument will be in regular contact with all FTP sites, he knew

request their file directories, and create a list of files in a search index. Therefore,

Archie can be considered as the first Internet search engine. (A search engine is

program that allows users to find specific files or sections of a large collection.)

The tool does not solve all problems. He could go FTP address, it was

granted, it could not find new FTP sites on your own. Archie also has not been easy for

non-technical people to use. In addition, the program has been developed for UNIX systems,

and like most UNIX programs of that period, depends on the particular user to understand.

Another problem is that although Archie has to search for files, it was not possible

navigation. To continue the analogy with the library to search for Archie is like using paper

catalog to find titles on a particular subject, and the navigation is like around the batteries

see if any of the titles on the spines of interesting sound. In addition, libraries often

cartel-like "Books of fun at the Olympics," but no way equivalent to

group titles via FTP and Archie. In short, a true system of organization between

FTP files.

Then in 1991, Gopher introduced, so named because it was developed

University of Minnesota, whose mascot is a golden hamster. Instead of allowing users to

simply publish files, Gopher is a mechanism for the release of the two files and menus

the Internet. Instead of being presented with a list of files, the user accesses a Gopher

the site was a menu of options, such as: "1 file Prussian Military History." Menu

have sub-menus and submenus may still down there,

Gopher and easily used by non-technical and allowed easy navigation. This

the system also allows a site to reference another Gopher. Users who have published a list of

The archives of the Prussian military history may include menu items that would lead to other

Gopher sites, which were the files on the same subject.
As with FTP, search engines have been developed to Gopher, the first call

"Veronica". Officially, this was an acronym for "very easy rodent-oriented Netwide

Index of electronic files, "but clearly inspired by the name of the FTP Search

Motor Archie, Veronica had to play a cartoon character Archie.

(Other search engine introduced later called "Jughead").

Because Gopher sites referenced each other, it is possible to search engines to find new

Gopher sites on your own. A spider is a program that "crawls" through references to

Internet sites (such as rodents) to find new sites and material. Through

spiders, search engines may finally be indexed by all the rodents there.

All the pieces fall into place, but the Internet does not yet have final implementation. Well

Gopher was easier to use than FTP, which was still far from the mouse-based graphical interface

interfaces that users enjoy on Macintosh and Windows.

Although Gopher was developed, a researcher in physics, Tim Berners-Lee, led a team

that the organization has proposed using hypertext documents. Hypertext document contains

embedded links to other documents. This corresponds to the concept except that the Gopher

documents and references to other documents are integrated, not separated from the menus

and files. Please note that at this stage the documents were all in plain text, and links

The documents were selected using the keyboard, no mouse.

It came into place a piece of mosaic in 1993, he was a hyper-text program that

graphically documents, and where users selected links to other documents

the mouse.

Soon everyone was the creation of hypertext documents and their relationship to each other. The

relationships between these documents form a kind of spider web, and the whole collection

each other hypertext documents is now called the World Wide Web, or WWW, often only

called "web".

Web Killer App Internet. Although the Internet was a playground for a long time

researchers, students and computer enthusiasts of core was now a

goal that was so powerful and easier to use than the public could not help noticing. The

The popularity of the Web has caused the explosive growth of the Internet. Number

computers seemed to double overnight. Even today, for many people, "the

Internet "and" Web "is the same as it has no reason to

Internet without a Web

The future of Internet

Where does the Internet from here? While some researchers are looking for more

Killer applications are the Internet, others believe it is time for a new, faster Internet. A

To this end, a consortium of universities and government agencies working to develop

Internet2, the next version of the Internet.

In a way that history repeats itself, together with universities to try to

technologies that could one day be used by everyone. The current created by the Internet2 network

called "Abilene", named railhead in Abilene, Texas, which when built in 1860

was at the gates of the border. Abilene offers a higher throughput with low

delays in the current Internet. In a test of speed, the network was able to send

corresponds to a dozen CD-ROMs worth of data in less than a minute. While it is

same class as Gigabit Ethernet, believes that it was not on a LAN, but on the cables

that extended for thousands of miles. Internet2 Working Group considers important applications

There you can only work on a network.

One of the Internet is an eternal present real-time video, for example, take the camera in New

Video Transfer York for a user in Los Angeles. The current Internet is capable of

download the video, but due to various delays and the potential transmission problems,

more video data to accumulate before it can be transmitted to the user. This buffer

means that the video player waits until it is several seconds (or more) of receipts

images before playback begins. Period of time to recover small defects

transmission without interrupting video playback for users.

As the buffer is sometimes difficult to share. If you try

participate in a conversation that takes place across the network, you

need the ability to respond to what is happening now, not what happened 30 seconds

ago. In addition, to further reduce the problems, most of the video is sent over the Internet is a small

and use a couple of frames per second, resulting in rough play.

These problems have limited the development of video applications for the current

Internet. If technologies Abilene project is adopted by the entire community,

But how can people use the Internet to radically change again. Nobody knows

the killer applications might exist for the next Internet.

Internet Connection

Common ways to connect computers to the Internet through the T-lines, dial-up

technology and cable lines.


Using the Internet, companies, schools and other organizations must first be connected to their

own computers together via a LAN technology such as Ethernet. One of the nodes

A LAN is a port. As described in the previous chapter, the gateway to translate

one network to another. In this case, the gateway translates via the Internet

protocols such as LAN.

Then the port is connected to the Internet. Since all computers

LAN is connected to the Internet through this one connection, the connection

needs a lot of bandwidth. A common solution is the T-line, leased lines

provider that is at different levels to the requirements of different bandwidth. (At first, the

provider was AT & T that created these names.)

A T1 line is typically a twisted pair and provides about 1.5 megabits per second, or about

190 kilobytes per second. This means you can transmit the contents of a CD-ROM

about an hour. Once the T1 line held fast, but that no longer exists.

A T3 line is a set of T1 lines and provides approximately 44 megabits per second, or 5,

megabytes per second. This means it could send the contents of the CD-ROM

two and half minutes.

Dial-up Connections

The home of origin of users connected to the Internet via ordinary phone lines, known as

audio line in the industry, and even more often. It is an analog phone system

Principles: As the talks at one end, the sound vibrates the coil microphone, which

produces a power level that varies vibrations vary. At the other extreme,

electricity is used for another speaker coil, which produces the same vibrations

the air at this point to reproduce the original sound of the voice. Unless you use

electricity, the process is the same as the children's game, with two cans are

associated with a leash. Because computers communicate digitally and telephone lines are

is an analog required.

A modem is a device that converts a digital signal into an analog signal, and vice versa.

The name comes from modulator / demodulator, digital-analog modulation

conversion, and demodulation is analog-digital conversion.

When someone is using dial-up connection, the modem is a computer system

and at the other end of the link. An Internet service provider, or ISP, in fact

provide an Internet connection. Each message sent through a dial-up connection is

digital modem until it reaches the sender, which is converted to analog, sent

telephone line to another modem, it becomes a numeric message,

reformats for the Internet Protocol and it starts its way to its final destination.

Telephone lines are not compatible with a wide frequency range, which explains why people have heard in a

phone rang again as if in a box. This results in low frequency low

bandwidth. Dial-up connections can not support a speed of 56 kilobits per second

that it would take more than a day to send the contents of the CD-ROM. Also

This rate is available only in one direction, from the Internet to the user's computer. In

the other direction, speed is only 33 kilobits per second. The term downstream refers

the Internet address of the user's computer, and refers to the upstream

the direction of the user's computer to the Internet. Many methods to communicate

with the Internet, the downstream bandwidth much higher than the upstream

bandwidth. In many applications this is not a problem, but some applications like video

Conferencing, require the same bandwidth in both directions.


Weakness of the dial-up connection will use an analog telephone, not

the son used to telephone lines. A DSL or digital subscriber line, digital data transmitted

on normal telephone lines and thus allows faster data transfer.

Unlike dial-up, which is available to anyone with a telephone line, ADSL

requires your phone company to install special equipment. A telephone line is a pair of

son of a leader in the home or office building is known as a central office or CO, and

each pair from the telephone CO known as the local network. You've probably seen these

windows of one or two-story buildings in the CO, is the name of the telephone company

do not check out or whatever. ADSL equipment must be installed in a CO

provide DSL service to all lines that connect the CO so that the line will never

by analog switches.

Performance of DSL is highly dependent on loop length. More

the wire, the more the signal degrades, and if speed is not lowered too many errors

occur for the connection to be useful. Therefore, the larger the home or business is a

CO, the better your DSL will perform.

Unlike a dial-up, DSL, because the use of a greater frequency range than that used

for voice communications, it does not block the telephone line. Can someone talk on the phone

while the DSL is in use without any interference between the two.

DSL comes in the events of the different bandwidth. DSL for home use are generally ADSL

where A stands for "asynchronous," which has a much higher bandwidth downstream

that the upstream bandwidth. (If bandwidth is the same in both directions, both

are synchronized;. are different, they are asynchronous) This

deal makes sense for home users and the home use of the most common

The Internet is the Internet, where a lot of data in the documents are sent to the user's computer

but there is little information will be sent back (often, only the name and location of the document

the user has selected). DSL service offers a classic 1.5 megabits per second

downstream (the equivalent in that direction for a T1 line), and 256 kilobits per second

upstream, which, although slower, is still about eight times faster than dial-up

upstream interface.

DSL services are for companies that also provide high-end prices, for example 3

megabits per second or more. At these speeds, they are a good alternative to a T1 line.


Another popular way to get a fast connection to the Internet through "cable

society ", the same company that provides cable TV at home. Access is

through the window is known as a cable modem, that even if the name does not have a modem at all,

because there is no digital to analog conversion. Instead, a cable modem is a gateway,

conversion between two different LAN protocols, so a computer can communicate

line cord.

The cable modem has two connections, a cable and a self-

connection to the user's computer. The computer and the modem cable in general

communicate over Ethernet is a LAN in miniature. Some cable modems are connected

Through the USB port (see Chapter 3) on your computer. Modem cable to communicate

with the cable company with another protocol, such as Ethernet, however, the connection

shared with other users. A device called a CMTS cable or modem termination system,

installed by the cable company to a group of subscribers in an area. The CMTS is another

Gateway, pulling the data cable to the line and to convert the Internet protocols, or

vice versa.

If you've used a cable modem, you may have noticed an "activity" light coming

the same when they are sent or received via Internet. This indicates

activities between the CMTS and cable modems, which is used not only the activity

involve your cable modem.

And 'this sharing of local cable, which limits the transfer rate. Cable Company

actually based transfer limits in the system. If a user could use 100 percent of

cable, the speed will far exceed the DSL, but because it is shared, it

speeds are "drowned" to something similar to DSL at a range of about 700 kilobits to 2

megabits per second or more. Because the "butterfly" is built into the system, the cable

company can offer service levels. Thus, users can pay only the bandwidth they need.

Both DSL and cable modem to the Internet is often referred to as

"Broadband," but this term is more about the advertisers that all you have technical

meaning. In a network, refers to "broadband" to a signal that uses a wide range (a large

band) frequencies. In the vernacular, but simply a means of broadband connection

is much faster than dial-up connection.

Internet Protocols

The protocols used by the Internet are called IP and TCP and operate at different levels.

IP, which simply means the Internet Protocol is a protocol to the lowest level and allows the raw

communication between two nodes on the Internet.

Internet nodes are identified by a numeric address called an IP address. This

the address is written as four numbers in the range from 0 to 255, 256 making it possible

(Remember the "two powers" in Chapter 2) separated by periods, such Each node on the Internet at some point must have an IP address

other nodes to get it.

Because remember the IP address of another computer, it would be difficult for users

each node must also provide your own domain name. Node can not directly use the domain

name to send data, but can be used to obtain the IP address you need. A special

is called a name server or DNS, to return the IP address of a particular domain.

For example, typing a name like in a web browser,

Before the browser can retrieve a web page, it must first check the DNS. If you write

a name does not exist in a browser error message indicating that the DNS

Research has failed.

Because so many computers using the Internet today, most home users do not receive a

permanent IP address in the way a site is. Instead, each time the computer

connected to the Internet, the computer is the user's ISP provides a temporary IP address

range of addresses assigned to that ISP.

IP is a low-level protocol, which contains only the so-called best delivery

service, which means it does not perform error checking, not following the message, and

does not guarantee delivery. Since this service is not sufficient for most

applications, higher-level protocol called TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol, is

used with IP to provide reliable transmission from sender to recipient. TCP provides

Follow-up messages, retransmission, and error checking.


As mentioned earlier in this chapter, the World Wide Web is the application of the Internet, which

makes the Internet so popular as it is. The Web is a success for several reasons.

First, compared to other ways of sharing information electronically, the website allows

Published a new material to decide how the material is organized and displayed. Just as

telephone directory is organized differently and has a different style of a treatise on the link

habits of penguins, various topics on the net will be organized and displayed in a

the most appropriate way for the material.

Second, Web publishing is cheap. Most ISP accounts give a certain amount of space on the web

no additional cost. This means that the majority of web users and web publishers have potential.

Even a contract for professional web hosting can be had for less than $ 100 a month.

Because Web publishing is so cheap compared to other ways of communicating

data, the total content of the web is growing rapidly.

Third, the Web is easy to use. No technical knowledge is required to find

or consult the information on any material. Even small children is not a problem

On the Web.


Atom the Web is a single document called a Web page, a text document

written in a special format called HTML. Groups of Web pages stored in the same

Internet domain called the site.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a combination of text and special

instructions that specify how the formatted text should appear. The term "labeled" refers

specific instructions. Just as barns or in the layout editor may notify the red

How to pen a block of text is formatted as a page, HTML describes how a network

page is formatted on the screen seen through a program called a Web browser, or

any browser.

A note on the capitalization

The term Wide Web or Web for short, refers to a single global entity, and should

adequately capitalized. Not all websites on the Internet, however. You can store a

copy to your own hard drive to watch, for example, and some companies are creating

groups of web pages for their LAN (corporate policies, for example), not for publication

On the Internet.

In summary, referring to an HTML document that may or may not be available in the

Internet "web" is fine, but when referring to the World Wide Web itself, or nothing

that, "Web" is the best.

HTML document is "marked" by using special instructions called tags, which are

distinguished from the document, using the symbols on the keyboard, and that in this context,

called "angle brackets". Here's a simple example of a marked in the HTML:

<b>I must</b> have <i>donuts, right now!</i>

When displayed, the text might look like:

I had donuts, right now!

<b>In the HTML tags to show "starts to display text in bold," and</b>

states that "the text shown in bold." Similarly, <i>and</i> enter

where to start and stop the display of text in italics.

HTML tags can be divided into four categories.

Keywords character formatting

Character formatting tags to change the appearance of the text itself. <b>And <i>the tags</i></b>

shown in the example above is an indication of formatting tags. This group includes most of

the same opportunities that appear on the "Font" menu in a normal word processor,

including fonts, font size, bold, italic, and so on.

The choice of a font is, however, the decision more complicated than a word processor.

When using a word processor that allows you to choose a font that is installed

computer. When designing a Web page, the designer can not know with certainty what

The fonts are installed on all computers that will see it. If a page describes the use of a

font does not have a computer, the browser will select the font you think is more like

or return to a default font. The text is still seen, but it may seem very different

than the designer. Because of these unknowns, designers tend to stick to a

few common fonts.

Tags last

Last tags determine how the text flows across the page. These labels tell where one

section ends and the next begins, and are used to divide the page into different

points, for example, make multicolumn layouts.

Web designers have problems with some of the same provision as they do with the sources. Users

are free to resize their browser window, and if the window is much narrower and

wider than that expect a designer, the layout can be bad.

Link Tags

Links are what makes hypertext. HTML can not be two kinds of references to material

outside the document.

A genus is a link to another web page or elsewhere on the same page, which is

is called an anchor tag. Anchors can be used to create a link to another page or to a

where others can link pages, or both. For example, a page that summarizes the

history of the Olympic Games could have a paragraph for each Olympic Games with an anchor

for each tag, so that part could be a direct link to the 1980 Olympics for example.

Moreover, the same side, some links at the top, so users can jump

directly to the part of the story, who cares without anchoring, other pages

can not link to the page itself, which means that the top of the page.

Another type of link to other media such as images. In addition to using photographs and other

graphics to better convey the material, Web designers use images to improve the design

and make up for other deficiencies. If a designer wants to use an unusual font for a title

at the top of the page, knowing that it is unlikely that the font is available for most users "

computers, the designer can create an image of the text in the chosen font. Because

images require more bytes to store an equivalent amount of text, although, as

techniques should be used sparingly.

Designers can also integrate other media such as audio or video. Finally, the page

link to other documents to HTML format is not appropriate. The IRS,

For example, the United States will do all the tax forms and instructions available on its website but does not

save in HTML format. Instead, use the Portable Document Format (PDF), which was

developed by Adobe Corporation to provide designers with the type of documents

control available in HTML. It avoids the problem by allowing police document

the designer to include the font data in the document. This makes very large files, but

means that it is not important, what fonts are installed on your computer. Avoid

configuration problems as well, then the document to be adjusted to the window of the user or

zoomed in on user request. PDF is an excellent choice for standardized forms

that can be printed to the user, such as the IRS provides.

Special Tags

Other tags are available for items that do not affect the site itself. For example, the web

to determine what is shown in the title bar of the browser. Other identifiers, called meta-tags

have nothing to do with the screen, but provide information about the content of the page.

This information can be useful for the indexing of pages and can also support in browsers

Displaying page properly.

HTML Tools

Web design is complicated work. It combines the skills of a graphic

with a programmer. Home HTML documents created with a text editor, the

The designer had to actually write all of these tags. This approach is cumbersome for large

pages because the text in the form of an HTML document looks very different than when

displayed in a browser. If you want to see how different, most browsers have an option

Internet Explorer is under the "View" menu, see "source", which is

HTML document as text. Do this for any large site on the net and you

quickly see that it is difficult.

Fortunately, the tools can now edit the HTML directly. These work programs, such as page

page layout program or word processor advanced. The designer can simply drag the text where

should define the font sizes and faces, the drops in the images, and so on, and the editor

creates an HTML designer, without even seeing it.

It is also useful for designers is the addition of style sheets to HTML. A style sheet is a

document and the HTML document can refer to how the text is displayed.

For example, a newspaper website have a style file that defines the

"Title", such as 20 point bold, Times New Roman ", subtitle" the 12-point Arial

font, italics, and a "history of the body" as an ordinary 12-point Arial font. And a web page

News story indicates that by using this style sheet states that Crusader "costume

Saves the city "is the title," Jimmy Dugan, Cub Reporter "is the signature, and the rest of

page is the body of the story. The browser formats the text according to the stylesheet.

If the website is only one page, style sheet does not save any time. But when the site is

tens or hundreds of pages with similar elements, a style sheet format allows text

be designated in one place, instead of over and over again on every page. If the designer later

decided that the titles of the 20 points are too big or not big enough, the only document

has changed is the style sheet. Without it, every page of the site is



As mentioned earlier, web pages are displayed in a browser application called. Internet

Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera are just some of the many available browsers.

In addition to displaying the page, the browser is responsible for the recovery, usually through

Internet. The browser is also sometimes send the user information to trace the

Internet, which occurs when a user fills out a form.

Browsers also contains utility functions to improve the user experience, such as

keep a history of recently viewed pages. To improve performance, most browsers

They also have a cache. As noted in Chapter 3, the processors have caches recently used to maintain

The data so close that the request does not want to be the main memory if the data are

needed again soon. A web cache uses the same principle, keeping a copy of some

Web pages shown in the user's hard drive and display a copy of a page when the

user requests to view, instead of waiting to cross back to the Internet.

However, it is important in the browser just displays the page. In a perfect world, all

browsers display the same page, the same way. Unfortunately, there is

the case. Early in the history of the Web and HTML, the companies developing browsers

was in a hurry to introduce new features, moves faster than the organization responsible

the development of HTML itself. They created their own versions of HTML (add their own

Tag), and this tactic has encouraged designers to create pages that are not displayed correctly

except in the browser of this company.

VS exact layout. GUIDELINES

When Web and HTML was the first speed, a debate rages about how

specific tags should be marked. In essence, the debate is between those who

believed that the tags should specify as much as possible and those who thought they were

become more like guidelines.

For example, instead of using <i>a tag in italics, as the latter field, the best</i>

use a <em>tag, which is an abbreviation for "weight". In most browsers, text marked by</em>

<em>still appears in italics, but the browser could make bold or</em>

bright red, or any other method that clearly show the text. A label

is a logical tag that describes how the text relates to this document, rather than how it

actually appears.

It seems that the "exact design" camp won over the "logic of the guidelines" of the field. By

graphs, the exact layout is a good thing, because they are more precise control

than the appearance of each page, but for some users, this choice is a bad thing. Exact

requirements cause problems of accessibility, which refers to the ease of humans

persons with disabilities. For example, a designer who uses tags to highlight important segments

text in a different color does not help a viewer with color blindness.

The situation is not so bad today. It is rare to find a website showing correctly

a browser, but you can not read another. However, some differences remain, and are

enough to make a good setting wrong. Sometimes these differences can exist even

between older versions and newer of the same browser. These differences leave

designer two options. One possibility is to declare that the website is designed to

particular browser and all the problems with other browsers the user's problem. The

Another option is to check every page in the section of the popular browsers, and to avoid the tag

and models, which are known to cause problems.

Web Programming

Some websites that pages change so often, it is possible to execute each

with an HTML editor where changes are needed. A dynamic Web page is a web

page that appears when the user requests it, instead of creating time and

result simply copied to the user. Dynamic web pages can be separated to form

content to multiple style sheets. For example, the media,

template for a page can be created that basically says, "The main story is here," "Top

History of sport is here, '"the advertisement goes here," and so on. When a user wants

view the page, the site server meets the model with the stories in progress, a

randomly selected advertisements, and everything else.

Dynamic pages are an example of server-side scripting, which is a programming

made in the Web server using a scripting language (Perl, Chapter

5). Client-side scripting, however, incorporates fragments of program code on a network

page, which runs on the user's computer in response to user actions. When compiling

a form on a website, then click "Send", you make a piece of client

side scripting.

Server-side scripting is also used to manage user data when it reaches the server. For

For example, a Web site to pay an electricity bill, requires that the user enters an account

number. The server-side script to control the corporate database utilities

if the account number is valid and if so, retrieve account information, which

point, it generates a dynamic web page to return to the user.

Client-side script can not perform basic tasks. To perform a server-side script requires

a "return", ie, the data must travel to the user's computer to the Web server

return, which takes time. For user interaction faster and richer, some designers

contains embedded software running on the user's computer within the website. Two

common mechanisms to provide embedded applications is the Java programming

language (Chapter 5), to create "applets"-small

programs in a fully graphical user interface and the software Macromedia Flash, which allows

non-programmers to create animations and interactive programs in a style that is good

suitable for practice.


E-mail means the messages, usually text, sent through the network from one user to one or

multiple users. Internet, e-mail usually achieved by using two

SMTP and POP3.

SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, used in the program, which sends

message. POP3 is the third version of a protocol called POP or Post Office Protocol,

and is used by the program receiving the message. In addition to receiving

Message, the POP3 program is responsible for storage until the user is actually downloading

on his computer.

SMTP and POP3 programs do not reside on the computers of users who are

and receive mail. Instead, each user has an account on the SMTP server or POP3

by the provider of the user. If you look under the options to set up any mail program, such as

such as Outlook, you can see where the areas of the POP3 and SMTP servers specified.

Often, the fields have names like or where

"MyISP" is the user's ISP.

When a user sends an e-mail, a chain of events takes place. Email Client User

communicates with the user specified SMTP server. The program locates SMTP

The IP address of the recipient of the email using a DNS server sends mail to the

POP3 server in that direction. The POP3 server receives the message and then stores the

server. In the end, the receiver checks the email using a mail program, and

POP3 server sends the message to the user, removing the copy.

This mechanism may seem to have more steps involved and computers as necessary

but the mail will not work so well that the fact no. Because the program is on POP3

a server that is always on behalf of a user may receive an e-mail at any time. If

POP3 program was on the recipient's computer, the user will receive e-mail

when the computer was on. Any other time, attempts to send an email to the user


When an e-mail does not reach its destination, which is known as a farewell, because one of the

email servers generally refers to e-mail to the sender with an explanation.

Rejected e-mails, why the program must be SMTP permanent running on its own server

well. Due to the problems of transition in the Internet, e-mail can be

temporarily unavailable. The SMTP server can be difficult trying to email several times

before calling it quits. Even after a sender has closed the computer, SMTP

The server can still groped to send the final installment of the e-mail users.

E-mail is a very economical way to communicate, but like all good things, can be

abuse. The most common abuse is spam, unsolicited e-mails, which are usually

commercial in nature in large quantities and sent to multiple addresses. Spammers harvest valid

e-mail addresses from different sources, or even legitimate businesses pay for their

mailing lists to customers. Spammers also "guess" email addresses, adding random

generated names to domain names. Spam is usually itself a bid for some

questionable (or illegal) of the product or service.

Spam is a growing problem. Once the spammers enough to start sending a person

address of spam is to replace the current e-mail when the account almost useless. A

to protect themselves, users should be very careful about releasing addresses

And they need to use the filters should eliminate spam before it hits the user in-boxes.

But none of the method is very effective. The only way spam will go away is if the user does not

never meet, which would make it unnecessary to send it to spammers.

Chat and IM

Chat refers to applications that allow a group of people to write text messages

to see every member of the group. IM allows companies and other organizations to exist

States, covering the globe.

Some cats are based on the Web and implement an integrated program written in a language

as Java. A user who has something to say, writing a message, press "Enter" and

Java applet sends the text to the Web server, which then relays it to all members of


IRC or Internet Relay Chat, is an Internet-based protocol for instant messaging. IRC does

requires the user to enter a particular site, but instead of running the IRC client that

IRC works, such as e-mail program works. Just as e-mail programs, users

has a number of IRC clients to choose from.

The conversation is an example of how technology is a social side effects. People can connect with

ways they never could before. Suppose you enjoyed the collection of ceramics in figures

as the Mariachi band. Probably not enough people who think in your city, or

Every city, a sustainable Mariachi Ceramics Club. But there is probably sufficient

people in the world to support a club. With applications like chat, the club could

meets the network.

A similar application called instant messaging, in which two users can exchange text

messages and receive messages arrive instantly. Only one user can receive

messages of several users, but not for the cat, because each message

go to a user at a time. For this reason, it does not require a central location for

to share messages, requiring only two people with compatible messaging client. Immediate

Posts will also allow users to be notified when the users in their "buddy list" are

connected to the Internet.


The Internet began with ARPANET, a Defense Department project.

ARPANET spawned the NSFNET, which, because it does not allow commercial traffic

was soon overshadowed by the private networks that operate under the same protocol. These private

Networks are the backbone of what is now called the Internet.

First file-sharing, such as File Transfer Protocol, Gopher, and was

popular on college campuses and research centers, but unknown to the general public.

The World Wide Web, linking users to a wide range of information through a

graphical, mouse interface, which has changed, and he grew, so did the Internet.

Users connect to the Internet via an ISP. Companies often

connected through a T1 line, a twisted pair or a set of lines called T1 T3

line. Business and home users, and to use the DSL that sends digital signals to the whole

existing phone lines. Dial-up connections also use the telephone, but must convert

digital signals into analog signals from the computer and back, which limits their effectiveness. Finally,

Cable TV providers also offer Internet access through their coaxial cables.

The Internet uses two protocols TCP and IP, to provide data transmission services. IP

provides quality service and reliable, while TCP offers superior service with error

correction and retransmission.

World Wide Web consists of interlinked documents called Web pages, which are text

messages in a special format called HTML. HTML specifies

Tags, text commands, enclosed in angle brackets, indicating how the text

should appear and how they should be placed on the page.

E-mail sent over the Internet using SMTP for sending messages and

POP3 to receive them. This arrangement allows the sender and the recipient of

message to the off-line when the message really cares.

Chat and instant messaging allow real-time business collaboration and socialization.