Hotmail Automated Account Creator Portable Application
By using this software utility , it is possible to create Hotmail accounts without relying on any ?copy / paste method .
Just add an Excel file ; when you add data in this file in proper manner then you may use this file in this application . Data is automatically added in Registration page or Sign up page of Hotmail , simply type captcha code in it .
Here are some key features of “Hotmail Account Creator” :
Hotmail Creator is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create Hotmail Account .
It comes with standard Input and output excel files that help you to Get started .
Simply add Excel data file onto the software and fill it automatically in Hotmail Registration form .
It allow to verify hotmail account .
It also includes ready-to-use sign up , signout , buttons that can be inserted into the form .
Additional features include built-in proxy enable browser , Clear cookies and flash cookies
What You Require-
Internet Explorer 8 or above
DotNet Framework 3 .5
to create hotmail account easily . Due to

How To Make Money From YouTube
Friends,A great number of online businesses and organizations are tapping into the power of online video marketing to keep their business ahead of the competition or maximize their bottom lines . It is a lot more personal way of doing business and will more effectively attract the customer’s consideration or purchasing power .
Online video marketing is an inexpensive method to showcase your product to potential customers.
You can download this whole method and guideline from

How To Restore Windows Boot Loader in Master Boot Record
Friends in this tutorial i am gonna teach you how to restore the original Windows boot loader in the Master Boot Record. It is usually desired after a successful dual boot of a Linux distribution or Windows on just one hard disk drive has replaced the Windows boot loader with GRUB . For a few running cheap dedicated servers , this may save lots of time or hassle , and offers a few essential utility to the machine .
GRUB is perfectly fine , except Windows boot loader will always be recommended . GRUB can be prone to errors with a few anti-virus applications that insist on including little or otherwise harmless files into the Master Boot Record . These types of files ultimately alter and harm the GRUB loader .
Another note of precaution before we go through the process of restoring the Windows boot loader in MBR . At times , the Linux boot loader is more optimal for this situation , but not installed in the Master Boot Record , but instead in the Linux installation boot partition . In the event that the /boot is not a separate partition , the Linux boot loader can be installed in the main partition . This process allows the Windows boot manager the main responsibility of booting applications during a restart . Additionally , reinstalling Windows will not cause a loss of access to the Linux side of the dual boot .
Now that we understand the benefits of restoring the Windows boot loader , let's get this started ! The first step is to download the essential tool that will make this nice and easy : EasyBCD . Go to their main website and click on the "Download free for limited , non-commercial use" link . Following the basic installation instructions and load it up .
The first step is to go to the BCD Deployment tab on the left of the main menu . At the bottom of that tab is a button that says "Write MBR" with a STOP SIGN next to it . Click on that button . Do note : If your intent was to sever ties with the Linux installation , this will have done the trick . You can no longer boot the

VLC Player Tricks
Friends ,VLC can perform a number of extra things as well as which regular user have no idea about this.
Record videos : With the new VLC , you can record videos during playback . The record button is hidden by default .
To see it , click on View>Advanced Control . The record button will now appear . Clicking on the button while playing a movie or video will start recording . Clicking again will stop recording .
Rip DVDs : VLC includes a basic DVD ripper . You probably would never use it when there are better DVD rippers available , but it helps to know that you can in fact , get a decent quality DVD rip with VLC . To rip a movie follow these steps :
Just go to the Media menu and choose Convert/Save . Click on the Disc tab . * Here you can adjust the Starting Position and rip only specific titles or chapters .
Enter file name making sure to end with .MPG , and start ripping .* Click Save .* Its Done .
Play in ASCII mode : VLC media player has an amusing ability , to playback movies in ASCII art .
To enable ASCII mode , open VLC media player and click on Tools>Preferences . Open the section “Video” section and under “Output” select “Color ASCII art video output” from the drop down menu . Save it . Now play any video file to enjoy the ASCII art .
Play RAR files : Do you know VLC can play videos zipped inside RAR files ? They play like normal video files and you can even use the seek bar . If the RAR file is split into several files , no problem . Just load the

Anti WinLocker Application
Guys ,AntiWinLocker is an application to manage blockers Windows or pornobanerami . Protects the registry , startup or files from blocking . Serves a great addition to the main anti-virus , protecting vulnerable areas of the operating system , preventing virus type trojan .winlocker "foothold" in the computer . Also allows you to remove pornobanery without your participation in the automatic mode and perform unlock with the option Killer banner .
Have a look Features-
WindowsXP to have protection from replacing system files .
AntiWinLocker monitors changes in the system and restores automatically .
Do not allow to replace the image files . HiJack .
If a virus replaces the shell ( Explorer ) in the system or initialization string user - automatically restores and completes the parasitic process .
Do not allow the virus to block the dispatcher tasks , Registry Editor .
Monitors and reports on changes in the startup Windows . Built-in editor startup .
Includes a unique tool - the killer banners that will easily cope with most screen porn banners .
AntiWinLocker easy and fast , unlike anti-virus due to the fact that up to

What Is Exactly Computer Virus
Friends ,Before you begin the battle against these kinds of computer viruses it's recommended that you get to know your enemy first . If you can understand your enemy you can then beat him .
Viruses feat neatly into the malicious software type of computer software - malware is just a small type of malicious software program .
It's always funny to watch many Hollywood hacker picture and to see a virus on a pc monitor with a laughing skull or a voice message about how you've just been hacked . That's so much crap ! Real viruses - the really good ones - stay hidden . The arrive in e-mail attachments or hidden other programs and they stay hidden until it's time to attack . Computer viruses are very much like human viruses - they need someplace to live first and reproduce and then they appear when the time is right .
Once the virus is activated and has spread around your computer system then the damage phase will begin . Most viruses are written to activate on a specific trigger - a time , date or once the virus has infected x number of files . Once the trigger point is reached the virus then delivers its payload to your system.
 This might be just annoying messages or it might trash your entire operating system and leave you staring at a blank screen . Once you've had this happen to you once it never happens again believe me .
Worms are another "type" of computer virus but they're just a little bit different . A worm is able to reproduce itself and move around networks without using other programs or software as hosts .
Worms are usually more damaging to networks of computers than to individual computers . Because they self-reproduce they can cause damage by overloading network resources . This overload can cause slowdowns on the network by taking up a lot of bandwidth on the network itself . Like viruses , worms are sometimes designed to carry a payload . This is done by using a 'backdoor' on the target system .
Back in the day computer viruses were spread mostly on floppy disks and this was bad enough . Then the Internet arrived and proved to be massively popular with everyone ( how wrong could Bill Gates be ? ) and viruses started spreading even more quickly by e-mail and downloaded files . A virus that used to take weeks or months to travel around the world was now able to infect computers all over the

Earth Alerts Fantastic Application
Friends,Earth Alerts is a software that can keep you up-to-date with the current major weather events that are taking place within US .
The user interface of the program is plain and simple . Beginners shouldn't have any problems handling this tool .
Once you have set your location , you will immediately receive weather alerts .
So , you can get a global overview on earthquakes , tsunamis , volcanoes and tropical cyclones - activity reports , location map , reports , shake map , event original , affected region , tsunami travel time , and more .
But you can also check out news which is focused on the United States , when it comes to severe weather , volcanoes , wildland fires and landslides . In other words , you can view storm reports , severe weather watches and outlooks , webcams , active fire maps , fire weather outlooks and landslide reports .
But you can also go to Google Earth . In addition , you can view the image of the day , along with detailed information and the most important event .
The program uses a moderate amount of system resources , runs in the background , performs automatic updates and didn't freeze , crash or pop up errors during our tests .
The bottom line is that Earth Alerts is an excellent tool for monitoring the weather . Too bad it's mostly focused on the US , but we can only hope the software will extend to a global level . We certainly recommend it to all users who want to be

Trick To Detect Your Theft Cellphone
Guys,To find out your stolen celllphone,you have to keep remember your IMEI number.

You can find out your cellphone number by just type *#06#

You will see 15 Digit number in your cellphone screen.its yoour IMEI number.

When your cellphone goes have to send a mail to 

Now just relax,your stolen phone will be detect within next 24 hours.

Your phone will be detect by using internet and GPS system.

That's it.

Computer Terminology
Computer system terminology is almost everywhere . There is so much of it , with more being created all the time that it can be impossible to keep up . I see it all of the times, ]working with beginner computer users that struggle with learning how to use a computer , partly because it's unfamiliar but also partly because of this new language they now have to learn . I call it "geek speak" but in reality it's just a bunch of terms that refer to different parts and functions on a computer . Below I'll break down 10 of the most commonly used and heard computers terms so that next time you hear them , you'll be on the road to understanding what they mean and how to use them yourself .
Operating System : This is the software that runs a computer . Most computers won't do much without an operating system . Common operating systems include Microsoft Windows XP , Microsoft Windows Vista , Microsoft Windows 7 and now Microsoft Windows 8 , MacOSx and Linux . You use the operating system to access the programs and files you have on your computer .
Browser : This is software that allows you to access the Internet . Common browsers include Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox , Safari, and Google Chrome . If you're on a computer or smartphone and you're reading this you're probably using a browser . Don't know which one ? Find the "Help" menu in the toolbar at the top and look for "About" . That will tell you what you're using .
Desktop : This is the main screen on most operating systems . It's where you find the Start Menu in Windows . Generally it's just a starting point to access all of the programs and files on your computer .
Upload : This is the opposite of download . When you send somebody else a file of any kind you upload that file . You upload videos onto YouTube and you upload pictures onto Facebook . You upload files when you attach them to an email .
Download : This term gets thrown around a lot . In reality downloading happens any time you bring anything on to your computer . You download programs , pictures and music from the Internet .
URL : This is an acronym that means Uniform Resource Locator . That's not particularly important and I won't test you on it later . All it really means is that it's an address on the Internet , like your house address on a map . http ://www .google .com is an address or URL on the Internet . It's the means we use to

Overclock Your Locked 32-bit CPU For Best Performance
A lot of people run 32-bit systems today . If you're among those , and your CPU is INTEL then probably it will be "locked" unless it's an "Extreme" chip ( denoted by the letter "X" in its model number ) . When a CPU is locked , this indicates its multiplier value can not be set above a particular value.
As you may already know :
CPUclock = FSB * CPUmultiplier
The FSB is the Front Side Bus clock provided by the motherboard . If the CPU multiplier is set below a certain value , then in order to boost the CPU clock we have to raise the FSB , that will have many effects on the motherboard or memory settings that we'll have to adjust .
Before you begin to change your BIOS configurations , you need to make sure you can "reset you BIOS" to the default settings . This is important simply because your system might be unstable or the operating system might refuse to start . In such case you'll need to reset the BIOS so your system is stable again .
Set your memory timings in your BIOS . The lower the memory timings the faster they are . Refer to the manufacture's specs for getting the best values . Don't worry if you're not sure if they're good as you'll get a chance to modify them later .
Increase your FSB clock speed a little bit . Leave the Vcore and other voltage settings at their default - these are the voltages that operate the system and we want them minimized . The "default" settings are generally an over-estimate but we'll take care of them later .
Test the system with an application that uses memory extensively . If your system runs stable for sufficient time you can go to your BIOS and increase the FSB a bit more and retest . If you're satisfied with the results then go to step 5 .
If the system becomes unstable when testing , try increasing Vcore and Vdimm by one level ( maybe 0 .05v ) and retest . You can continue increasing the voltages or lowering the FSB until you get satisfying results . Be careful though that increasing Vcore higher that 15% than the rated value may damage your chip .
You can now re-adjust the memory timings to get better memory performance .
You might want to adjust your memory divider . When choosing a memory divider value , the memory will be operating in "asynchronous mode" . Running asynchronously may require adjusting the memory voltages manually to make it stable .
When you are satisfied with what you reached so far , try now to lower the voltages' values . We want to minimize voltages to minimize temperature .
that there is a limit for overclocking the memory . You must have a memory that can work with the high FSB speeds you choose . Sometimes you might have to buy another memory . In such case , it's up to you to decide if the performance gain is worth the additional costs of a new memory .
You can follow other mechanisms , as long as you keep your system stable and always observe the temperature . The temperature increases linearly with the FSB and exponentially with the voltage . That's why we don't just set all voltages to their maximum to support max clock speeds . If you have to increase your voltages and you noticed a massive increase in the system temperature , you can purchase additional cooling devices . You can test your system performance and temperature in detail using some software tools like SiSoft Sandra , Memtest86+ and Prime95 . Give a lot of time to testing for long times to make sure your system is stable with your new settings and is working at the speed you were wishing for.

Jailbreak 6 iOS
Guys To Jailbreak You have need to download redsn0w 0 .9 .13 dev 4 and the iOS firmware files in order to jailbreak iOS 6 .
Lets Start jailbreak iOS 6
Start redsn0w on your PC .
Now Just Select Extras from the main menu .
Now choose Select IPSW and navigate to the iOS 6 firmware file for your device .
redsn0w should confirm that the build was successfully identified . Once it does this , move on to the next step .
Click the Back button to return to the main menu of redsn0w and selectJailbreak .
Make sure the Install SSH button is checked and continue on .
Let redsn0w do its thing .
Once redsn0w has finished jailbreaking your device you'll need to perform a tethered boot .
Place your device into DFU mode .
From the main menu of redsn0w select Extras again and then click Just bootoption .
Your device should now boot up .
Now that you've got your phone booted we need to install Cydia since this version of redsn0w doesn't include it .
Find the Wi-Fi address of your device from your Settings and make note of it .
Now open the Terminal app on your Mac with your

iOS6.0 Feature Photo Stream
Guys,iOS six has numerous completely new or interesting features , you may not even be aware of all of them , let alone use them all . Here's one of most-loved features .
Photo Stream is the most favorite iOS six features . It does two things .It allows you to send your photos and videos to all your devices so you can find your fave snaps at all times . But it does even more than that . Second You can set up multiple streams to share pics with specific friends or groups of friends and family using iOS devices . So let's get started with this very cool feature !
First of all , head over to Settings to make sure Photo Stream is turned ON . Tap Photos & Camera , then toggle both My Photo Stream and Shared Photo Streams ON .
Now tap the Photos icon/ Photo Stream / "+" and attach a Name of Contact
Name your Stream anything you'd like.
Toggle Public Website Off or On , although I keep mine toggled off . No need for the world to see my family or best friend pics via iCloud .com .
Once you've set up the above Stream , your friend whom you've chosen will be invited . You can even Add more people to join this same communication line , or just use it to share photos with one special person ! Create as many Streams as you'd like .
You can now pick photographs from your album or snap more of them , tap to select , tap Photo Stream and then the name of the stream to which you'd like your pics attached .
You'll see in the Photo Stream tab on your display all your various subscribers along with a photo count . See the name of your stream , as well as who's sharing the pics . For example , Kids - Shared by Me , Happy Days - Shared by Bob , you name it ! That stream subscriber will instantly get a notification that you've attached a photo and can comment on it in the little speech bubble provided , or even Like the photo , just as you do on Facebook.

iOS V/S Windows8
Guys,It really is difficult to consider that a person who is a diehard addict of iOS might actually be getting excited about the Windows 8 launch . However , when it is facts about technology then it is imperative for a technology geek to look ahead to new emerging trends . Now the issue is in what ways Windows 8 is better than iOS . Allow us to determine the extraordinary unique features provided by Windows 8 that can help in grabbing attention of Apple users worldwide .
Snap Screen Functionality
The functionality of Snap Screen allows a user to add a second app that can be included at the screen edge for quick view . It also gives you the view of two different apps displayed on the screen . One app occupies a three quarter part on the screen , the second app is open on the screen is displayed as a narrow strip . This way you can easily choose to display any app in a larger view , you can swap them across and even exchange content from one app to another .
Other things like icon tiles that are defined in different colors are easy to recognize for a user and makes the home screen attractive . Additionally the inclusion of multi-tasking ability with system-wide inclusion is something to watch out for .
App Settings
You can adjust the app settings without having to close it . The apps settings come inbuilt along with the app , this way while you are already using it you can make relevant settings . This can be done by going to the Charms bar that is located within the app itself and then going to Settings where you get the options to make relevant app settings .
It is not so convenient when it comes to iOS powered devices . For making adjustments in an app , you first need to leave the app and then go to settings and again search for the app name that requires adjustment . This sure does seem a hell lot of work to begin with . Therefore , here it is done the simple way with Windows 8 .
Live updates and Ariel view
The feature of Live Tiles allows in displaying slideshows of images and other content that is dynamic in nature . Live Tiles is all about displaying updated information on the screen including the latest news headlines and the weather forecast . Additionally , you can resize these and customize it to your convenience .
Though there is not much of user choice when it comes to iOS but the display design seems so much to be in symmetry . However , with Microsoft you have the choice of even accommodating third party apps along with those that are already installed on your system or device . Interestingly for user convenience , there are other things like semantic zoom functionality . All you need to do is touch the screen using your two fingers and squeeze it closer . Now you get an overall Ariel like view of the entire screen and the apps . This way you can easily navigate to another view within a few seconds . This zoom functionality also works with calendar entries wherein you can easily view the monthly overview .
Internet Explorer
The IE or Internet Explorer looks much better than Safari . The tabs and address bar are practically hidden in Windows 8 that enables in displaying more of browser content . You need to invoke the address bar and tabs , until then they will stay hidden from the view . You can also utilize integrated search located in the address bar , Flip Ahead . This allows a user to zip past through pages with just a swipe of finger . Additionally the IE seemed much faster with the new UI and it seemed to fetch faster results .
File System
If you are looking for a specific file then you can easily do so with Windows 8 and the results that it fetches will baffle you . The reason being , as soon as you start searching for a specific file say , Jaguar you will see an entire list generated that contains the word Jaguar . From this list , you can easily pick the file that you are looking for . Even if the file is just an image file you will get the list including all the file types like image , multimedia , music , document and other files . This way you will be easily able to look for file attachments even within e-mail messages .
When you are conducting a search in iOS , you will only be given selective values to search for . Take for example the same word Jaguar that you are looking for , the search results will only be able to display apps by the same name including calendar entries and notes . You do not get the full file search system here .
All of the given functionalities and the amazing features come handy when you are using a tab with Windows 8 enabled software especially . However , the dilemma to choose to go with this new refreshing change from iOS is totally your own.

KeywordBoard Shortcuts For Windows Operating System
Friends,Windows keyboard shortcuts usually are a real time saver , so I've collected together the better ones that I use always . Now let's speed up how you work or surprise your mates by just pressing 2 keys together at the same time !
I blame the lack of keyboard shortcut awareness on the Mouse . Highlighting , right clicking , copying and pasting with countless clicks isn't fast or efficient , no matter how quickly you can click . Although the humble mouse did help to make computers accessible to the masses .
So while touch screen technology may well take over from the traditional clackety keyboard , it still has a few tricks up its sleeve .especially when your mouse or touch pad has stopped working and you need to navigate a screen to solve the problem
Copy and Paste
These are the keyboard shortcuts everyone learns , so if you don't know them , it's essential that you do . These will save you massive amounts of time which you'd otherwise waste highlighting , right clicking , copying , right clicking and pasting with a Mouse .
Ctrl and X will cut , transferring whatever you have selected to the clipboard and removing it from its original location .
Ctrl and C will copy whatever you have selected without removing the original , this is what I'd recommend as it's safer - if you don't want something you can always just delete it later .
Ctrl and V will paste the contents of the

How To Create A PDF From Website

Guys,It is so hard to find for PDF printers to permit you to generate a PDF from a site without web pages being cut off' and the PDF not being in a piece' it is the case regardless of whether you use freeware and professional PDF software .
Well Attempting to print a site as a PDF via the print dialogue of browsers like Firefox,chrome or Internet Explorer certainly has its dangers - invariably we end up frustrated or find ourselves making do' with the Web PDF which has been produced .
Seven-PDF Website Converter freeware now provides the solution you've been waiting for With the help of this brand new PDF for Windows you can access a very special PDF tool that allows you to convert the complete layout of a website cleanly and in one piece .
Now you can say goodbye to fragmented Web PDFs What's more , 7-PDF Website Converter offers the following handy advanced features' :
Optional automatic creation of headers with web address and page numbers
Automatic generation of clickable PDF bookmarks from

Computer Speed Booster Application

Guys ,This Application Called System Speed Booster offers quantity of functions to scan your registry and return the result with corrupt , harmful registry entries , files and problems , which you can fix by a click of the Cure button on the neat and easy-to-use interface . With many bells and whistles offered by System Speed Booster , you can enjoy more fascinating features just with this FREE and space-saved application installed on your computer .System Speed Booster is extremely easy to install and to operate . There is no requirement for any register or any identity information of users .
The navigation gives you a clear way to master all its features , including the scanning , curing , and other utilities . As an advanced registry cleaner , System Speed Booster can perfectly cope with the registry clean , privacy sweep , junk files removal and system optimization at a time . Specifically , System Speed Booster focuses on the scanning of the junked registry entries , individual online histories , obsolete harmful files , and removing of hard drive trashes , repairing of system errors . In this way , System Speed Booster is capable to optimize your computer and keep it at the peak performance , as well as to protect your personal information . In addition , System Speed Booster gives plenty of free charming utilities , such as Disk Cleaner , System Information , Auto Shutdown , etc . , with which you can learn the technical information of your computer and control the settings and enjoy other easy and convenient features .
Special Features-
Optimize System
Problems will be found in your system , with the help of System Speed Booster you can fix all the errors for an optimization of system .
Streamline Registry
By scanning and removing all the obsolete registry entries , System Speed Booster will make your Windows registry compact and clean to speed up the running of your PC .
Faster Work Efficiency
From installing to running the app , the processes are smooth and fast . Just a few minutes , you will enjoy the best PC experience ever .
Free & Safe
Besides the Registry Fix functions , other built-in tools include Privacy Sweep , Junk Files Removal , System Optimization , etc . All these tasks can be settled in one go
Multi-functional .
You may download it from Here.

Video Converter Software

Friends,Joboshare Video Converter is an easy-to-use , fast and stable video converter tools which designed to meet all your needs of convert between various video and audio file formats such as convert AVI to MPEG , WMV to AVI , WMV to MPEG or H .264/AVC video , convert AVI files to iPod formats , etc .
Joboshare Video Converter can convert almost all popular video formats , such as AVI , MPEG , WMV , DivX , MP4 , H .264/MPEG-4 AVC , RM , MOV , XviD , 3GP , FLV , VOB ( the video format used in DVD ) , DAT ( the video format used in VCD , SVCD ) , and so on . The Total Video Converter can also convert audio formats including MP2 , MP3 , WMA , WAV , RA , M4A , AAC , AC3 , OGG , etc .
Joboshare Video Converter can convert videos and audios for playback on most popular multimedia players including iPod , iPhone , Apple TV , Zune , PSP , Pocket PC , Creative Zen , and Archos and so on . Enjoy your favorite video clips on any devices !
Convert between AVI , MPEG , WMV , DivX , MP4 , MPEG-4 AVC , RM , MOV , XviD , 3GP , FLV , etc .
Convert videos and audios for iPod , iPhone , Apple TV , PSP , PS3 , NDS , Wii , BlackBerry , iRiver , Creative Zen , etc .
Convert between audio formats , such as MP3 , WMA , WAV , AAC , etc .
Have a look of its features-
Super fast H .264 video decoding and encoding
Convert video to all players
Support all popular video and audio multimedia players such as iPod , iPhone , Apple TV , PSP , PS3 , NDS , Wii , BlackBerry , iRiver , Creative Zen , etc
Support H .264/AVC video format , PSP H .264/MPEG-4 AVC encoding/decoding , PSP H .264/AVC Video
Convert any clip or segment
Joboshare Video Converter allows users to choose start point and duration at will .
Support preview before conversion
Users can choose to preview the input files before conversion .
Simple GUI and very EASY to use
Trim movie length
Trim your video files to convert your favorite movie clips .
User-friendly interface without any complicated settings . Convert video and audio files with just a few clicks .
Multiple languages and multiple skins
You may download it from Here.

Portable Duplicate File Detecter Application

Friends,Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where the duplicate files are . You can scan multiple file systems - folders , drivers , removable storage devices , even network shares - all in a single pass . Then use the powerful Duplicate Result Manager to move , zip , or delete duplicate files safely , all with assistance from our innovative SmartMark duplicate file selection system .
Duplicate file management is about more than just freeing up disk space - it's about reducing the expense of time-consuming backup operations , bringing clarity to document storage areas , speeding up file searches and indexing processes , and reducing clutter .
fast network-enabled duplicate file management software saves you time and money , often paying for itself the very first time you use it . Don't spend hours hunting down space-wasting duplicate documents , images , and multimedia files - use Duplicate File Detective , and re-gain control now .
Intuitive and attractive user interface
Comprehensive search filtering system
Powerful multi-threaded duplicate file identification engine
Multiple paths can be searched in a single pass
Network enabled - scans both local and network file systems
Reports can be exported in HTML , CSV , and XML formats
XML report exports can be re-imported at a later time
Printing and print preview
Integrated duplicate file scan summary report
A file checksum calculator tool
Integrated file types panel shows duplicates by file type
Post-scan results filtering capability
Project-based - load and save entire projects with ease
Integrated command line support for batching , scheduling
SmartMark technology helps you to identify duplicates for processing
Duplicate file management - safer moving , zipping , & deleting
Integrated image preview panel for quick visual comparisons
Highly customizable features and user interface .
Download it from Here.

Virtual Webcam For Fun

Guys ,If your typical chatting session is boring , a totally free webcam software program can change the way you used to video chat . You just need a program that changes your paradigm or produces fun for you .
As webcam software program is simple to use , compatible or designed with advanced features , you may use it for a lot of chitchat programs like Skype , Yahoo , MSN messenger , or many of them even on YouTube ! The unique idea of webcam software program is to make video chatting fun or interesting .
You can look forward to more than five hundred virtual webcam effects and more are available online . With this free webcam application you may put all your creativity to work or personalize every thing . You can replace your hair ; put glasses , make your nose even funny or a lot more . You may also include a number of funny masks to change your own look or use each and every part of option according to your expectation . Configurations are intuitive and you can use greater than a hundred of them to change effects and style of your pictures and videos . Adding custom graphics is very easy and within few minutes , you can grasp all the functions and menu options .
Apart from having fun , this virtual webcam software can be an essential part of your business or office presentation needs . You can create pristine presentations that will capture viewers and will make things easy for you . This highly scalable and powerful utility is even better at work when you need to deliver maximum information with minimum resources . Making captivating presentations and videos will not only attract your customers and clients , but it will also help in increasing business for you in real time . The world is always attracted towards creativity and innovation and this application offers you the best platform to explore your creativity in the most sophisticated manner .
Using this free software not just makes your video chatting interesting but will enhance your creativity as well . In addition to this , such software also allows you to select various sources for your video and all you need to do is select the one that you wish to work on . Once the video source is selected , transformation is easy and has lots of features and options for everyone . Now , availing the best connectivity is easy and innovative , when you harness the best virtual webcam software . So , grab a free virtual webcam software and make your video chatting session delightful .
Click here to download software.

Portable StarBurn Application

Guys ,StarBurn perfect solution for ripping or copying CD , DVD , Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.
With the amount of various kinds of optical storage platforms around at the moment it's easy to get confused regarding the best software to use to rip or copy your disks . StarBurn is an excellent solution because it supports numerous different disk formats , and it's also free . With StarBurn you may record data , music , an image of a CD or DVD , extract tracks of audio , generate a disk image and even compress different formats from audio in MP3 or OGG . Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Windows XP will be able to pick up .
This version introduces a number of improvements and updates .
New main form GUI .
Added support for burning BDXL-R/BDXL-RE discs .
M-Disc is supported .
Fixed a problem importing the session with a very complex folder and file structure .
Reduced memory usage for the ISO/UDF tree .
Improved performance for adding files/folders into ISO/ISO volume .
The problem with date/time attributes for ISO was fixed .
Allowed multiple extensions in ISO9660 Joliet file names .
Download it from Here.

Codecs For Windows 8

Friends ,Windows 8 Codecs is an audio or video codec package for Microsoft windows 8.
The installer will automatically remove every other popular codec releases from your pc before installing this concise yet comprehensive package . You won’t need to make any kind of adjustments and tweaks to enjoy your media content immediately . Windows Media Player and Media Center will instantly recognize all your data files as playable . It does not contain a media player and it does not associate file-types . Using this package installed it will be possible to use any kind of media player , limited only by the players’ capabilities , to play all movies or video clips . Streaming video is supported in various formats in every popular web browsers . Users of the Windows 8 Codecs have the ability to select what is installed and where to install it using the public redistributable . After installation you can select to remove specific portions without removing the entire package . You can also re-add the removed items at any time .
The installer will automatically remove most other popular codec releases from your computer before installing this concise yet comprehensive package . You won’t need to make any adjustments or tweaks to enjoy your media content immediately . Windows Media Player and Windows 7 Media Center will instantly recognize all your files as playable .
The Shark pack does :
Full color thumbnails including FLV’s and 10bit MKV’s
Enable the Preview Pane for ALL newly enabled filetypes such as MKV and FLV .
Explorer properties are displayed for non native filetypes such as MKV and FLV
Updated often – and has update notification builtin
Allow use of the PDVD12 decoders for 32bit LiveTV
Supports the use of Xbox360 as Extenders to playback MKV files
Allows singleclick setup of Bitstreamed Audio
Support playback of MOD audio files and M4A files containing ALAC
Supports playlist creation for use in Media Center
Allow users to Enable/Disable codecs installed on their system
Funtionality such as Win7DSFilterTweaker builtin .
Support ‘Add to Windows Media Player List’ using rightclick on all files such as MKV .
Download it from Here.

Trick To Copy Text Block From WebPage In Android WebPage Browser

Friends to Copy a Text Block from Website Page in Android web browser just Follow the instructions-
Go to the website having content material that you want to copy .
After the web page has been fully loaded , you will need to zoom-in the specific section which you want to copy . It must be noted that without sufficient zoom it might prove a bit difficult to select the content .
After zooming to appropriate level , you will require to press along on the section from where you wish to copy the text . Continue pressing and move until the end of content that you wish to copy .
Now release and a small menu will pop up on the screen . In that menu , u will find option to copy the selected text . The copied text will be saved temporally in phone's memory and you can paste that wherever you desire .
Many web browsers for android phones support the discussed procedure to copy text . It is possible that few browsers will show a bit variation regarding procedure to copy text from web pages .
A user must know that HTTP pages do not support cutting of text on any can only copy the content . We also have some sites that put special restriction regarding copying of content .
We must understand that an android is an android and not a personal computer . On some web pages , you will find text in the form of an image and in that case copying of text will not be possible .
If you are copying text for publishing over internet then ensure that you have permission to do.

iPhone Apps Developing & The Restrictions

Friends ,After the release of iOS 6 or iPhone 5 this season , it really has been reported that the popularity of i phone has sky rocketed . Numerous users of iPhone 4s are also getting software upgrades to iOS 6 . The iOS6 is loaded with 200+ different features getting it to the hottest software upgrade for i phone . iPhone has long been the most in-demand smartphone or its reputation has made developers or software engineers to create 1000s of programs making the phone much more useful or practical for its consumers . If in case you have a concept of an application , here are some causes why you should select the iPhone platform :
Why you should prefer i phone for your application idea ?
Currently in the market there are many brands of smart phones available . The iPhone dominates them all . Approximately 6 million sets of iPhone have been sold until now and the sale hasn't slowed down . iPhone gives you a tremendous opportunity to market your application idea to millions of users worldwide .
SDK of iPhone is available for download and any one can create and market their applications on the Apple App Store . This kit provides all the tools necessary for iPhone application development . There are companies who have successfully developed and marketed hundreds of applications for iPhone , and can be hired to develop your idea into an application .
iPhone applications are popular . iPhone users use these applications to have fun , perform tasks , surf the internet etc . iPhone is not just a phone today , it has become a very important part of its user's life .These were some of the benefits of why you should choose iPhone platform for your application development . But there are some restrictions put down by Apple for development and running of applications . Here are some restrictions which you should keep in mind before starting on your iPhone application idea .
Restrictions and limitations of iPhone applications
The most major restriction applied by Apple is that the users cannot run two applications at the same time , no matter how important both applications are . For example , if you are busy in one application and you need to open another application to complete your work , you will have to close the first application and then move on to the next one . This is sometimes frustrating , especially when you are surfing the internet or checking your email , and you receive a call , you will be disconnected from the server if you take the call and will have to sign in again .
Second limitation is that iPhone does not allow you to run third party applications in the back ground . This means that you are on an application chatting with someone and you receive a call . You will be disconnected from your chat window and shown offline to the other party once you take that call .
iOS version compatibility issues also arise sometimes . If you develop an application for the iOS 6 , you have to put in some extra effort and develop the application so that it would run on the previous versions as well . Although this issue has not been reported too much but still it is a problem for the developers and programmers .
Although these limitations and restrictions are sometimes frustrating but they haven't effected the sale of the iPhone or its popularity . iPhone still is the leading smart phone in the market capturing almost 30% of the smart phone market . Up until now there are almost 700 ,000 different iPhone applications available on the internet . We can clearly say that popularity and the benefits of iPhone application development over powers the limitations put forward by Apple.

Flash Games For Good TimePass
Friends ,Flash games are played using Adobe Flash player from within a web browser . They evolved soon after people started using computer systems and they have massively been developed and grown popular today . One among the main advantages is that they are really all operating system friendly or you just need a iPad , PC and notebook . People started developing games after the growth and development of web browsers . Simple one player editions were created that were played using website browsers through Hyper Text mark Up Language along with HTML scripting technology such as MySQL , PHP , ASP and JavaScript .
Flash became much more complex after the development of web-based graphics technologies like Java and Flash and they got their name from these technologies . A number of games were launched in the 1980s for instance the Frogger or Pac-Man which were created and played on a web page using a flash plug in . These however had limits without multiplayer or were frequently single player with the players sharing the highest score . This afterwards changed when more sophisticated games such as Travian and the Legend of the Empires contacted web browsers to allow a multiplayer environment . Flash games later used more complicated web technologies for example Ajax making multiplayer gaming environment possible .
These games now have astonishing graphics , appealing plot and unique game play . This is so because the programmers use their wishes or ideas first or profit making comes second . This has sustained to make flash games extremely attractive making them very popular today . Pet flash games are mostly very popular among the younger age group of online gamers . There are many of games available on the web with extremely a lot of users around the globe . Flash games currently range from adventure , action , simulation , role playing , puzzles , 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions multiplayer games . Most of these flash games have original titles , sound , solid graphics game play and engaging themes . Today there are millions of flash games users who are spending much of their time online either on their personal computers or mobile phones . These games have become addictive , easily accessible and cheap in most cases they are free to download and play instantly .
A lot of people are spending much of their time online playing flash games for fun as these games provide a perfect way to turn away people's problems while having fun . These games have no age barrier and can be played by both children and adults . It is very easy to play these games as most of them only need a keyboard or a mouse . Although easy to play these games are of great benefits to adults specifically if they require one to think and solve puzzles thus sharpening your mind . Kids as well benefit from these games in their future actions for instance driving help improve their reaction time .
The fact that you don't have to install software to play has made them very popular . All you need is to install a flash player and they don't require particular hardware or graphics card . Most of these games even offer the option of saving the game and resuming later provided you don't clear the browser cookies .
Most people are playing these games because there are numerous different types of games available to choose from . These games are easy to share , all you need to do is send a link to the desired person . The other reason making flash games extremely popular is the challenge they present to the players . It is easy to play these games with other players online or on the same computer . If you love entertainment as well as a challenge you need to start playing these games .
Flash games are available for free on the internet and this is another reason why these games are quite popular among many people . If you want to relax and reduce stress explore what is available online . These games also improve memory and increases quantitative and arithmetic reasoning as well as common understanding . Flash games are gaining popularity across the world with more and more people finding them an alternative way to release stress . If you have kids you should understand that flash games are important to your kids in helping them discover their abilities . Fun and practical games like the Fun school and Merriam-Webster are beneficial in helping raise your kid's efficiency in performing daily chores . It is not recommended to spend too much time playing these games you should limit yourself and your child's playing time.

Cyber Laws Or Cyber Crimes

http://johnplayerstricksandtips.blogspot.comGuys ,Defining Cyber criminal offenses is not very ordinary or perhaps that is why there has not been one description that is collectively approved by all the law enforcing bodies . However , the below described definition is a typically accepted and generally used definition by Numerous US law enforcing bodies :
"A lawbreaker offense in which the computer system is involved as an object of crime or as a tool for committing an offense's materials component ."
When you find yourself under criminal investigation for cyber criminal offenses then you should definitely seek legalized advice . It is always better to have some knowledge about the law or crime that you are dealing with in an effort to save yourself from any unjust or undeserving sentences . Further , it can help you in avoiding any kind of activity that may break the cyber law and put you in trouble .
The most typical and well defined internet crimes are :
Child pornography : Online predators targeting children are in the top hit list of FBI . Child pornography is considered a very serious crime and even the possession of one such picture can land you in prison for five years . According to 18 U .S .C 110 , Sexual Exploitation and Other Abuse of Children , the punishment for such a crime can be up-to 15 years in federal prison .
Cyber stalking : Like the stalking in the real world , people can also stalk others over internet . Cyber stalking falls under the category of harassment and is a punishable offence .
Scams and fraud-Fraud is actually a very broad term and covers a lot of different actions and activities . Basically , these crimes are dishonest acts which are done in order to gain monetary benefits .
Trademark violations-Like it sounds , the trademark violations are those crimes where the registered trademark of one business is used by some other third party over the internet , with or without intent .
Copyright violations-Copyright violations are perhaps the most common online activity . Copying content from any other source on the internet and using it for personal purpose without citing and linking to the source is considered as copyright violation .
Computer and network hacking-These are the cyber crimes which are related to computer as well as network dealings . Such crimes include hacking , website defacing , creating and distributing computer viruses maliciously etc .
Credit card hacking-Credit card hacking also falls under fraud cases but it is now a very common crime therefore we would point it out separately . The credit card information of users is retrieved and hacked by unauthorized personals who intend to use it for personals gains .
Bank account hacking-Just like credit card hacking , the bank card hacking also involves access of bank account information of users . This information is then usually used for transferring funds to other accounts .
The first law against cyber crime was enacted in 1984 and was called "The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act" . CFAA is the most important computer statute in US as all the other statutes concerned with above problems come by modifying the CFAA .
Further , in 1986 "Electronic Communication Privacy Act" was enacted which actually was an amended version of wiretap law . According to this law , intercepting , using , accessing or disclosing of transmitted or stored electronic communications without authorization is illegal .
Now that you know something about cyber crime and law you can avoid situations where you can be accused of cyber crime . Further , if you have any doubt or confusion then you can ask legal questions to cyber law attorneys over internet for free and clear all your doubts . It is always better to be informed than make mistake and then regret .
Legaladvice .com is a platform that bridges the gap between common person looking for legal advice and the legal industry experts who can offer proper help to them . Go through the site to find a lawyer in your city , state , country that are proficient in the area that suits your requirements and remember to check the lawyer review before you contact a lawyer.

Make Your Own WordPress Theme
Guys ,The cause that web-developers really like content management systems very much is that they divide the content that appears on a page from the way that it is displayed . Which means that you may make a change to something like the font and the layout without having to actually touch anything related to the words of individual pages . Instead , these kinds of changes are made in an area of the software that is completely committed to controlling the way that things are displayed . If you wish to make a website that looks totally different from anything else that is already out there , you need to start by learning more about how to create a Wordpress blog theme of your very own .
The very best things about learning how to build a WordPress theme is the fact that there are plenty of examples out there that you can study . The underlying program is a piece of open source software . Which means that copies of the actual source code that make it work the way it does are available to anyone who would like to view it . When it comes to themes , this means that you can often start out by studying how other themes work . Depending on their licensing , you may even be able to take one that already exists and make adjustments to it instead of starting from scratch .
If you are really going to learn how to build a custom WordPress theme , you will need to learn a bit of programming . You don't have to have a really sophisticated knowledge of it , but knowing some PHP will go a long way toward helping you to understand how an existing theme template works and how you can modify it to suit your needs without breaking anything . Make sure that you save extra copies of your work every time you manage to do something that you feel good about . Learning to do something like this involves a lot of trial and error , and it can often be faster to just delete a mistake and go back to a previous version than to try to untangle it .Learning how to make a WordPress theme is not as difficult as you may fear . Because there are templates out there and the source code of existing themes is available , you have plenty of access to what you need to learn how to make something that will look exactly the way that you want . The important thing is to be willing to experiment and to risk making mistakes . It is the best way to learn the skill of creating themes , and also to develop a better sense of what kind of design will really work for your website.

TomTom U.S.A. iOS For Ipad Or Iphone
Guys ,TomTom Navigation for iPhone/iPad . World-class TomTom navigation , on your iPhone or iPad
“Bottom Line : Still the most car-like of the iPhone navigation apps , TomTom always gets the job done , and its adaptive routing and HD traffic plug-in are the best in the business .” –PC Magazine
“For Apple devices , I found TomTom most useful . To my eye , the interface was more refined and simpler than the others . The software routed me around traffic more intelligently , too , and it showed more relevant traffic data .” – New York Times
“If a traffic jam has occurred on your route , TomTom HD Traffic will not only inform you how far out it is and how big of an impact it will have on your travel time , but it will also give you the best possible alternative routes . And since traffic data is provided every two minutes , you won’t have to worry about trying to get around a traffic jam only to run into another .” –App Advice
Reasons to choose TomTom Navigation ***
Only the TomTom Navigation app offers all this :
The most accurate TomTom maps in your pocket – no mobile signal needed
Daily free map updates wherever you are , via Map Share
Reliable arrival times at all times of day with IQ Routes
The quickest routes through traffic . Powered by TomTom HD Traffic ( 1 )
Powerful search with Google™ , Facebook™ and foursquare™
Clear turn-by-turn guidance while on the phone thanks to iOS Multitasking support
Seamless integration with your iPhone/iPad contacts , photos , music , email and calendar .
Announces street names ( 2 )
Multi-stop routes
Eco Routes
Millions of pre-installed POIs
Navigate to copied addresses
foursquare™ places search and check-in
Local search Powered by Google™
Search and navigate to friends , places , and events with Facebook™
Advanced lane guidance
Help me ! emergency menu
Designed for iPhone and iPad
Landscape/portrait orientation option
Background navigation instructions ( iPhone 3GS/4/4S , iPad & iPod touch 3rd gen . only )
iOS multitasking support ( 3 )
Seamless navigation while calling ( iPhone 3GS/4/4S only )
Navigate to contact or photo ( 4 )
Destination dialing ( iPhone only )
Share your destination via email , Facebook™ or Twitter™
Departure reminder
Music control and fading
Audio output switch to stream audio to the TomTom Hands-free car kit ( Bluetooth A2DP )
Celebrity voices
Car symbols
Map colors
The TomTom Navigation app requires a GPS signal . 3G-enabled iPads , iPhone 3G , and later models have an internal GPS receiver . Users of non-3G iPads and iPod touch 2nd gen and later models will require an external GPS receiver . The original iPhone and iPod touch are not supported .
Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S , iPad WiFi + 3G models . If you’d prefer to use your existing subscription on your iPad , restore your purchases within the TomTom App on your iPad . The App will prompt you to transfer your subscription between your iPhone and iPad .
Announces street names in the following languages : English US , Spanish , French .
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life .
Photos can only be used for navigation if you have enabled Location Services in the Camera application .
What's new in Version 1 .11
LATEST , UPDATED TOMTOM MAP : because roads are constantly changing , on average 15% of roads change every year , your TomTom app update comes with the latest and most up-to-date map .
NAVIGATE TO CONTACTS : users were unable to select addresses from their address book without agreeing to share information with TomTom . With this update you can select contact addresses without needing to agree to information sharing . Please note that the app never has and never will share any of your contact details with TomTom or anyone else .
AUDIO OUTPUT SWITCH : Easily stream all iPhone audio to the powerful speaker of the TomTom Hands-free car kit .
FOURSQUARE™ PLACES SEARCH : Find millions of exciting places to visit by searching with Foursquare , even if you are not a Foursquare user . Log into Foursquare and you can also check in at your destination so you don’t miss any points on your way to becoming its new mayor . ( 1 )
NAVIGATE TO COPIED ADDRESSES : easily select locations you found on websites or other apps by copying their address and pasting into the TomTom Navigation app . The app will automatically work out the location and navigate you there – no typing needed !
CHANGE ROUTE TYPE : Plan a route using your default route type setting and quickly recalculate it using a different type with this new Route Option .
CUSTOMIZABLE MENU : Reorder the items in the main menu and location selectors to your personal preference . If you use your address book frequently as destination choice , you can even place the "Contact" item back into the "Navigate To" menu .
CLOSING THE MENU ON IPAD : On iPad you can now choose to close the menu only when double tapping outside it . This stops the menu from closing if you accidentally miss a button .
When used , these features need to share your location in order to work . Full details can be found in the about screen of the app.

You may download it from below.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14

How To Hide Data Folder In Mobile Without Using Any Application
Guys ,To hide data folder in mobile without using any software ,you have to follows some steps given below .
Make a new file folder or you may use any existing file folder that is to be hidden .
Rename the file folder to any kind of name but with the extension of .jad just like if I wish to hide my images file folder then I will name it as IMG .jad
Now make a fresh folder with the exact same name in the same directory but with the extension of .jar So , I would make the file folder with the title IMG .jar
Or thats it ! ! My orignal images file folder which has been renamed with .jad gets hidden and only folder with .jar extension is visible which is blank .So ,my data is protected/hidden from unnecessary eyes .
This technique can be utilized for any JAVA phone from Nokia ,Samsung ,Motorola ,LG or any other company .
To unhide the orignal folder you have to remove the .jar extension from the new folder and your orignal folder with all the files and with .jad will become visible.

GooGle Searching Tips
Guys,Google along with other Search Engines like yahoo ,bing have become part of our lives.
Each and every time we want to search information for what we all need , Google is mostly the 1st solution because it is speedy or highly effective . Only with a few keywords the result web pages appear in much less than a second . Most of Internet users only know the basics of searching on Google ; they simply change the keywords until they find the relevant results . Generally , it is effective but there are still some tips that quite few people know . This article is to show 4 tips which help you customize and search better on Google .
Searching a webpage :
Currently most of the websites are integrated with Search Engines to help the users find conveniently the desired content . However , a number of these websites' Search Engines are not giving notification effectively with such things as "There is no result for . . . " or irrelevant results . Thus , instead of using Search Engines within the site and getting frustrated , you can ask for Google's help by typing your keywords into Google search box followed by 'at + name of the website" .
Syntax : Keyword + at + Website's name
Searching the definitions :
The search for definitions of a specialized word is also what users often apply to Google . Previously , to do this , you had to type in Google search box "What is + Keyword" so that Google could offer the full definitions exactly .
But nowadays Google has become more powerful and multipurpose . You just need to type in the search box your specialized words , Google will be able to understand what you need and provide you with germane results .
Searching for the exact range :
There is a Google search operator called AROUND( n ) , ( n stands for number ) that is rather strange and probably very few people know when using Google . When applying this search operator , Google will return to the users the results that are limited with two primary keywords and 'n' the numbers of limited words . For example , when you type in the Google search box "Thailand AROUND( 5 ) Cambodia" , the system will display all websites containing the two keywords at both sides with proximity of 5 words .
Syntax : Keyword 1 + AROUND( n ) + Keyword 2 ( Where n = number of words )
when using this operator , you need to put in upper case the word "AROUND" .
Searching synonyms :
This is also considered as a useful searching tip with Google to help you save your time when you don't have to use multiple keywords . Google will automatically search the results with similar keywords , so you will find more results yet only need to type the keyword once by adding the "~" operator in front of the keyword .
For instance , if you want to search for a cheap laptop , you might type in the Google search box "~cheap laptop" , Google will return to you the keywords that are synonyms with "cheap" such as affordable , discount or low-cost.

The Facts You Should Know About iPhone 5
Friends ,Apple phones are trackers of how the mobile phone market behaves or of exactly how they are used . The brand new iPhone , even if it is not the revolution it was thought to be , gives valuable insights on the state of the field .
What is new exactly ? Very first the look , glass was abandoned in favor of aluminum . And then the speed , the new A6 microchip makes it twice as fast as the previous iPhone . A new connector standard also appears . But of all the changes it is the screen which catches most attention . It increased from 3 .5 to 4 inches . The increasing amount of screen size is directly linked to the rise of the use of mobiles in our life . It results in a will to have a more comfortable experience when using cell phones . A bigger screen creates a better experience for long use . Phones or tablets are a new marker and create new ways of consuming and accessing information .
Firstly , there is a quick increase in the use of mobile devises for finding information on the Internet . Mobile phones , tablets now benefit from much quicker Internet connection than before with the development of LTE/4G . They are always ready to be used and one can almost instantly look for information through them . Their screens which get bigger and bigger and offer better definition allow showing more and more information at once . Moreover , the new cloud possibilities allow a user to synchronize it browsing experience from a Mac to an iPhone or an iPad really pushing forward the use of mobile devices .
Secondly , social networks are more and more used to share information . A constant connection to twitter and now Facebook makes it easier than ever before to share a trip picture , the photograph of a meal , a new product bought , etc . Social network become the center of much activity and influence purchasing decisions . They can be very beneficial to firms but also hurt their reputation quickly . A social network watch therefore becomes necessary for some firms .
Third is the steady increase of geolocalisation services . As more and more smartphone with GPS appear the services allowing for geolocalisation develop meaning one can now send location along with message or pictures . It makes it easy to find the restaurant where your friends enjoyed such a great meal or the resort or hotel where they had their best experience . Geolocalisation related services become strong marketing tools for targeting local customers for local businesses . They become more and more efficient as more people start using smartphones and tablets .
Once again the iPhone 5 is not a revolution . It though affirms again that we entered the era characterized by constant connection and holds many opportunities.

Website Penetration Testing
Guys ,Penetration testing can be compared to real life situations to understand how it is actually done.
The ethical hackers of the penetration tests services firms attempt to hack your website to practically examine the security measures . Once they are done with their testing they create an analysis of their findings or recommend appropriate solutions to the problems observed .
To understand the penetration testing a good real life example will be - you forgetting to lock your car after parking it while going for shopping in a shopping mall . This is exactly what is named vulnerability i .e . your car or truck is vulnerable to get stolen . Similarly when your web site is missing as much as necessary security or security your files and information is vulnerable to get stolen by malicious hackers . The testers think like the hackers or attempt to hack your website but the only major difference between the testers or the hackers is that the testers will never steal any kind of information and will inform you towards the vulnerabilities while hackers will exploit all that they can when they hack your network .
There are basically two types of penetration test white box test and black box test . Website penetration testing through white box test will give you complete knowledge of the test and system in advance and it is a more thorough test . Black box testing is done by mimicking the actions of the hackers .
As penetration testing is a manual way of checking the system , it is able to test both known and unknown vulnerabilities . Sometimes unknown vulnerabilities are not obvious to the scanner but can cause serious damage to the system .
This test is divided into 4 phases . In the first phase a thorough research is done to check the information of the network addresses and IT deployment that is available publicly and can be used by the hackers .
In the second phase scanning is done to identify the system and its features . In the third stage actual attack takes place to analyze the potential of the possible attacks . Care is taken by the testers to stop before causing damage to the systems while they perform the task of penetration .
In the last phase detailed analysis is reported with proper recommendations so the client can know better how to protect the network of the website and enhance business security .
Conclusion-There are many benefits of conducting a penetration test , but the main advantage is that it can save you from financial losses that can be caused if your system is hacked or attacked . It is vital to go for pen test whenever there is change in network infrastructure.

IP And MAC Scanner Application
Friends,IP - MAC Scanner is pretty smart program for both business and private use . It allows to scan IP address or scan MAC address instantly . As the best IP scanner , it supports to fast scan IP from both distributive or DHCP addresses . IP – MAC Scanner also supports to analyze the scanning results to track unknown clients . It can scan the whole network by UDP or ARP , and backup the detailed scanning results to database . A ping tool is included in IP – MAC Scanner , for you can easily ping any IP address from the scanning results . You can also find remote control and email notification functions in side IP – MAC Scanner !
Fast Scan All IP On LAN
Administrator should get all the IP addresses in hand . AthTek IP - MAC Scanner can help administrator to fast scan the entire network completely . All the connected IP addresses will be listed in the result form with other necessary infomation .
Fast Scan All MAC On LAN
To some network administrators , MAC addresses are important to network management . AthTek IP - MAC Scanner provides NIC MAC address scanning service for senior users . All the connected devices will be detected .
Ping Test
Ping is a frequently-used way to test the connection of network . With AthTek IP - MAC Scanner , you can not only ping the internet IP address , but also ping the local IP address on LAN .
Remote Control
Ideal for computer support personnel . Quickly access to your clients'systems over the LAN .You can remotely control the desktop of client side who has connected to your network .
Send Message To Other Computer On LAN
By using AthTek IP - MAC Scanner , you can freely send a short message to other computers on LAN . You don't need to install any instant messaging tool on yuur computer , and your message will be displayed in a pop-up window .
Log Email Sending Method
Users can activate the Built-in email sender . Once activated , it enables to send log email to your preset email box automatically , keeping your informed of the connection details in your absence .
Analyze The Using Status On LAN
AthTek IP - MAC Scanner provides the function of intelligent analyzing the scanning results , which are the best clues to track illegal accesses to network , including DHCP clients . Analysis will be done in seconds .
Data Backup And Restore
As a professional and considerate LAN management tool , AthTek IP - MAC Scanner also enables to backup and restore the scanning results . It supports to import or export as " .xls" and " .bat" files format .
Show You All The Infomation Of LAN
Besides IP and MAC contents , AthTek IP-MAC Scanner enables users to get more connection details , including the hostname , workgroup , even the name of adapter cards . That makes you know more about your network.

You may download this appliaction from here.

Email Encryption Advantages
Guys ,The most popular use of the Internet is always the email . Providers now have challenging upgrades like attachments or spam blockers but the point of e-mail remains the same-instant correspondence . From connecting to friends and relatives on the other side of the globe to delivering information to mass recipients , internet users continue to find purpose in electronic mail . As internet dependence increases , so does the kind of information people attach in their e-mails .
The technological age brought about new types of scammers who perform destructive activities . No matter if you are an important member of an intelligence group and a civilian , e-mail encryption can prove helpful in safeguarding the information the receiver singularly should see .
How does email encryption work ?
Depending on the kind of encryption you acquire , the process differs but the goal is the same . Encryption protects the actual message in your email with the intended recipient knowing how to decode it to reveal the sensitive data .
Most encryption for emails is asymmetric where the sender uses software to encrypt an email , send the message to the recipient who knows how to decrypt the email . Another method is by installing email encryption software . For this to work , the same program should be installed in the receiving unit .
Why should you encrypt your emails ?
For businesses in competitive fields , the advantage of encryption is more pronounced . This avoids competitors from intercepting information they can use for corporate espionage . You can protect confidential data , ranging from employee names to plans for expansion .
For private individuals , encryption is similarly as necessary . Basic personal information like your home address or private mobile number should be kept private . Identity thieves can use your financial details like credit card information , social security numbers , and insurance details .
People who send private messages , videos , and photos will similarly benefit from email encryption . This is especially important for public personalities like politicians who need to keep their work life and private life separate . Many careers have been ruined by private emails made public .
What should you look for in a security company ?
There are businesses now responding to the demand of safe email exchanges . Security companies are now expanding to document destruction and email archiving solutions . If you are thinking of hiring a company for added security , there are qualities you should look out for .
Being at the top of the field in terms of technology is an important consideration . They should always be a couple of steps ahead of IT criminals who are always improving their own technology . A company employing professionals with backgrounds working in intelligence and security is a plus .
Just find a company offering more than simple email protection . Some companies have spam blockers or additionally provide security in other aspects like physical security through alarm systems . When it comes to securing data , electronic or physical , choose only the best no matter the cost.

Yahoo Name Domain(A Short List Of High Paying Keywords)

Hello guys,here i m going to publish some very high paying google adsense keywords.
Bellow is the list-
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That's it.