How To Convert VHS To DVD With A DVD Recorder

When preserving your favorite movies or memories, the standard used to be VHS video tapes.But with the advancement of DVD technology, the advantages of DVDs proved to outweigh those of VCR tapes. Video tapes can wear out over time, becoming bent, damaged or dirty. The cassette casings are vulnerable to damage as well, rendering the tape inside useless. Storage is easier with DVDs since they take up less space than videos. Not to mention the quality of picture and sound is higher on DVDs.

So the question becomes, how do Iconvert my video tapes to DVDs in order to preserve them for my future enjoyment? There are several options. First, you could use a VHS to DVD conversion service that will do the transfer for you. However, if you have a great deal of videos to convert, over time you'll save money by doing the conversions yourself in the convenience of your home.

The computer savvy among us willuse their computer to transfer their videos to DVD. It requires copying the video to a digital file on the computer using an analog converter. The file gets compressed into MPEG-2 format before being burned onto a DVD. This method takes some time, but it does allow you to make changes to the video, like special effects or music, before you burn it to the DVD. Depending on the burning software that you use, you might be able to add a menu or other special features. However, the process can be quite slow because you have to transfer the file twice: first from the video to the computer and then again from the computer to the DVD.

So in order to save time and effort, you can copy the tapes to a DVD without the use of a computer. There are two ways to do this:

The first involves buying a DVD recorder that allows input from another source. You simply connect your VCR by cable to the DVD recorder. Then while the video plays, it is also recording. If you choose this option, consider purchasing a video processor called a proc amp or a time base corrector. These devices stabilize and improve the quality of the analog video as it is fed to the DVD recorder and can greatly improve the resulting images that you get on the DVD.The second option is to purchase a combination DVD/VCR recorder. It does the same thing as the previous option without needing to connect any cables. If you are planning to copy a lot of videos, it is worth your time and effort to find out what kind of processing the machine does to the analog signal from the video tape before it converts it to the digital signal that gets recorded in DVD format. You want the best possible result that you can get.

If you do the conversion yourself, always follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you capture the video appropriately. Make sure that you have cleaned the heads of the VCR between copying videos. Old tapes carry a lot of dust or other particles that can clog up your VCR. And since you are copying directly from the video to the DVD, whatever picture quality issues you have with the video will appear on the DVD. Understand that if you have videos which are recorded at SLP (6 hours of video on a tape) you will not get the same quality of recording onto a DVD as if the video was recorded at SP (2 hours of video on a tape). If you find the quality is not acceptable for you, consider changing your method of converting videos to DVD. However, for many people, the time and energy saved in converting the videos on their own will outweigh any concerns over video quality.

Hard Disk Clicking Sound

1. Observations
You hear clicking sounds emitting from your hard disk drive, either in a form of clicking or grinding sounds. This can happen when you power up your computer from start or halfway while working on your projects.

2. Possible Causes

The irregular clicking or chunking sound usually indicates that your hard drive is suffering from physical damage. If you use a S.M.A.R.T enabled disk, you may see a warning of a imminent disk failure when you power up your computer. This problem can be caused by the following:
- Head Crash
- Bad Sectors
- Mechanical Faults
- Virtual Memory Paging

3. Resolution
a. Head Crash

This is a physical damage of the disk platter when the head of a hard disk scratches the surface of the disk. The grinding sound is therefore observed when this occurs. Firstly, turn off your computer and do not attempt to power it up. Consult a data recovery firm immediately and avoid dismantling the disk to repair the problem yourself. Operating without the correct tools and a clean environment can result in further extensive damage which complicates the recovery process.

b. Bad Sectors

Typically bad sectors are physical damage of a span of disk area. The clicking sound happens when the head attempts to read from the same area of disk multiple times due to failed attempts. This can also occur when the head is unable to calibrate with the media servo tracks due to the gradual weakening of the magnetic domains on the platter that causes the drive to reset continuously. If the conditions of the disk is not too bad, a standard process is to perform a disk surface scan. This helps to mark all bad sectors and prevent your system from writing new data on the damaged areas of the disk.

c. Mechanical Faults

Sometimes these sounds can be a result of a defective spindle, Read Write head or loose components. If you are still able to access data on the disk, you are strongly advised to backup all your data immediately. Your disk is close to demise. If your disk stops spinning after a period of clicking sound, you may wish to send your disk to a reputable data recovery firm to recover your data.

d. Virtual Memory Paging

When your physical memory is full, the drive may perform numerous virtual memory paging at the same time maintaining the system's operation. This will result in excessive disk activity. To deal with this problem you can increase the physical memory by adding more RAM into your computer or use a secondary hard disk to contain the swap files.

Further Notes

Hard disk drive occasionally produces a whirring sound when it searches for a file which is heavily fragmented. This is caused by the spinning platters as the read-write heads zoom back and forth to access the sectors where the data is stored. It is important to distinguish the whirling sound from the clicking sound. This whirring sound can be reduced by periodically defragmenting your hard drive. Defragmenting reorganizes the scattered data on the hard drive to make files and programs run faster. It relocates the commonly accessed files to the beginning of the hard disk where data can load at a faster rate.

How To Find Your Laptop Drivers Easily

Many people, especially beginners, struggle in finding drivers for their laptops. In this article, I will illustrate two ways to help you find your laptop drivers quickly, and easily.

The first method we will consider is to visit a company's website, and attempt to find a 'Drivers' or 'downloads' link. If a similar link is not immediately apparent, look for a search box. Most laptop companies have a search box somewhere on the homepage of their website. Type the model number of your laptop into the search box and click search. Typically, you will be sent to an overview of the model you have entered. Look for 'Downloads' or 'Drivers' links. Hopefully, if this link is available, you can follow it to find the necessary drivers for your laptop.
 Example, say you have a Dell Latitude D600 laptop, for which you wish to locate updated drivers. The first step is to visit Dell's website. From the first page, click on the 'Drivers and Downloads' section.

After clicking on the 'Drivers and Downloads' link, we choose the required model. In our example, it is Latitude. Then we enter the model number (D600), followed by selecting our operating system. The Dell website will show a list of available drivers and software updates for your model. Select the driver you wish, and click 'Download'. What if you do not know the website of your laptop's manufacturer? Or, perhaps when visiting the website, you couldn't find the 'Downloads and Drivers' section? A second method for locating laptop drivers would be to visit Google (, and entering, "Download (manufacturer) (model name and number) [type] driver" or "[type] driver for (manufacturer) (model name or number)" into the query box, substituting your own manufacturer, model name and number.

For example, if we wished to find the sound card for a Dell Latitude D600 laptop, we could go to Google. We would enter either of the following queries:

-"Download Dell Latitude D600 soundcard Drivers"
-"soundcard driver for Dell Latitude D600"

The driver download page for you laptop should appear near the top of the results returned by Google. Follow the link to the driver page, and proceed to download the drivers you need. These two methods should make it easy to locate the drivers you need for your laptop.

Ten Best Anti-Spyware Software Programs

Protecting your computer from spyware is getting harder. Even corporate giant Microsoft has found its own systems compromised on more than one occasion. Just like antivirus software, Anti-Spyware software is essential to a computer’s ability to fend off spyware. These products are designed to protect against the ability of spyware to take over your PC.
10 Recommended Anti-Spyware Software Programs-
1) Editor's Choice: BitDefender

BitDefender has won PC World's #1 Best Buy award for its new antivirus and anti-spyware suite, BitDefender Antivirus version 10. BitDefender's premium products have been popular for years in Europe and elsewhere, and now it's catching on in the United States as it surpasses the more familiar Norton and McAfee suites. BitDefender protects your computer in real time -- defending you against malicious websites, emails and -- most importantly -- spyware, which is the leading source of identity theft.

Easy to install and updated automatically, BitDefender is an "install and forget" security program. No more annoying "in-your-face" scanning and reminders to upgrade your security software to a more expensive version, simply the knowledge that your computer is protected from virus and spyware threats. For advanced users who want more control over their computer security, BitDefender is also customizable to suit your needs.

The vendor allows you to purchase two licenses for the price of one and protect two computers for two years for only $39.95.

2) Webroot Spy Sweeper

Webroot Spy Sweeper is the hottest anti-spyware on the Web today. It won PC World's Editor's Choice and Best Buy awards in 2006 and was Softpedia's "Pick" of 2007. Even the most malicious and advanced spyware installations such as CoolWebSearch and Look2Me are no match for Spy Sweeper's security suite.

Its easy-to-use interface and accessible online and telephone customer service allow users of all skill levels to protect themselves against spyware. Less computer-savvy users can click through the standard setup, while experts can customize their level of protection to suit their needs. Spy Sweeper also now offers automatic inbound and outbound email attachment scanning, the option for manual or automatic updates and the ability to seek out and destroy existing spyware on a computer that's already infected. It is priced at $29.95.

3) Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor is a very popular program -- boasting more than 100 million downloads over its lifespan. Its won awards from Computer Shopper, PC World and tucows -- and PC Tools "Best of the Year 2005 and 2006. Spyware Doctor offers free customer service to all its users, the latest security upgrades to let you know you are always protected, and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Spyware Doctor has beaten many other programs in head-to-head spyware detection tests, and it consistently outperforms the competition in spyware detection, removal and blocking. Spyware Doctor is constantly evolving to block new threats, so even as the spyware coders are outsmarting other programs, Spyware Doctor is working overtime to protect your machine and personal information. It's available for download for $29.95.

4) AntiSpy

Ever worry that someone might be watching your online activities? Never fear, AntiSpy is here! AntiSpy is designed to completely erase your computer history -- all the websites you've visited, downloads you've made, documents you've sent... It's all history when you activate AntiSpy.

AntiSpy can erase your tracks from Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla, Windows and even IM messaging programs. It also clears your history from Windows Multimedia Player, ACDSee and RealPlayer, and it can rid your computer of its network logon history, records of opened files, all Internet searches, temporary files and swap files. Not only that, but it will clear your Cookies, program files you might have downloaded, Plug-ins, computer caches... the list goes on and on.

AntiSpy is also an award-winning anti-spyware program. It is not as full featured as BitDefender or Spy Sweeper, but for the casual user it is easy to use and reliable. Not only will AntiSpy ensure that Big Brother can't look over your shoulder, it will also save you loads of space on your hard drive! Available now for $24.95.

5) eTrust PestPatrol

eTrust PestPatrol Anti-spyware protection software can identify and eliminate viruses, trojan horses, worms and other spyware threats that slip past your firewall and antivirus software disguised as legitimate programs. A free test version is available to test for low-level threats, but you must upgrade to the full program in order to completely clean your machine. PestPatrol will remove any existing spyware from your computer, keep you safe from spyware that tracks your online activities, stops adware pop-ups from ruining your surfing experience and recovers your memory time that is being eaten up by hidden applications. Buy it for $29.95.

6) McAfee AntiSpyware

McAfee is a big name in computer security -- possibly second only to Norton in name-recognition and popularity. Its anti-spyware programs protect you from keyloggers, trojan horses and worms that can steal your personal information, leading to identity theft. Viruses, hackers, spyware coders beware -- a machine with McAfee installed is immune to your infiltration efforts. Automatic updates and several new and improved features make this a sure bet for users of all skill levels.

7) BPS Spyware Remover

BPS Spyware and Adware Remover will protect your machine from keylogging programs, trojan horses, dialers that can run up phone bills into the thousands, tracking spyware that watches your every move online... This program has it all. Active memory scan checks your computer's memory for active ad components that only appear when the computer is turned on. The Remover also scans for known spyware parasites and "scum-ware" components, alerts you of their presence, and allows you to safely remove them from your system. Pop-ups are history, along with pop-unders, when the Remover is installed on your machine. No more annoying interruptions while you're surfing from site to site. Buy it for $29.

8) Max Anti Spyware

Max Anti Spyware is designed to scan, detect and destroy viruses and spyware that have infected your machine. The complete package also comes with cookie, active x and BHO blockers to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes. Max will back up your registry, keep track of registry activity and report anything suspicious, and monitor your computer's processes for unusual activity. Max can even protect your website against hijackers with its Live Monitoring feature. Live updates keep Max looking for the latest security threats, so you can rest assured your computer is clean. Buy it for only $29.95.

9)  Spyware Killer

Spyware Killer is designed to detect even the most innocuous-looking viruses, spyware and worms. Files and documents that slip past your firewall undetected are no match for Spyware Killer. This program guards your privacy by seeking out and destroying keylogging programs, spyware that tracks your online activity and viruses and adware that slow down your computer processing time. Buy it for only $34.95.

10) Agent Spyware

Agent Spyware can detect viruses, malware and spyware on your machine in moments! One of the newest security suites available online, Agent Spyware offers protection against and detection of dangerous programs, files and documents that can compromise your security and slow your computer to a frustrating crawl.

Ignite your PC's Performance

Friends is your PC slowing down? Or maybe it crashing more and more, Well if that's the case it just might because your PC is suffering old age! Yes that's right just like people PCs suffer from the aging process too.

But there's good news

But unlike people you can actually turn back the aging process and bring your beloved PC back to life. All it takes is a couple of easy to follow tips to ignite your PC's performance to full speed again.

Just follow these easy to follow steps:

System configuration utility
Even when your computer's sat there doing nothing it could be running at least 50 programs! These are programs that a munching away at your poor old CPU and not to mention having a right good go at your memory as well. The reason for this is because over time the more stuff you install the more crap that builds up and even if you don't even use that program, there's a damn good chance that it's running in the background.

To see what I mean hit CTRL +ALT + DELETE then press the processes tab. It will show you how many processes that are running in the background.

1. To solve this little dilemma just go the Start or Run for XP owners, and type MSCONFIG.

2. The System configuration will appear and from in there go to the STARTUP tab.

3. Once you've selected the STARTUP tab you'll be presented all the programs that are running in the background of your PC. What I would recommend is turning everything off apart from your anti virus.

If you do see anything what you do want on for example MSN massager by all means keep it on but the more you have running in the background the more it'll sap your PC's performance and will also affect you're your Boot times as well.

System configuration utility part 2
Now still hanging around in the System Configuration Utility, go to the second tab called SERVICES and go to and untick the HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES. We've got to do this (unless you're a bit more experienced) because if you go and turn one of Microsoft's services you could just mess your entire PC up and we don't want that do we.

Once you've unticked the box you should be just left with all the non Microsoft services.

once again I would recommend to turn them all off but the anti viruses services. Once you've decided what and what not gets the chop click apply and you're done.

Performance Options
Depending on which OS (operating system) your using, this could make or brake it. If your using Windows Vista? I would recommend turning some the visual effects of especially on the lower end systems. However if your using XP, the performance will be less impressive but I believe every ounce of performance is crucial. Besides, you won't even notice half of these switched of anyway.

Now as much as I would love to tell you how to get to these options, the ways to get there are very different when compared to Vista and XP. So a way around this (and probably a cop out as well) I'll just tell the vista owners to type in PERFORMANCE into the search bar, select PERFORMANCE INFORMATION AND TOOLS and click ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS and you'll find your way there.

For XP owners read on:

1. Go to Start, Control Panel and select PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE.

2. Then ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS you should find yourself there.

Now I would recommend turning them all off barring the last one. The last one keeps the modern Windows feel which I personally like but hay, everyone's different.

A fast Hardrive is a empty hardrive. So if you've got an hardrive full to the brim, delete the programs and games you don't need to speed up your Hardrive and watch those boot times fly!

Tip: If you're a gamer (like me) What you can do is save the save game file and uninstall the full game. This way you can get the wanted gigs of space back but not lose your place on Crysis. Cool eh.

Now there's hundreds of other tips I wanted to share with you but I wanted to keep this article as short as possible to prevent you been bord to death. but the ver last thing I would do to my PC once I finish optimizing it is to defrag it.

Now your probably thinking that yes I already know that James. But what I would recommend doing is using a different defragger especially if your using the dreaded Vista defragged.

Now as you've probably gathered, I can't stand Vista's defragger, I think it's actually a step backwards, not a step forward. But what really annoys me about it is that you have no idea how long it will takes and how defragmented your hardrive is.

But don't worry, because I'm going to show you to download a much better one that Vista's own shoddy attempt. Auslogics Disk defragger is its name and I think you'll find it quick and easy to use and it seems to do quite a good job as well.

And another thing.. It's completely free to download as well. Just Google "Auslogics Disk defragger" and you should find it in no time.

Download Free PSP Games

Guys,Do you want to download games onto PSP? Hardly anybody doubts the usefulness and many facets of the Sony PSP, but a lot of people feel that the games themselves are considerably overpriced. If you do your research, you can find the right places and methods to download games onto our PSPs, and we can even do this without breaking the law!

How to Download Games onto PSP- Step 1-
Your standard PSP games will come on disc, or UMD as they are called. As you download games onto PSP however, they will go directly on to a memory stick/card. (Although some people call them memory sticks, and others refer to them as memory cards, there is no difference between the two.) The standard PSP memory card of 32mb will just be big enough to do the job with modern games. PSP owners as a rule should get the biggest and best card within their budget. It is not difficult any more to find reasonable deals on 2 or 4 gig models on eBay and Amazon. When you have acquired your memory card, it will need to be formatted before you can use it. This will effectively wipe the card clean, and is an essential step, so don't leave it out.

How to Download Games onto PSP-Step 2-
One of the biggest problems is finding a place to download the games from. It is not difficult to find places that will let you download games onto PSP, but so many of them are unreliable and dangerous. Apart from the risk of downloading something that will be different from what was promised, you could even find your computer infected with a virus or spyware. Not good! Make sure you find a reputable site to download PSP games from. The trustworthy ones will charge a small fee in advance, and for that you will get access to unlimited downloads.

How to Download Games onto PSP-Step-3-
As you start downloading to your computer, make sure you only download files that end in “PSP” or have “PSP” in the title, as otherwise the file will not be compatible. Sadly it will often be found that the untrustworthy sites out there will trick you with all sorts of different files as downloads, so make sure you are very careful about a file before you download it. A very good idea when downloading the games is to save them to their own folder on your desktop called “PSP Downloads”. This is the most logical place to put them!

How to Download Games onto PSP-S
Once you have quite a few games downloaded, you can then transfer therm from your PC onto the memory card of your PSP. This is not complicated, and will only need a standard USB cable to connect the two, and the PC should then accept the PSP and think of it as some form of removable drive, like a flashdrive or removable HD. When everything is connected, you need to open up the PSP using the PC and drag and drop the needed files onto the PSP memory stick, just as you would with any kind of removable drive. It is important that as you do this, you put the files into folders marked PSP, and then GAME on your memory card. You must create these files if they are not there already, and it makes sense to use all capital letters.

How to Download Games onto PSP
As soon as you have transferred the games to your PSP, you should be able to play them by opening up the GAME menu and choosing the game you want from the stick. You may get error massages, and these are often caused by incompatible firmware. This happens most often with  downloading homebrew games. It can mean that you have to downgrade the firmware for your PSP to be able to play these homebrew games.

It really is quite easy to download games onto PSP when you have learned how to do it, the hardest part is finding a reputable download source.

YouTube Ripper

Guys,Ramka ltd released a new version of DrmRemoval Video Unlimited with one more additional feature.
Now with DrmRemoval anyone able to download video files from well known all over the world website YouTube.

Download and convert movies from YouTube is easy as never before. Single click on Internet Explorer toolbar button andselected movies are downloaded to your PC.
YouTube contains wide variety of movie clips, TV clips and music videos and also amateur content. On YouTube everyone can watch video online. Also it is possible to upload your own video to a worldwide audience. People can find some videos about their hobbies or to connect with other users who share their interests.  
With new version of DrmRemoval Video Unlimited our clients have no need to search some ways to download their favorite videos from YouTube. Now they are able not only unprotect and convert audio and video files with DrmRemoval Video Unlimited, but also to download YouTube videos.
And what is important that to do this is amazingly simple.   
Users need only to run YouTube video file and to click “Rip YouTube File” button on their Internet Explorer toolbar and the selected video will be saved to their PC in any format they choose.
Furthermore our clients are able to use their lovely YouTube videos on handheld device like iPod, PSP, cell phone, Pocket PC and other devices.
So with new release of DrmRemoval Video Unlimited users can easily download YouTube video files and use them anywhere and anytime they want.
DrmRemoval makes possible to keep in step with tempo of life.

Chat Through Macromedia Flash Communication Server

Businesses and individuals alike are constantly looking to find new ways to communicate for work related and entertainment purposes. Things like How to chat through Macromedia Flash Communication Server are some of the most commonly sought out information by those looking for better communication options over the internet.

The Macromedia Flash Communication Server really does offer users an eclectic assortment of services. Some of the ways how to chat through Macromedia Flash Communication Server include virtual conference rooms, whiteboard applications, multi-player games and live messaging just to name a few. The Macromedia Flash Communication Server is the only system you will find at the moment that can handle numerous different communication and media applications. While those wondering how to chat through Macromedia Flash Communication Server would not actually be using a server it is simply called this because of all of the functions and capabilities that it offers users.

One of the best features users will come across while learning how to chat through a Macromedia Communication Server is it's ability to increase the speed of real time message distribution. By being able to provide scripting, storage, security, and management a Macromedia Flash Communication Server can perform like a traditional application server that is dedicated to it's own applications. However the one thing it cannot do that an application server can is provide connections to external data such as databases. If users wanting to know how to chat through a macromedia flash player wish to do this they need the assist of an additional product.

Even though a Macromedia Flash Communication Server can provide it's users with a great number of combinations of applications it's one downside is it's need to be aided by other Macromedia Flash products. One of most products most relied upon by the Macromedia Flash Communication Server is Macromedia Flash Player 6. The flash player is the primary user interface for those wanting to know how to chat through a Macromedia Flash Communication Server and is needed for just about all applications offered by the communication server.

When an individual learns how to chat through a macromedia flash communication server they really do have the opportunity to create some very rich media and communication applications. Some say users can even create applications without having to utilize a large number of other macromedia flash products. To really utilize a MacroMedia Flash Communication Sever users should have an excellent understanding of all the applications that they are using,be able to experiment with applications that are created and most of all have a lot of patience.

Even with potential system flaws, by deciding to learn how to chat through a macromedia flash player businesses and individuals alike can really make the most of communicating through the internet.

Download Free And Legal MP3

Guys nowdays we all are using pirated mp3,music albums.Today i m telling to you about free and legal and legal music,could it possible? Yes, it’s possible. Everybody who has ever surfed the Net knows that music can be downloaded freely. Although there are many questionable sites that offer free music, you do not have to do anything illegal to find good music on the Web.

So, where can you download free and legal MP3? Below are some sites where you can download good music,not illegal or pirated.

You can Download Free and Legal MP3s at  has features a Free Music Downloads section where you can download free and legal MP3s. The site offers music from different genres, including Alternative, Indie, Punk, Blues, Broadway, Children’s Music, Christian, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, International, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Opera, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Soundtracks, and more. If you’re a musician or an artist, you can also upload your own MP3s here for free and let music lovers discover and experience your own brand of music.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at

Perhaps one of the best places to look for and purchase MP3s online is This is because the site offers files that are not copy-protected, thus letting you download an unlimited number of songs to satisfy your music needs. The music may not come for free but for every new sign up, the site offers up to 50 files completely without charge.
Download Free and Legal MP3s at

GarageBand is where you can find the best Independent music from the most talented Indie artists. The site has recently partnered itself with MSN music to realize the Internet’s true potential in providing a means for both artists and music fans to connect and transform the music business. 

Download Free and Legal MP3s at

CNET’s is one of the premier places where you can download free and legal MP3s. The site has one of the largest music archives on the Web so you can have your choice of music to suit your taste. At this site, you do not only hear the artist’s music, but you can also take a closer look on how their music came to be by reading artist’s bios and stories.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at

IUMA is where you can find and download free and legal MP3s from famous, not-so-famous, and unsigned artists all over the world. If you’re into Indie music then this is the place for you. IUMA is mainly dedicated to bringing you music from undiscovered artists whom you should know about.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at

Ampcast is another music site where you can download free and legal MP3s. Search through their entire archive for Independent artists or music from popular rock/pop groups. And if you don’t like to download anything, you also have the choice to feeds from the Ampcast Surreal Radio. The site also offers great music videos which you can watch through video streaming and community features such as forums and chatroom where you can talk with other music lovers or Ampcast artists about your favorite topic – music.

As you can see, there are plenty of sources of free and legal MP3 music on the Internet.

Repairing a damaged Disk

Why compact discs get damaged. Compact discs are all plastic. Compact discs are even not sensitive to magnetic fields as in case floppy disks, which never used to retain data when even a slight magnetic field is crossed with floppies. Then what is the reason why CDs get corrupted?

CDs work on the principle of reflection of light. CD drives have a built in laser that is used to read data. When laser is focused on to the CD the beam get reflected to a point when there is some data on that are i.e. 0 or 1 the points where light beam lands back is different which symbolizes the bit value.

When something on the CD breaks the path of the laser light, something like dust particle or something else like a FINGER PRINT!!!. Finger prints are nothing but natural oil from skin that sticks to the surface in contact with the skin in a pattern of skin cells. This oil or say fingerprint helps in refraction of light and loss of data to the reading source i.e. laser.

When CDs don't run the reason is because something is interrupting the laser to read the shinny side of the CD. But I have important data what should I do now?

Most of the times it is because of dust or fingerprints, you need to clean the CD.
You can clean your CDs with plain water or a bit soapy water. And it is better to clean the CDs after some time. But this doesn't mean you should start putting your CDs in dishwasher or washing machine every week.

All you need to do is to wipe the shinny side of the CD with a clean moist cloth and try running it again make sure the CD is dry before you run it.

People say about using all different sorts of things to clean CDs like toothpastes, wax polish etc. but I would recommend you to buy some CD cleaning kit. But if you still want to go try, do let me know the results.

And one thing I must add is that DVD work on the same principle and are bit more sensitive to dust and fingerprints. You can also use the above mentioned procedure for DVDs. But you need to be careful with DVDs.

Safer Way To Recover Damaged Partitions

Repairing damaged partitions on is a risky business. Even if you use the best toolkit and are absolutely sure in what you are doing, you are still risking your files shall something go wrong. Changes made to the damaged partition are irreversible; it is just too easy to overwrite an important system structure that holds vital information about your disk, files and data. Bottom line: it's good to backup before performing data recovery. But is this really the best way to do it?

There is a different approach to do data recovery that is even safer. No need to backup and restore during the recovery. Instead of making a backup copy of corrupted data, you can simply take a binary snapshot of the partition being repaired, and attempt the recovery with different settings as many times as you need on this snapshot instead of the actual disk.

SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor by is one of a few data recovery tools that allow recovering a virtual image of a damaged hard drive instead of repairing the hard drive directly. The data recovery tool lets you create a binary image of the damaged hard drive, and works with the binary image instead of the real thing. The binary image is a big file stored on another hard disk, CD, DVD or other media. The technology is similar to making an .iso image of a CD or DVD disc, only SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor extends it to partitions or even entire disks.

The hard drive copy may be virtual, but any data you save from it is for real. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor can recover your files, documents and other data from the binary image and put it on a healthy media. After that, you can attempt fixing the damaged system structures of the corrupted hard drivewithout taking any risk at all. Any modifications will be performed on the virtual image.

Don't rush the recovery. Don't take the risk of losing or corrupting your data. Create a virtual snapshot of the hard drive being repaired, and work on that snapshot instead of accessing the corrupted hard drive. This procedure keeps your original data safe, and ensures the highest level of safety during the recovery process.

SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor recovers files from damaged and corrupted disks and partitions and fixes damaged hard drives. The disk recovery product supports all 32-bit versions of Windows, and recovers FAT and NTFS formatted hard disks, memory cards, CD and DVD media, and USB flash drives. The evaluation version is available for free at

Send Free Group Sms Unlimited

Hello Guys!In this post i m gonna telling  you about a fantastic cellphone application. through this application you can send unlimited sms to your friends and anybody.
This application is called "WhatsApp"

Whatsapp is best application. This is the first application which support iOS,Blackberry,

Android, Symbian and windows phones. By this you can send sms as well mms and 

connect with your friends. This application will automativally search phone book of user

and tell him that which friends has been installed this application.Download it from here.

Internet Chat Tips

Guys Nowdays The internet can be a great place to meet people, chat, network, swap knowledge, learn and a host of other things. But when interacting with people on the net, you should follow a few rules to keep yourself safe and keep from aggravating other people. Here are four general rules to get you started – many forums also have specific rules you should read.

1 – be careful with your contact info

When you're on the internet, you generally want to keep a level of anonymity, because you don't really know who you might be talking with or that might view your information. For example, you should be very, very careful about giving out your phone number or address to anyone you meet. Use email, IM, chat, blogs, etc, to communicate.

2 – follow the rules for promoting your product or service

If you have a product or service you want to promote, you should follow several rules for doing so. First of all, don't post advertisements in forums, other people's blogs, etc. Most forums do allow you to have a signature or profile with a link to your website. That is the polite way to promote. Also, it's generally acceptable to post a link to your website in response to a post requesting a service or product like yours.

3 – No adult material

You should not post links or otherwise distribute adult material in forums, chat groups, etc, for several reasons. First of all, it's probably against the rules. Secondly, if you send it to a minor, it's illegal and you could get in big troubles. Thirdly, it's not appreciated! Don't do it!

4 – The golden rule

Just like in non-virtual life, the golden rule goes a long way. Be kind and considerate in your dealings with others, and always treat them how you like to be treated. Don't bash people, be obnoxious, etc.

Make Extra Money Online

Friends,You might have seen so many websites that offer you chances and opportunities to make money online at your own home or at work. It may seem very convenient and very easy to do. It's like a miracle enterprise that promises to give money and make you rich instantly.

However, you should choose what kind of online business you want to do carefully. First you have to think of the advantages of owning an online business. In difference to real world shops your online business will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t need employees to run your online business, therefore, no need for extra office space. And lastly, you can work from your own home easily and you’ll have more time for yourself.
There is a wide variety of online businesses that you can do. Choose one that interests you. If you have no interests in fishing starting a fishing website is obviously something you should avoid.

Here are some ways to make an extra buck on the internet. It is very imporant to be aware that you won't make money overnight! You need to start small and once profits start coming in re-invest.

Affiliate programs

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. All you need is a theme-based website and targeted internet traffic. Many companies are willing to pay you if you promote their products in whatever way you can. - Of course spamming is a big NO, NO. - To do this, you first need a theme-based website with a specific topic. Think of something that interests you, like your hobby or your previous work, write an article about it and post it on your website. After your website is up and running, with all the buttons functioning the way they should be, sign up with a company as an affiliate.

The company you sign up with as an affiliate should be selling products or services that are relevant to your website’s theme or topic. The company will then give you a link to post on your website, it may be a banner or it may be just a text link. After you posted the company’s banner or text link, keep in mind that the company will not pay you by just posting their link. They require you to get them visitors from your website to buy their products; this is where you get your commission.

The real work begins.

The key to success when trying to make money from affiliate programs is targeted internet traffic. What targeted traffic means is that the visitors on your website should be people who are interested in what you are discussing, and since what you’re discussing is relevant to the servicess offered by the affiliate program you are promoting, visitors might consider buying something from the affiliate company.

To get targeted traffic, one of the most common and easy methods is by writing articles and posting them at article publishing websites. Always include your website’s URL after every article you write. Do not just write an article about anything; this will not get you targeted internet traffic. Write about something about your website's topic. By doing this, readers will be interested in what you’re advertising on your website.

Taking Online Surveys

Companies will actually pay you just to get your opinion about their products. Surveys are like product research and development; companies are using the internet to get people’s opinion so they can effectively sell their product or services. All you have to do is sign up with a survey company and then they will send you surveys via email.

Most companies will pay you five to ten dollars for every survey you take, depending on how long the survey is. The number of surveys that will be sent to you are low, so it is a good idea to sign up with as many survey companies as you can to get a sufficient income.

There are more ways to make extra money online; some of them require you to store products. But if you want to make money immediately, you definitely should consider affiliate programs and online surveys.

How To Increase Revenue Of Your Website

Hello Friends,Here is the some tips to increase your website revenue.
35% of visitors fail to achieve their goal when they visit company websites! By following 2 simple rules, you can increase your web-derived revenue by 1/3 or more!

Renowned website usability researcher, Jakob Nielsen, today (Nov 24) published results of his latest study. His test subjects used 139 websites. On average, they failed to find what they were looking for 35% of the time. Shockingly, 37% of users couldn’t even find company location details!

What was surprising was that users didn’t give up. They generally found the information they were after – but they found it at a competitor’s site!

So how do you stop potential customers falling into the hands of your competitors? Nielsen is right when he suggests user research. Yes, it’s imperative that know what your users need at your site. But what he doesn’t say is how to structure your website so it meets users’ needs.

There are two golden rules:
1) Write first, build later
2) Write to your customer

Write first, build later
The real message on most websites is in the writing. It makes sense, then, that the writing should determine the structure.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most businesses. For them, the writing is an afterthought. They structure and design their website first, then try to fit the writing to the structure. This flies in the face of common sense. When you speak to someone, you structure your speech around your message. You don’t decide on a structure, then change the message to suit!

For a truly usable website, you need to plan what you want to say before you create the site – perhaps even write the whole thing. The message – the writing – should determine the structure.

Write to your customer
So how do you decide what to write?

Firstly, don’t think, “What do I want to say?”. When you’re writing a website, you have to think, “What does my customer want to know?”. It’s a very subtle difference, but it’s the key to engaging writing. And that’s what you want to do… engage the customer.

Most customers will want to know the basics:

 - What do you do?
 - What benefit do you offer them?
 - Why should they choose your service or product?
 - Why should they choose your service or product and not your competitors’?
 - What does it cost?
 - How can they contact you?
 - Where are you located?

Your website has to communicate a lot of information. And to make matters worse, you’re going to have limited screen real-estate. Ideally, your customer won’t have to scroll – especially on your homepage (all your information will fit within a single window). And you can’t fill the whole screen with writing, either. The design and navigation elements take up about a third of the window, and you should leave a bit for white space (you don’t want to overwhelm your customer). As a rule of thumb, you should expect to have about 1/3 – ½ of the window at your disposal for the writing.

Chances are, right now you’re thinking, “How am I going to fit it all in?”. Well, that’s where your writing skills come in. Choose your words very carefully…

Websites can be an extremely powerful piece of marketing collateral. You can reach millions for just a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, your competitors can do the same thing. It’s a level playing field, but there are a lot of players. It’s important that your thoughts are structured, otherwise your site will be a mess. If your message is clear, your site will be simple and easy to use. It’s all in the words…
Some  More Reasons to Write for Your Audience…
 There are approximately 550 billion documents on the web
 Every day another 7 million are added
 Workers take so long trying to find information that it costs organisations $750 billion annually!
 Reading from a monitor is 25% slower than reading from paper. (Sun Microsystems, 1998)
 Helpful content develops site loyalty. The average person visits no more than 19 websites in the entire month in order to avoid information overload. (Nielsen NetRatings in Jan 2001)
 79% of users scan read when online
 Information gathering is the most common use of the Internet - 73%
 48% of people use the Internet to find work-related information as opposed to 7% who use magazines.

Latest Airtel Free GPRS Trick

Hello friends,how is yet another latest airtel free gprs trick for you as a gift of deewali special.

I tried it in my state n found that its working.well,i cant say that it will work on your state or place.

Here is the trick.trick is so simple,as usual make some changes in your gprs settings.

First of all set the

Now turn to change the APN.refill the

Set the proxy-

Your port must should be-80.

Save this settings. Now open your wap browser to access any site & enjoy free unlimited gprs in high speed.

Do I Need Website URL Monitoring

Competitive doesn’t even begin to describe the online market today.  Most every major company has taken their business to the World Wide Web.  With so many different options standing before a consumer, how do you guarantee yours is the one that is chosen?

People in today’s world are extremely impatient.  In our fast-paced environment, time is everything.  Spending their hard earned dollars for top internet performance, any given individual will not be inclined to wait around for your website to load.  Instead, they will find another avenue that can also suit their needs.  This adds up to lost business if your website is found lacking. 

With URL Website Monitoring you can check the performance of your own website as well as your competitor’s.  Other companies are working just as hard to better their internet services constantly.  Being able to compare the results will give you an idea of where you need to improve to stay current and competitive.  The ability to run a report of where your company is lacking compared to others is a great tool to have in your bag at the next meeting. 

Website URL Monitoring also allows for a worry free environment while you concentrate on other pressing issues.  Instead of babysitting your website 24/7, put your time to better use in forwarding other aspects of your business.  One great advantage of Website URL Monitoring is that you will be notified of any downtime issues or interruptions associated with your services.  It also makes certain that every redirect is working around the clock.  This takes a great worry of your shoulders and allows freedom as well as peace of mind. 

The question isn’t whether or not your company needs Website URL Monitoring, its how can you get along without it?  Take a step and be ahead of the game when it comes to your online business.  Your time is important and Website URL Monitoring will ensure that time is respected.

Linux Security

Linux is an amazing operating system considering how it was originally created. It was a modest program written for one person as a hobby  – Linus Torvald of Finland. It has grown into a full-fledge 32-bit operating system. It is solid, stable and provides support for an incredible number of applications.  It has very powerful capabilities and runs very fast and rarely crashes.

Unfortunately Linux machines are broken almost every day. This happens not because it is an insecure operating system. It contains all the necessary tools to make it very secure.  But the truth is. It hasn’t become significantly more secure with the increase in popularity. On the other hand, our understanding of the hackers methods and the wide variety of tools and techniques available contributed to help system administrators to secure their Linux computers.

Our goal in this article is to list the most critical situations, and how to prevent an invasion with simple measures.

1-    Weak passwords – By far the first and most used   method used by hackers to try penetrating a Linux system is cracking a password, preferently of the user root. Usually they will target a common user first, and then, using his/her access to the operating system, try to get a privileged access cracking the root password. Good password policy, and good passwords are absolutely critical to the security on any computer.   Some common mistakes when selecting a password:
A- use “password” as password.
B- use the name of the computer.
C- a well-know name from science, sports or politics.
D- reference to movies.
E- anything that is part of the user web site.
F– references associated with the account.

The latest version of Linux offer shadowed passwords. If a cracker can see an encrypted password, crack it would a simple task. So, instead of storing the password in the passwd file, they are now stored in the shadow file which is readable only for root. Before a hacker can crack a password he needs to figure out an account name.  So, simple accounts names must be avoided as well. Another security measure is to apply a “no login” to the account in the passwd file. This must be done to all the accounts that don’t need to log in to the system. Examples are: apache, mysql, ftp and other.

Limit which terminals root may log in from. If the root account is allowed to log in only in certain terminals that are considered secure, it will be almost impossible for a hacker to penetrate the system. This can be done listing the allowed terminals on /etc/security. The login program will consider insecure any terminal that is not listed on this file, which is readable, only by root.

2-    Open Network Ports

Any Linux default installation will provide the Operating System with tons of software and services. Several of them are not necessary or even wanted by the administrator. Removing these software and services will close the path to several attacks and improve security.  The /sbin/chkconfig program can be used to stop services from automatically starting at run levels 3, 4 and 5. Log in as root and type /sbin/chkconfig --list to view all the services set to start automatically. Select the ones you don’t need and type /sbin/chkconfig 345 name_of_service off. You must do that to all services you don’t want to keep running. Also, the xinetd server can be used to disable other services as well.

3-    Old Software Versions

Everyday vulnerabilities are found in programs, and most of them are fixed constantly. It is important, and sometimes critical, to keep up with the changes. There are mailing lists for every Linux distribution where one can have security related information’s, and the latest vulnerabilities found.
Some place to watch for security holes are:
It is crucial to insure that the security released patches are applied to the programs as soon as they area available. The hacker community will be aware of the discovered holes and will try to explore them before the fixes are applied.

4-    Insecure and Badly Configured Programs

There are some programs that have a history of security problems. To name a few IMAP, POP, FTP, port map and NFS, are the most known. The good thing is that most of these programs can be replaced by a secure version like spop, sftp or scp.

It is important that,  before deploying any service,  the administrator investigate its security history. Sometimes simple configuration measures can prevent serious headaches in the future.

Some advices regarding a web server configuration are well worth to mention:

-    Never run the web server as a privileged user;
-    Do not keep clients’ confidential data on the web server – Credit card numbers, phone numbers, mailing addresses, must be recorded on a different machine.
-    Make sure the privileged data that a user supplies on a form does not show up as a default for the next person to use the form;
                  -     Establish acceptable values for data that is supplied by web clients.
                  -     Check vulnerabilities on CGI programs.

5-    Stale and Unnecessary Accounts

When a user no longer uses his /her account, make sure it is removed from the system. This stale account won’t have this password changed periodically leaving a hole.  Publicly readable or writable files owned by that account must be removed. When you remove an unnecessary service make sure you remove or disable the correspondent account.

Security Resources in the web

Bugtraq – Includes detailed discussions of Unix security holes

Firewalls – Discuss the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of firewall systems.

RISKS Discuss risks to society from computers

The Best Adware N Spyware Removal Software

Many people have difficulties finding the perfect adware/spyware removal program that is powerful while not expensive. You have probably seen all those software packages that claim to offer free scan and free download, completely free adware/spyware removal software, however, are very hard to find.

You can expect two kinds of programs. One might let you try the software for a few days before you must buy an expensive version of the software. A few days is usually not enough to find if you are comfortable with your adware/spyware removal program or not. Another disadvantage with this kind of software is that when you purchase an expensive adware/spyware removal product, you will most likely stick to that program even if the program becomes outdated or a better program is offered on the market.

In other cases, you can use their really free adware/spyware removal programs for as long as you wish, but it only offers very limited protection from adware and spyware. You are then forced to buy a better, but pricey, version of the software. Sometimes it is actually a really great free adware/spyware removal program that you are offered, but the updates cost quite a lot of money. Since all adware removal programs need to be updated frequently to stay modern, this can be very costly in the end.

Be vigilant when you see a website that claims to offer a really free adware/spyware removal product. There are a lot of dishonest sites offering fake adware removal programs. These fake programs are promoted vigorously on the Internet, and many computer users are lured into installing what they think is protective. But what really happens is that they secretly install adware, spyware and other types of malware in your computer and force you to buy their so called adware/spyware removal products later.

You can minimize the risk of downloading a fake adware/spyware removal program by only downloading really free removal programs from trustworthy web pages with a good reputation.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

The lifeblood of any website/ecommerce business is traffic, and every webmaster knows the best type of traffic is natural, organic search engine traffic.  There are two very important reasons for this: (1) it is extremely targeted, and (2) It is FREE!  The hard part is getting top ranking for your sites keywords... or is it?   The purpose of this article is to provide a few simple, effective, and most important, search engine friendly strategies to help boost your websites' ranking and ultimately your traffic.

1.   We will start with the Meta Tags.  I know you have already heard of, and are probably currently using meta tags on your site.  This is great.  I just want to make sure you are using them effectively.  We will only go over 2 tags:  the "title" tag, and the "description" tag.  We will not go over the "keywords" tag, as the major search engines have placed less and less weight on this one, and some would argue this tag has no weight at all.  I still use this tag however, as I feel there is some merit and no drawbacks to using this tag.   

I have found it effective to use similar text in the "title" and "description" tags, and to place your keywords prominently in these tags (near the beginning and more than once).  I have seen sites with "", "New Page 1", or "Welcome to my site" in the "title" tag, which really does not help in their quest for higher rankings for their particular keyword.  Also, try not to use words such as "and", "or", or "the" in these tags.

**Important note about your keywords.  Search engines evaluate keyword prominence, keyword weight, and keyword density when determining a site's ranking. All three are calculated individually for the page, the title tag, the description tag, as well as other areas on a page.  Keyword prominence means how close the keyword is to the beginning of your page.  Keyword weight refers to how many times a particular keyword or phrase can be found on the page.  Keyword density is the ratio of the keyword to the other words on the page.  You do not want the keyword weight or density to be too high, as this can appear to the search engine as "keyword stuffing" and most search engines penalize sites that stuff their keywords. 

2.   Place your navigational links (and JavaScript) at the right or at the bottom, but not on the left, of the page.  When the search engines "read" your site, they read from the top left to the bottom right.  Search engines place an emphasis on the first 100 words or text on the site.  You do not want these words to be navigational links or Javascript.  Ideally, you want to have your heading tags with your keywords in the beginning of your page.  This being said, placing your links/JavaScript on the right or bottom of your page ensures the search engine spiders get to the text first, giving more weight to what's important on your page. 

3.  Place alt tags on all of your images.  Search engine spiders cannot "read" pictures or images.  The only way a spider knows what an image is about is by reading the alt tag.  This is also another chance to place more of your keywords in your HTML, improving your page's keyword weight/density.  Alt tags are easy to make and they can make a big difference in your sites keyword ranking.  A simple alt tag looks like this:  alt="put your keyword phrase here."   Search engines separately calculate keyword prominence, density, and weight in alt tags as well, so optimize your tags.

4.   Place your keywords at the bottom of your page.  Just as search engines place more weight on the first words of your page, they also do the same to the last words.  The general thinking is this, if your site is about a certain subject, then the main points, or keywords, should, appear at the beginning, be spread throughout the page, and be prominent at the conclusion.  But if you have all of your navigational links and JavaScript at the bottom, your relevant page text could end well before the HTML does.  An easy way to have your keywords at the bottom of your page is to include them in the copyright information.  For example, if you have a dog food website, you could have something like this at the very bottom of the page: 

copyright 2005
World's best dog food

Search engines are not (as of this writing), penalizing sites using this technique, and it wouldn't really make much sense for them to do so. 

5.   The Anchor Text of your links.   Anchor text is the actual linking text on a site.  It is what the user clicks on to navigate to that particular site or page.  If a search engine finds many links to your site using the term "dog food", then the search engine concludes your site is about "dog food".  This is overlooked quite often, but it seems to have a very large impact on your search engine rankings for a particular keyword.   Your anchor text needs to be the keyword or phrase you are trying to target.  Try to avoid anchor text such as "Click Here" or ""  

Also, if you're running a reciprocal link campaign, be sure to use variations of your text.  If an engine notices every link to your site is identical, it could place less weight on these links or potentially penalize your site.   This is because search engines generally give more weight to "naturally occurring" links, and less to "reciprocal link exchange campaigns".   Using different, but relevant anchor text can dramatically affect your targeted keyword rankings, by making your links appear more natural. 

Effective SEO may seem difficult at first, but as you have read above, little tricks that require little or no programming knowledge, can make a huge impact on your website's keyword ranking.

Detect And Kill Hidden Trojan N Keylogger N Viruses

IN this post i am going to introduce you with a software which remove all the hidden harm full program from your system and increase the security of your computer system.
Process Revealer
This software launch by LOGIXOFT. Process Revealer is a free security software that can detect and kill hidden processes.
Process Revealer Free Edition is a free hidden process detector that reveals what does not appear in standard detection utilities like Windows Task Manager. Process Revealer provides detailed information about each process running on your computer to help you know if a process is related to a malicious program. Hidden programs are automatically highlighted in the interface and can be removed in one click.

Download Process Revealer

Network Security

You work in a corporate environment in which you are, at least partially, responsible for network security. You have implemented a firewall, virus and spyware protection, and your computers are all up to date with patches and security fixes. You sit there and think about the lovely job you have done to make sure that you will not be hacked.

You have done, what most people think, are the major steps towards a secure network. This is partially correct. What about the other factors?

Have you thought about a social engineering attack? What about the users who use your network on a daily basis? Are you prepared in dealing with attacks by these people?

Believe it or not, the weakest link in your security plan is the people who use your network. For the most part, users are uneducated on the procedures to identify and neutralize a social engineering attack. What’s going to stop a user from finding a CD or DVD in the lunch room and taking it to their workstation and opening the files? This disk could contain a spreadsheet or word processor document that has a malicious macro embedded in it. The next thing you know, your network is compromised.

This problem exists particularly in an environment where a help desk staff reset passwords over the phone. There is nothing to stop a person intent on breaking into your network from calling the help desk, pretending to be an employee, and asking to have a password reset. Most organizations use a system to generate usernames, so it is not very difficult to figure them out.

Your organization should have strict policies in place to verify the identity of a user before a password reset can be done. One simple thing to do is to have the user go to the help desk in person. The other method, which works well if your offices are geographically far away, is to designate one contact in the office who can phone for a password reset. This way everyone who works on the help desk can recognize the voice of this person and know that he or she is who they say they are.

Why would an attacker go to your office or make a phone call to the help desk? Simple, it is usually the path of least resistance.  There is no need to spend hours trying to break into an electronic system when the physical system is easier to exploit. The next time you see someone walk through the door behind you, and do not recognize them, stop and ask who they are and what they are there for. If you do this, and it happens to be someone who is not supposed to be there, most of the time he will get out as fast as possible. If the person is supposed to be there then he will most likely be able to produce the name of the person he is there to see.

I know you are saying that I am crazy, right? Well think of Kevin Mitnick. He is one of the most decorated hackers of all time. The US government thought he could whistle tones into a telephone and launch a nuclear attack. Most of his hacking was done through social engineering. Whether he did it through physical visits to offices or by making a phone call, he accomplished some of the greatest hacks to date. If you want to know more about him Google his name or read the two books he has written.

It’s beyond me why people try and dismiss these types of attacks. I guess some network engineers are just too proud of their network to admit that they could be breached so easily. Or is it the fact that people don’t feel they should be responsible for educating their employees? Most organizations don’t give their IT departments the jurisdiction to promote physical security. This is usually a problem for the building manager or facilities management. None the less, if you can educate your employees the slightest bit; you may be able to prevent a network breach from a physical or social engineering attack.

Download Music Video For Ipod

Are you looking to download music video for Ipod? Well,  this article will show you exactly how to do that. One of the greatest features of Ipods is the versatility they have in being used for not just music.You can even watch music videos! Read on and I will show you how to do it.

The first thing to consider before you even start is that you will perobably have to get some specialised MP4 conversion software. Most music videos, movies etc are in avi or WMV format. These are good formats, but they are not compatible with the Ipod, which needs MP4 videos to play. It is not difficult to find software which will convert avi’s/wmv’s etc to MP4 so do a search with your favourite search engine, and you will certainly find some..

When the files have been converted to the MP4 format, you just have to import them into Itunes as usual. This is not difficult or time consuming, but you must remember to put your files into the right format BEFORE they are transferred to Itunes. If you don't, it can cause problems later.

Once all of the files have been imported to Itunes, simply connect your Ipod and transfer them. How to download music video for Ipod really is that easy!

What is more challenging than how to download music video for Ipod is where to download music video for Ipod. The places where you can find these are not known to most people. You can of course get them from Itunes or whatever, but if you know the right places to find them, you can often find what you would normally have to pay for, available for free!

Take your time to do some research and you will find websites with MILLIONS of Ipod files available for download, from music videos to movies to songs. You have got to be very careful to avoid bad websites which are infected with spyware, but I’ve worked out some of the best ones, so check out the links below to access these sites and get hold of some free downloads.

There you have it, you've now learned to download music video to your Ipod. As I said, it isn't the how that is difficult, it’s the where, but check out the links below and you’ll soon be enjoying all the free downloads you could want!

Technology Of Blue-Ray

New technology is now making it possible for viewers to record and store high definition programming onto DVDs. Blu-ray Disc is one method of recording HD content onto an optical disc. A blue-laser optical disc (MPEG-2 or MPEG-4) is used. Systems that use this technology will be able to play traditional DVDs, but the goal of Blu-ray is to create an image that's as close to the HD format as possible. The name Blu-ray comes from the blue laser that decodes and copies information to each disk. Blu-ray technology may very well revolutionize the world of high definition programming. The Blu-ray disc format offers greater potential for storage, usually 25 gigabytes, which exceeds that of a standard DVD (15 gigabytes). One single-layer Blu-ray disk can hold about four hours of high definition content. A two-layer disk can contain eight hours of HD content. Four- and eight-layer disks are now in the works. These disks would have storage capabilities of 100 and 200 gigabytes. The Blu-ray recording system utilizes a shorter wavelength for recording information than traditional CDs and DVDs, and this is part of what allows it to hold more content on a single disk.

Blu-ray has also influenced the computer industry, specifically in terms of data storage capability. A number of major companies have come out in support of Blu-ray, including Apple, Dell, Hitachi, Pioneer, and Sony. Hewlett Packard plans to market desktop computers and laptops that utilize Blu-ray technology. Sony has announced that it will introduce a Blu-ray component in PlayStation 3, which is expected to appear in November of this year. Microsoft has also said that it may add a Blu-ray component to its Xbox 360. Currently, Blu-ray is only available in Japan, but it will appear in the United States in May, in video games and a DVD system that recreates a high definition effect on a viewer's TV.

Many movie studios have Blu-ray films planned for future release. In 2005, Sony Pictures cornered the market on the first Blu-ray feature-length movie disk, which was none other than Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Studios that support the technology include Walt Disney and Twentieth Century Fox.

Competing with Blu-ray in the area of HD storage is HD DVD. HD DVD disks have less storage capability, but they're cheaper to produce. Other big-name companies are showing their support for this option, including Microsoft, Intel and Toshiba, as well as Universal Studios. In what may be the smartest move, some companies are backing both types of technology, ensuring that their products support both Blu-ray and HD DVD. These companies include Samsung, Paramount and Warner Brothers.

Blu-ray is facing challenges from other competitors in the HD market: the Enhanced Versatile disk, the Digital Multilayer disk, and the Holographic Versatile disk are a few alternatives to Blu-ray. But at the moment, Blu-ray has a strong lead in the HD race.

Tips For Buying Cheap Notebook

Notebooks are gaining in popularity these days. Almost everyone is carrying one now either for work or entertainment. Laptops with the latest technology are introduced to the market everyday and these new laptops come with a huge price tag. However, that does not mean you cannot get a good and cheap laptop. I have put together a guide that may help you out in your hunt for a cheap and good laptop.

Buy cheap laptop with older technology

Rapid advance in technology makes it meaningless to buy the latest technology at a high price. When laptop with wireless capability first came to the market, a unit with this technology can cost up till US$2000. NOw after 2 years, you can get a relatively fast centrino laptop for less than US$900 .

Buy used or refurbished laptop
The depreciation of a laptop value is so high, that after one year in the market, a laptop can easily lose half its value. So if you are looking for a cheap laptop, look for one which is close to one year old. Not all used laptop are in bad condition. You will be surprised to find that some used laptops are still in good condition because their owners are power users or gamers.

Buy laptop from power users or gamers
I like to buy electronic gadgets including laptops from hard core power users or gamers. Let me share with you why. Gamers or power users usually require the latest and most powerful technology to run their games or power hungry applications. They often will not settle for second best. They also have the tendency to chase after the latest technology. So after one year, they will be bored of what they have and will look to sell off their laptops so that they can buy a new one. Now if you are looking to buy cheap laptops with up to date technology and you happen to have friends who are gamers, do ask them if they are looking to sell off their laptops. Who knows, maybe you can buy a good and cheap laptop from them.

Scan through gaming forums and local gaming community
if you do not already have friends who like to play computer games, then scanning through gaming forums on the internet is another way to get good and cheap deals for used laptop. Internet makes it easy for you to do this. Go to and start searching for gaming forums. Visit each and everyone and see if they have a Trading Section. You will definitely find many post from gamers looking to sell their gaming laptops.

Scan through local bulletin boards
Do scan through local bulletin boards near you for cheap deals on laptop.Especially if there are software companies around the area. Software companies do offer their used computers or Notebook for sale when their software projects end. I personally had gotten a few good deals for my family and friends.

Look for cheap laptop with at least 512mb memory
This is especially important for used laptop. If the processor speed is slow, then having more memory can compensate for the lack in speed. In fact, The size of memory plays a big part in determining how fast a laptop runs an application. Just by increasing the memory size, you can see a huge difference in speed. A cheap laptop with at least 512mb memory can run most non graphic intensive application easily.

Get cheap laptop from reputable manufacturer
This is very important because if you are buying used laptop, then the chances of requiring servicing is higher than a new laptop. So if you buy from a reputable manufacturer, you will save alot of trouble and time if your laptop do require servicing.

Bluetooth Security

 These days, all communication technology faces the
issue of privacy and identity theft, with Bluetooth
being no exception.  Almost everyone knows that email
services and networks require security.  What users
of Bluetooth need to realize is that Bluetooth also
requires security measures as well.

The good news for Bluetooth users is that the
security scares, like most scares, are normally over
dramatized and blown entirely out of proportion.  The
truth being told, these issues are easy to manage,
with various measures already in place to provide
security for Bluetooth technology.

It's true that there has been some Bluetooth phones
that have been hacked into.  Most devices that are
hacked into are normally those that don't have any
type of security at all.

According to Bluetooth specialists, in order to hack
into a Bluetooth device, the hacker must:
    1.  Force two paired devices to break their
    2.  Steal the packets that are used to
resend the pin.
    3.  Decode the pin.

Of course, the hacker must also be within range of
the device, and using very expensive developer type
equipment.  Most specialists recommend that you
have a longer pin, with 8 digits being recommended.

Fundamentals of security
The "pairing process" is one of the most basic levels
of security for Bluetooth devices.  Pairing, is
two or more Bluetooth devices that recognize each
other by the profiles they share - in most cases
they both must enter the same pin.

The core specifications for Bluetooth use an
encryption algorithm, which is completely and entirely
secure.  Once the devices pair with each other,
they too become entirely secure.

Until they have successfully paired, the Bluetooth
devices won't communicate with each other.  Due to
this pairing process and the fact that it is short
range - Bluetooth technology is considered to be

As the news has indicated, experienced hackers
have developed ways to get around this level of
basic security.  There are ways to get around this
threat, as you can install software to prevent
hackers from getting in.

With Bluetooth becoming more and more popular, it's
really no wonder that security is always in
question.  As Bluetooth gets bigger and better,
security will always be something that no one
really takes lightly.

If you've been concerned about Bluetooth security
in the past, rest assured that newer devices will
offer bigger and better security.  Preventing
hackers from getting in is something every owner
is concerned about - and the manufacturer's are
very aware.

Other wireless technology such as Garmin GPS utilizes complex wireless systems that let you know where you are, on any place in the world.

Tips To Keep Windows XP Running Smooth

 There are so many things that cause a computer to be sluggish from software to hardware.  It can be too small a hard drive or not enough RAM. It can be anything from BIOS and/or Operating System Settings to programs that are eating up your CPU and RAM (no matter how much you have). Or it can be your network.

Personally, I work my computer like a young mother with a house full of kids 12 to 18 hours a day. 

That mother needs to unwind at the end of the day and so does my computer and probably yours too.

Here are 9 Tips in the order they should be completed that can help keep your computer happy and working without complaining:

1.  This is so basic I shouldn't need to say it, Keep Which Ever E-Mail Program You Use Cleaned Out. I have clients who are always complaining, but who refuse to dump years and years of accumulated e-mail.

2.  Make sure you have a good anti virus program (Only one per computer please), have it up to date, and auto monitoring.

3.  Make sure you have a good anti spy ware program (Only one per computer), have it up to date, and auto monitoring.

4.  Run Disk Clean Up Daily (Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Clean Up - a box opens - make sure each box is checked, click 'OK' - a box pops up - Click Yes).

5.  Delete Cookies and Cached Files Daily (Start, Control Panel -if you have not done it yet, click 'Switch To Classic View', Internet Options - a pop up box will appear - Delete Cookies, Click OK, Click Delete Files - check 'Delete All Offline Content' - Click OK, Now Set Your Clear History to no more than 7 Days - if you haven't used it for a week you probably won't miss it - Click OK)

6.  A very important step almost everyone misses:  Empty The Prefetch Folder (Start, My Computer, 'C' , Windows, Prefetch Folder, Edit, Select All, File, Delete - pop up box appears - Click Yes, Close Windows Window)

7.  Empty Recycle Bin. For the sake of brevity, I am assuming everyone knows where it is and how to empty it.

8.  Scan Hard Drive 'C' (Start, My Computer, Right Click 'C' - box opens - Click Properties at the bottom - another box opens - Click Tools,  Click Check Now, Make sure both 'Automatically fix file system errors' and 'Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors' are checked, Click Start.  Get a cup of java (oh, black, thank you) and Wait !

9.  Defrag Computer (Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter - window opens - Select 'C' Drive, Click Defragment). Pop a top and Wait !

The last two steps (8 and 9) can take awhile if they have not been done recently.  I complete this entire routine on my computer just before I stop work for the day everyday and the entire sequence takes no longer than 20 minutes and often much less.

You can download it from HERE.

use URL shorteners

Web addresses like which, when you click on them, take you to another web page. Why use them? Are there any risks in using them?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It's the posh technical term for a web address. Web addresses normally take the form, which is not too much of a problem. But some site names can get very long, and so can page names. The increased use of database-driven sites mean that URLs can get very long indeed, and most of them is computer gobbledygook. They are impossible to type in, if you are reading them in a print article, and often get corrupted by word-wrapping when they appear in an email or blog posting.

An URL shortener is a web service that takes a long address that's hard to type, and turns it into a short one. You should use them in articles for print publication, classified ads, emails, blog and forum postings, anywhere there is a danger that the full address may be corrupted, or that someone may need to type the address into a browser manually.

But there is a danger in using short URLs that may make people afraid to use them. The short address disguises the real destination. This makes it easy for somebody to post an innocent looking message encouraging people to click on a link that takes them to a site which infects their computer with spyware, or something equally undesirable.

Some URL shortening services have tried to address this problem. The most well-known service,, has an optional preview page that shows you the target address before you go there. But you have to know to type "preview" in front of the address, or visit the site and set it as a permanent option. Those who don't know about this are still vulnerable to deception.

A safe URL shortener would not allow the creation of links to undesirable sites. It would also always display a preview page, so the user always sees where the link is taking them before they go there. uses Internet blacklists to prevent its use to disguise sites that are advertised by spam. Its preview page offers a link to McAfee's Site Advisor, which can be used to check the safety of the destination.